Fantastic Four (2025): Full Cast List Reveals Anya Taylor Joy As The New Villain

Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm in Fantastic Four movie

Fantastic Four is among the highly anticipated projects of recent times. The casting rumors were spreading like a wild fire after every few weeks, however, neither Marvel nor any other associated member is ready to speak on this sparking topic.

Now finally after waiting for months, some ‘almost-official‘ updates (yes these updates are almost going to take place in reality) are revealing a very surprising plot twist along with a new villain in this upcoming masterpiece. Along with this, Marvel has officially announced a big development regarding it’s filming which is enough to say a lot about it’s release date.

From the new and twisted villain to the ‘almost-confirmed’ and surprising cast, here’s everything that you are looking for!

Fantastic Four Gets Official Updates!

Fantastic Four Movie official logo
Fantastic Four Movie: Official Logo

The biggest official update that we are getting is related to the filming schedule of Fantastic Four movie. The film was originally set to begin it’s filming by the March of 2024 and it was looking very promising. Now the company has officially confirmed that ‘Fantastic Four movie will go for it’s filming in the fourth quarter of this year.’

It could also means that some casting is still under way and the company is trying to avoid any kind of rush, hence, delaying the filming as the precautionary step. If some latest reports to be believed then Fantastic Four will go under the lights of camera by early October which is enough to say that it will end by late December for sure. It also means that Marvel studios will still left with plenty of time in their pockets to make any changes, reshoots or anything (Fantastic Four will hit your nearby theatres on May 2, 2025).

Fantastic Four Is Getting A ‘Female Villain’!

Anya Taylor Joy is in Fantastic Four
Anya Taylor Joy is in Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four saga is known for giving us some of the most unique and challenging villains of all time. This franchise has gone through number of changes throughout the years and the 2025 version is also going to pick up this traditional trend.

According to some of the most trusted Hollywood insiders such as DanielRPK, Fantastic Four will introduce us a female villain who will later bring some extra chaos in the ongoing multiverse saga. In fact, the biggest update which is making this report even more interesting is the name which is revolving around the casting of this new villain- The beloved and charming Anya Taylor Joy!

Yes, you’ve read it in a right way. Anya Taylor Joy is reportedly eyed by Marvel to play a female villain in Fantastic Four movie. This is not a first time when she is being rumored to play any character in this movie. If you can remember then she was previously rumored to play a female version of silver surfer which later got neglected by many other insiders, however, many other outlets are still stuck with this report.

Now if she is getting rumored once again then it means that something is definitely cooking between her and Marvel for sure, so we should keep our eagle eyes on her.

Fantastic Four Is Getting A ‘Fantastic’ Cast!

The new cast of Fantastic Four is surprising
Vanessa Kirby is in Fantastic Four

Now is the time to take a look at the casting because it is the thing which is creating a spark among us, the fans, every now and then. The official lineup of Fantastic Four is still under wraps but now we are getting some ‘almost-confirmed’ names which are going to appear in this masterpiece.

For starters, Pedro Pascal is reportedly going to play the role of Reed Richards which is like a dream come true for many of us. Next we are getting Vanessa Kirby to play the role of Sue Storm in this project. Joining her is our beloved Joseph Quinn and Ebon Moss-Bacharach in the shoes of other two main characters.

Now these reports and claims are so solid that we would suggest you to take it as an ‘official-update!’ After confirming to our very own sources of the Hollywood, we’ve got an update which cays: “Those reports are the cherry of a well-prepared cake!” These words are enough to confirm that now we’ve got the names for all four of our main characters who are going to lead us into the madness of the multiverse.

The movie is set to hit theatres on May 2, 2025 and we will update this article on the basis of future developments. Make sure to stick around the corner with Movie World Network as we covers some of the most authentic Hollywood updates.

Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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