INSIDE OUT 2 Will Surprise Us With These 9 Emotions

The first official teaser for Pixar’s next masterpiece is out and now it is trending on all over the internet. While Inside Out 2 is set to hit theatres on June 14, 2024, it’s teaser has already revealed the first official and exclusive look at it’s new emotions. Not only Joy and her gang, but this one of it’s kind sequel is going to entertain us with a total of nine emotions and a whole new plotline.

While the original five emotions are back for the sequel, these four new emotions are going to make this movie a masterpiece. What are the name of all new emotions and how Inside Out 2 is going to break every record on the box office history. Let’s find out!

ANXIETY Will Cause ‘Troubles’ For Riley!

Inside Out 2 Anxiety

As soon as the teaser starts, we get to know about the history of our Riley. With Joy, Fear, Disgust, Sadness and Anger, the teaser was full of chaos. However, the real fun begins when the ‘worker emotions’ appears to modify the console of Riley’s mind in order to bring some new settings for the new emotions.

Time comes when we finally gets to know about Anxiety, who looks quite funny yet impressive. As per some previous reports, it was claimed that Riley is going to face a lot of problems due to this emotions because we all knows that our Anxious mind can put us in trouble anywhere and anytime.

The reason why this emotion will bring a whole new vibe into this sequel is quite simple and interesting. According to various Hollywood insiders, Riley will be entering into her early twenties and this age comes under the moving years for every person. People used to behave like an adult but they are also quite anxious about everything.

We’ve seen in the first Inside Out movie where our Riley was engaged in a friendly relationships with her friends and family, however, she was dealing with the problem of mood swings. But now she is passing the mark of twenty and that’s why the emotion of Anxiety will definitely put her into troubles by making her anxious at wrong times.

ENVI Is Finally Back In The Franchise!

Inside Out 2 New Emotion Envi

Next emotion who is set to appear in Inside Out 2 is none other then our Envi and this is not the first time when he is making his debut in this emotional saga. Many few people knows that there were the total of twenty-eight emotions who was set to land in the first Inside Out movie, however, Pixar and Disney moved forward with only five fundamental emotions. One of those deleted emotions was none other then our Envi.

Despite not making an appearance in the first official teaser of Inside Out 2, Envi is clearly visible in the first official poster which have been released by Disney and Pixar studios. In the poster, the one who is violet in color and is visible on the very right corner (according to your hand) is none other then our Envi. At first it seems like he is going to play a negative role in the sequel but the fact is quite different.

In the 2015 version, Envi’s alternate name was ‘Greed’ and that means he is greedy in nature and loves to take decisions which are beneficial only for Riley and not others. In other words, Envi can make a deep impact on the personality of our Riley because we all knows that ‘Greed is a curse’!

However, it is not confirmed yet that whether or not Pixar is coming up with the same style for Envi, so anything can happen, but as of now, we can assume that he will be debuting in this franchise as an emotion who is selfish for Riley and himself. This trait of Envi is quite visible from his first look of the poster where is is looking quite unfriendly, but we all knows that Pixar movies are full of surprises.

ENNUI Is A Mystery For Riley!

Inside Out 2 New Emotion Ennui

The next emotion who is set to debut in Inside Out saga is Ennui. The reason why we are calling him as a ‘Mysterious Emotion’ is the fact that neither Pixar nor Disney has revealed anything about him. In fact, he is the one who was not in the list of deleted emotions from Inside Out.

Just like Envi, Ennui was not present in the teaser but his first look got revealed in the official poster of Inside Out 2. The emotion who is ‘violet’ in color and is visible on the extreme left (according to your hand) is Ennui. At first he seems quite scared but we all knows that the emotion of Fear is already present in this saga. By his facial expressions, all we can predict is that he is related to some kind of dark emotions such as fear, worry, sad etc.

EMBARRASSMENT Will Entertain Us In Inside Out 2!

Inside Out 2 Embarrassment

The fourth and maybe the final emotion who is going to be totally new for the audience is the emotion of Embarrassment. Now there is a little confusion regarding this specific emotion and the reason is quite simple. In the official poster, he is looking in a pink color and his size looks pretty good. If you can remember then a emotion of Love was set to land in Inside Out but just like Envi, he ended up getting removed from the project.

In the concept art which was released by the Pixar Studios, it was revealed that the emotion of Love was of pink color and his size was pretty good and that’s the main reason why people are assuming that the pink emotion who is visible in the official poster of Inside Out 2 is Love.

However, by the end of the first teaser, the studio has revealed the name of all the emotions for Inside Out 2 where Ennui, Envi and Embarrassment was clearly mentioned. That means, we can safely assume that this pink emotion is actually the emotion of Embarrassment and not Love. In other words, he can entertain us by giving a good company to anxiety because we all knows that anxiety and embarrassment are co-related to each other.

The combo of these two emotions can cause a good level of trouble for anyone and hence, promising a good amount of fun and entertainment in the project.

Inside Out 2 will hit theatres on June 14, 2024 and it seems like Disney and Pixar are bringing back their golden age once again. After getting bombed at box office in recent years, bringing back these proven franchises can help them in re-establishing their lost popularity and reputation. Now only time will tell more about it, but as of now, Inside Out 2 is looking just too good to be true.

What are your expectation from this one of it’s kind sequel? Make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay connected with everything Hollywood. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

Inside Out 2 Official Teaser

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