“Apologize To Ariana Grande” Is Now Trending As We Demands An Apology For Our Artist

Ariana Grande is among those names of Hollywood who believes on hard work more then anything or everything. In fact, we can say that perfection is the nick-name of our Ariana Grande. Despite delivering us some of the most beautiful albums of the Hollywood, our beloved artist was not that active for last three years.

Now that she is making a huge comeback in Hollywood with her latest song “Yes, And?”, some new controversies are trying to defame her.

Her solo song is already trending over the platforms like Spotify and almost all of us was busy in streaming it again and again, however, neither us nor Ariana knew that a storm was about to touch her latest drop. Page Six (one of the trusted Hollywood outlets) has dropped an article surrounding her song “Yes, And?” where they were connecting it with the split of Slater and Jay, however, many fans are now asking Page Six to apologize for this claim.

Fans of Ariana Grande are now claiming that it was the attempt to defame the artist. We’ve witnessed these types of campaigns many times in Hollywood but the fact that an artist who is trying to make a comeback after all those hard times is now facing some allegations which can eventually affect the performance of her latest drop.

Ariana Grande Yes, and song
Ariana Grande in “Yes, And?”

Despite all those allegations, we at Movie World Network would like to say that we should first go for a fact check before claiming anything, especially in the personal lives of an individual. Of course they are here for us, but they do have their own personal lives which should remain untouched by anyone or everyone.

Now that Page Six is also known for their authenticity, it is also possible that it can be a mistake by one of their publisher, but fans are definitely not going to stop their ongoing campaign to show their support to their beloved star.

One user wrote:

“Stop Blaming our women for something they didn’t do!!! Stop for God’s sake pn believing everything you see on the INTERNET!!!!”

While another user with the handle ‘needymidnights’ is targeting those who are busy in spreading false narrative. As per his/her latest post, the page wrote:

“This just goes to show that people will create FALSE narratives because they have nothing better to do with their lives!”

Things are getting even more crazy when many supporters are now showing their support by targeting big YouTube channels who are busy in spreading misinformations about our talented artist. The user with the handle ‘jayscrave’ wrote:

“Can’t believe these YouTube pages are making money off spreading lies and messing with her career. An apology just doesn’t cut it to fix the mess they’ve created!”

He has mentioned multiple channels such as ‘CinnamonToastKen, SLOAN, Amala Ekpunobi, ItzKeisha, CandaceOwnsPodcasts‘ and many more.

If you don’t know then Ariana and the real estate expert Dalton Gomez finalized their split in October 2023 and as of now, there are no official news about the reason behind why Slater chose a different route from his previous partner. These are just speculations which are not a good way to define someone’s relationship status, so we would suggest everyone to stay calm and enjoy the comeback of our favorite artist. Let the authorities find the exact reason and everything will get clear for sure.

#ApologizeToAriana is already garnering more then 80,000 tweets and the campaign is started just a day ago (as of January 14). We should also note that “Yes, And?” is now the biggest debut of the history of Ariana Grande and it feels like this single is not going to stop yet. We will be covering everything on this latest trend so make sure to stick around the corner with Movie World Network for everything Hollywood.

Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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