The New Wonka Images And Funko Pops Are Truly Magical

The tale of Wonka is among the most popular sagas and now we are about to watch it’s live action movie with a modern touch. Since Timothée Chalamet starrer Wonka will land in theatres on December 15, 2023, it’s marketing is already under way and now the studio has officially revealed the first look at the funko pops.

While these figures are trending on all over the social media, Warner Bros Studio has also released some brand new stills from the movie which are now exciting all of us. So let’s take a quick look on these brand new promotional materials from the upcoming movie Wonka!

Wonka Has Officially Revealed Four Pops!

We all loves to collect these cute looking funko pop figures, doesn’t matter which movie they belongs to. So catching up on the same trend, Warner Bros has officially revealed four figures which are totally dedicated to their upcoming live action remake of Wonka.

The characters which are under the spotlight for these Funkos includes Willy WonkaNoodleProdnose, and Slugworth. Almost all four of these figures are identical to their counterparts from the movie. Willy Wonka is being played by our talented Timothee Chalamet and the detailing of his funko (shown above) is just out of this world.

We can clearly identify the cute little bag and a stick along with a cool high-tipped hat. Next comes the figure of Noodle (above) which is being played by none other then our cute looking Calah Lane. Her figure is seen holding bunch of balloons and is looking ready to become a part of your funkos collections.

Then comes our Prodnose (shown above) which will be played by Matt Lucas in the movie. It can be seen with some kind of a candy and his blonde hairs are making him a perfect masterpiece. Talking about the next and the final pop then it is dedicated to none other then our Slugworth (shown above) which is being played by Paterson Joseph. In the movie he has been rumored to play a vital role and that’s why his figure is looking way too good.

Confident structure, relaxed yet a serious facial expression with a cool violet coat, this figure is also holding a small stick along with a shiny ring in his ring finger. The badge on his coat is behaving like a butter on the pancake and hence, a perfect Funko Pop!

The New Images From Wonka Are Amazing!

Warner Bros

Well, these funko pops are not the only thing which is a part of this marketing, studio has also released some brand new images from the movie which are now building a whole new hype among the fans.

The very first one (shown above) is showcasing our beloved Willy Wonka who can be seen dancing with his other mates. In the background, the umbrellas with his name on them are easily visible which are also playing an important role in giving some magical vibes.

The very next pic is revealing a brand new look at our Willy where he is holding a binocular. While the exact moment from where this image has been taken is still hidden, this move by the studio was enough to build a new vibe among us (The image is attached below) :

Wonka Movie
Warner Bros

As of now, the movie is looking all fine, however, the initial theories and speculations are not looking that good. Still we should not lose our hopes because the Hollywood is full of surprises and anything can happen here. So grab your candies and eat your chocolates because the tasty world of Wonka is just around the corner.

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