Sonic Prime Season 4: Netflix And Sega Leaked A Huge Update

Sonic Prime Season 4 will happen! Yes, it’s not a joke because Netflix and Sega has accidentally leaked a huge update about it. While Sonic Prime season 3 is already trending on all over the internet, fans are also looking forward to know more about the future of this saga.

Well, if you are one of those dedicated fans who want to know more, then you’ve found your place because we are revealing everything about Sonic Prime Season 4!

Leaks Are Hinting At Sonic Prime Season 4!

sonic prime season 4 leaks
image via DVD

Sega has leaked a huge update about the future of Sonic Prime . In fact, we would say that Sonic Prime season 4 is already confirmed and maybe, we are not saying officially but maybe, the fourth season is already under works.

First and foremost, Sonic Prime season 3 was a perfect sequence with tons of new and surprising twists. Now that you can stream it on Netflix, the company has provided you an alternate way to watch them on your TV, and that’s where the Leaks are coming from.

Sega has revealed a DVD for Sonic Prime seasons, now you can just go into your nearby stores and can purchase the set of DVD’s of Sonic Prime saga. As of now, they’ve only released one for its first season but the other two parts are going to land in the market very soon. Now the biggest leak is available on the backside of their packaging.

It has clearly mentioned that “OUR STORY IS COMPRISED OF 4 CHAPTERS…!

Yes, they’ve clearly mentioned that they do have “FOUR” chapters in this saga, but how many seasons do we have? Three!

Sonic Prime season 4 updates
image via DVD

It doesn’t mean that they are going to split one of their previous seasons into two parts for these physical copies, and that’s because the DVD of first season has all those episodes without any split. Also the DVD for second season is going to release within next few months and with all of its episodes without any split. So expect the same treatment with it’s third season as well.

Now if this is a mistake, which we are assuming that it’s not because a company, especially a big giant like Sega and Netflix can never ever afford these types of mistakes. There is whole department which rechecks these stuffs for hundreds of times before releasing anything in a market.

So does it means that we are going to get another season of Sonic Prime?

As of now, neither Netflix nor Sega has spoken a single word, but on the basis of these leaks, we are speculating that Sonic Prime season 4 is definitely under works at Netflix. The four chapter are clearly referring to the four seasons of the same story, so it means that they do have some stuffs left which they want to explore in another awesome season.

On that note, we are going to leave it on you people. What do you think? Are they going to bring us another season? or is it nothing but just a huge mistake from a responsible company like Netflix or Sega?

We will be covering everything about the future of Sonic Prime so make sure to stick around the corner with Movie World Network for future updates.

Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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