Disney Dreamlight Valley Is Now Free To Play

If you are tired of paying 29.99$ to play the iconic Disney Dreamlight Valley, then don’t worry because the company is releasing a FREE version very soon. Along with that, they are bringing us an epic update you all was waiting for.

When could we get it? What is the new update ? and how can we get it ? You’ll get to know everything here. So let’s take a dive into the magical world of Disney.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Is Getting A Big Update !!

Disney Dreamlight Valley has made an impressive impact on the audience who loves to play the games of this genre, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Say thanks to its endless iconic Disney characters .

But many of us was looking for a Free to play version of this game. Finally, the company is bringing us a whole new update with tons of new features and a free to play version

Gameloft has confirmed that Dreamlight Valley will launch its free-to-play version at some point in 2023, and it will also bring a huge update for us.

Disney Dreamlight valley
Image via Gameloft

The company has confirmed that they are bringing a brand new map which will promise an entirely new chapter of the game. It means that we will be getting tons of new characters even from other disney partner studios in the game.

The company might introduce some characters from the recent Disney-Pixar movies, whether it’s Ember, Wade, or the Asha from upcoming Disney movie Wish.

Apart from this, they are also bringing us the long-awaited addition of multiplayer, so that you can now play the game along with your families and friends.

The Free Version Of Disney Dreamlight Valley

The company will be launching its free to play version in 2023, and as we knows about it so far, they might be releasing this game world wide in two versions.

The first version will be entirely free to play, but with some limitations in characters and maps. Whereas the second version will be a paid one, where you can get direct access to every single feature of this beautiful journey.

However, we still have to wait a lil bit as Gameloft might announce something different as well. But they will definitely launch a free version with some limited access, so that everyone can get an idea about it. And we knows that if we likes it, then we will purchase it for sure.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Image via Dreamlight valley

When Could We Get This Update ?

There are some special events coming in the near future. Since the game is already available on its early access, and they have already prepared the updated version of it, not a lot of work is left to do on it.

And if you want to beleive on us then there are some initial reports which claims that Gameloft will launch all these feature in a huge update in next 3 months.

With that said, be ready to play this game for free, along with tons of new characters, storyline and maps. We will be covering everything related to it, so make sure to stay up to date with us on Movie World Network.

Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out.

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