Inside Out 2 And Kung Fu Panda 4: New Official Trailers Will Land On These Dates!

Inside Out 2 and Kung Fu Panda 4 new trailer dates

Inside Out 2 and Kung Fu Panda 4 are the two highly anticipated movies of the near future. Both of them are going to land within six months from now, in fact, Kung Fu Panda 4 is just a month ahead of us.

Now the new question arise, where are more trailers? Are we really going to get any other full length official trailers from these projects? Well, the answer is yes. We knows very well that it is not enough and you really want to know about the exact dates, and you know what- you’re at the right place!

New Official Trailers Are Just Around The Corner!

Kung Fu Panda 4 New Look
DreamWorks Studios

While Riley is going to deal with her exciting teenage years with full of new and unexplored adventures in Inside Out 2, Po on the very other hand is all set to explore the new places with his new mate ‘Zhen’ in order to find a way to defeat ‘Chameleon’.

The initial plotlines aka the synopsis of both of these projects are very much clear, but we also knows that we do have a habit to watch atleast two full length trailers before the original movie right? Neither Disney nor DreamWorks has released their second trailer, however, now we have some official dates on which we are going to get more trailers.

Let’s Begin With Inside Out 2!

Disney has officially confirmed the dates for the second trailer of Inside Out 2, and it is way too close then you can expect. If you don’t know then the company is already running a new promo trailer of Inside Out 2 along with the theatrical run of Turning Red, Luca and Soul.

However, we didn’t really got any new look or scene from the movie in it- that’s because the promo which is running before these projects in theatres is just a bunch of clips surrounding older moments of Riley followed by the narration of Amy Poehler.

Now luckily, ‘The House Of The Mouse‘ company is going to release a brand new full length official trailer, with tons of new clips, and with all other new emotions in the second week of February.

Inside Out 2
Pixar Studios

So as per some official updates, Disney and Pixar studios will release the second trailer of Inside Out 2 on February 11- the special day of Super Bowl 2024 event where millions of people from all across the globe sticks to their TV’s in order to catch many new promos and of course, to enjoy the game.

Disney has a long list of trailer which are going to release on February 11. It includes Deadpool 3, Inside Out 2, and maybe a small tease of one of its upcoming animated movie that will land in the November of this year.

For us, Inside Out 2 is the one which is going to treat us with many new adventures of Riley along with her new and interesting emotions.

What About Kung Fu Panda 4?

Kung fu panda 4
DreamWorks studios

Moving on to Kung Fu Panda 4 then things are getting exciting. DreamWorks has already started it’s marketing and the company is releasing back to back promos from the movie. Still the question arise, are we really going to see any other full length trailer or not?

Well, the movie will land on March 29, and if rumors to be believed then we will get it’s second trailer by the end of February itself.

However, neither studio nor any other official cast member has confirmed this rumor, so we should just wait and watch. But still if we are getting back to back promos from this movie then it is also possible that DreamWorks might skip it’s second trailer as well.

It feels like we should just wait a bit more and things will get more clear with time, but Disney is here to serve it’s audience with some exciting promos on February 11.

We will be looking for more updates and exciting clips from both of these movies, so keep an eye on us. You can also stick around the corner with Movie World Network as we covers every major and minor updates straight from the Hollywood.

Till then, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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