Marvel’s Fantastic Four Official Cast Leaked Online

While marvel is entering into it’s Multiverse Era, Fantastic Four is the movie for which we are most excited. Finally after series of rumors, the official cast of Marvel’s Fantastic Four has been leaked online. So let’s take a look on the casting of this epic movie.

Fantastic Four Fan Art

This latest leak comes from well-known MCU Insider MyTimetoShineHello, which is similar to past reports for at least three of the four roles. First it was been in the rumor that Marvel is looking forward to cast Amber Heard in the movie, but later it was confirmed that it was just a rumor and a fake new.

Now the official leaked cast is as follows:-

Margot Robbie as Sue Storm

Margot Robbie

The famous Hollywood actress is well known for her role as Harley Quinn in DC Universe. Recently the actress is making a perfect comeback in the latest Warner Bros project named “Barbie“.

Margot Robbie was in talks since a long time & after watching her previous heroic roles, we can safely assume that she will fit as Sue Storm perfectly in the MCU.

The other cast members are as follows:-

  • Adam Driver as Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic)
  • Paul Mescal as Johnny Storm (The Human Torch)

Daveed Diggs as Ben Grimm

Daveed Diggs

We’ve heard the first three before, but Daveed Diggs is new to us. The Hamilton actor has been busy the past few years, including a lot of voicework roles, most recently in The Little Mermaid as Sebastian. Given that Grimm’s Thing would be a lot of voicework and probably motion capture, his casting would make some amount of sense given his history doing voice overs.

But in short, Marvel is looking forward in it’s casting of Fantastic Four and we might hear something officially very soon. But as of now, this casting is looking picture perfect & we can’t really wait to hear more from the studio.

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