Deadpool 3 Gets A Very Shocking Update From The Director

Deadpool 3 is coming next year and we knows that this movie is definitely going to smash many Hollywood records for sure. While the movie is still under developments, we are getting new rumors almost every single day.

However this time, we’ve got some official updates straight from the mouth of the director of this movie. While half of these updates are exciting the fans while others are making them sad a the same time.

What are those updates and why fans are now disappointed, here’s everything that you need to know about Deadpool 3.

Deadpool 3 Will NOT Release On Time!

Deadpool 3 Will Surprise You!
Deadpool 3 Behind The Scenes

The very first thing that you might want to know is definitely the release date, and that’s what is disappointing many Marvel fans.

After delaying tons of projects from their schedule release window, now is the time for Deadpool 3. The movie is originally set to hit theatres on 3 May, 2024, but now after the chaos of Hollywood which includes the writers and actors strike, the director is now “not sure” about that.

In a recent interview, Shawn Levy has officially confirmed that the release of Deadpool 3 is at true risk.

According to him, they are trying to release it just on time, but because of the pause which is caused by these strikes, they are now moving forward for an unexpected delay.

He said that the studio has already filmed half of the movie and in fact the filmed portion is now ready to release, all they are waiting for is the end of these chaotic strikes in order to finish the rest of the movie.

That’s why the studio is now looking forward to delay this project because they don’t want to take any kind of risk with this particular movie.

Kevin Feige, who is the current CEO of the Marvel Studio has also confirmed that Deadpool 3 is going to play a deciding role in the multiverse saga and they’ve tons of surprises in this movie.

So all these things are confirming that we should not expect this movie before late 2024 at the earliest, however at the same time, these updates are also giving a light to a burning rumor of a surprising cameo in the movie.

Taylor Swift Is Still Into Considerations For A Cameo In Deadpool 3!

Taylor Swift as Dazzler
Taylor Swift

You might feel disappointed after knowing that the studio is considering to delay this epic project, however, it is again giving a spark to all those rumors and reports which are claiming that Taylor Swift is going to make her MCU debut via Deadpool 3.

Few weeks back, some reports got leaked online according to which it was revealed that Marvel executives are in talks with Taylor, but neither Swiftie nor Marvel has spoken a single word on these rumors.

Nothing is officially confirmed yet but if they are delaying this project then it also means that they have some bigger plans for the rest of the film.

We should not forget that we’ve seen the trio of Taylor, Ryan and Hugh together in a stadium recently which was again sparkling these rumors, but still we should take it with a pinch of salt.

The reason why Taylor Swift is being rumored to play the role of Dazzler in Deadpool 3 is her personality. Dazzler is a female powerhouse of Marvel comics who is known for her talented and magical voice.

However, it is her abilities to convert these sound waves into deadly beams that makes her a powerful character. She is originally a talented singer and dancer, that’s why the rumors are surrounding Taylor Swift because her personality makes her a perfect choice to play this iconic Marvel character.

Now we just have to wait a bit more because things will get clear in the next few months for sure, but as per now, the unexpected yet an important update claims that Deadpool 3 is now definitely going to get delayed.

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