The Barbie Movie Facts You Don’t Want To Miss

The Warner Bros has released a brand new Barbie live action movie, and the movie is competing against the Oppenhiemer !! The movie is defined as a gift to “feminity” and has already begun a good amount of “Barbie Trend” on social media.

The major attraction point of this movie is definitely it’s Dreamhouse, but do you know that there are many other facts that are still unknown? Let’s take a look on some facts that we can bet you don’t know about The Barbie Movie.

Realistic Fakeness In Sky & Water !!

The house is a blend of wonderful fakeness with emotionally artificial spaces. Everything in Barbie Land is satisfyingly artificial yet beautiful.

Even the sky and scenery was artificial and was hand drawn by the artists, which is quite crazy because they were trying to avoid the CGI effects as much as they can.

Barbie movie sky
Barbie Movie hand drawn sky

The set is a mixture of physically present items and decal, to help it keep true to the world of toys while maintaining an obvious artificialness.

Sarah Greenwood who was the production designer of this beautiful movie was the one who decided that almost every second object is going to be handmade.

Even the water pool is artificial and was purely made by the creative team and their artists. So we can say that the water is not acting as watery anymore.

Connected Architecture Of The Barbie House

At first, it all seems so fake, but the whole Barbie Dreamhouse is real, even the studio was shocked after watching the design of this dreamland.

The main point of attraction is definitely the architecture of this House. It is designed in such a way that every character can watch and greet each other from any corner of the house.

Barbie Dreamhouse
Barbie Dreamhouse

The creative team made a huge plastic model to represent the whole set in a cute miniature world, so that they can use it as a reference. Even the car that you can watch in the movie was made on special demand by the studio, because we knows that it’s so hard to find a pink colored, Barbie land car.

Magical & Classic Barbie Style Wardrobe

Talking about the main part of the whole house, then the wardrobe is one of the main attractions as it features Barbie’s designer clothes magically appearing each day.

The dresses was aligned just in a way that we see them when we buy a Barbie doll !!

Barbie wardrobe
Barbie wardrobe

Barbie Stickers & The Shortage Of Red Color In US

The whole set is painted in pink color, and many few people knows that a shortage of red and white color was occurred in the US, only because the studio was demanding almost the infinite amount of these two colors to paint this whole set pink !!

The color scheme is a combination of different pinks – a pale pink being the whitest, with different shades of pink interacting with each other.

If you can remember then we’ve seen a lot of stickers in our Barbie play sets, so in the same way, the studio decided to put them into the kitchen on the Barbie, rather then making them real, they made them purely 2D, to give it even more Barbie style look.

barbie kitchen
Barbie kitchen

While playing with the Barbie, we just takes them from one thing and puts them into the other thing, and that was the main reason due to which we can see how Margot Robbie in the movie, just floats and lands in her car.

But in short, Barbie movie is definitely a masterpiece of various artistic techniques, we can say that Barbie’s Dream House is a timeless piece, with tons of references from vintage Barbie’s until now.

Everything is to the point and this is what makes this movie a must watch project. But these were some quick facts from the Barbie movie.

You can check Movie World Network for more cool Hollywood content, till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out !!

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