Kaitlyn Dever Is In Big Trouble After Being Cast As Abby In The Last Of Us Season 2

Kaitlyn Dever is in trouble

The Last Of Us Season 2 will land in the next few months and the show is finally going to enter into it’s production very soon. After the phenomenal performance of it’s first season, the show is finally moving forward in it’s story which is a direct adaptation of it original gaming saga.

The biggest question that all of us had in mind regarding season 2 was the casting of Abby. This character is one of the biggest game changer in the original The Last Of Us Part 2 game, and now she is ready to make a deep impact in this Live-Action adaptation. But who is going to play Abby? Well, now we have an official confirmation which suggests that Kaitlyn Dever is going to share her talent as Abby!

Now as soon as the news breaks on the internet, people started talking about this young actress- the reason was an upcoming storm that could make some extra trouble for Kaitlyn Dever . What’s the full matter and how can she deal with it? Let’s take a quick look!

Kaitlyn Dever Has Invited A ‘Rage’ Via Abby!

Kaitlyn Dever as Abby

Abby is the character who kills, or we would say, murders one of our main protagonists (for the sake of those who are still unknown from the original storyline, we are keeping that name as a secret to avoid any spoilers- so if you are new then you can leave the article because we will be mentioning the name later). This character has a very long history which usually gets ‘shadow-banned‘ due to her brutal actions in the second part of The Last Of Us.

Now we knows that Kaitlyn Dever is the one who is going to jump into the shoes of this character, many fans are suggesting that she’s invited some big troubles for herself.

As per a user on X (previously known as Twitter), “Kaitlyn should avoid using her social media as much as she can, or else she is gonna face the rage of many new viewers!” While other user wrote: “A big congratulations to her for inviting a storm after the premiere of ‘that one’ episode in season 2!

So if you’ve ever played The Last Of Us Part 2 game then you knows what we are talking about. Abby is the one who kills our beloved Joel, and that’s the reason why many fans hate this character. While it is not a big deal for an experienced gamer, those who are new in it and now they are following this saga are definitely not going to tolerate it.

Abby from The Last of Us part 2

Frankly speaking, it is so hard to watch the sudden death of a character with whom we’ve spent hundreds of hours while finishing tons of levels. It develops a special type of bond between that character and us. Especially when an actor like Pedro Pascal is playing this role, the younger or newer audience is definitely going to hate the murder sequence.

What’s even more sadder is the fact that Kaitlyn Dever will have to face the rage of her own fans. This actress is known worldwide and we also knows how talented she is. So at the time when she may get some bigger and much ‘better’ roles , she still said “YES” to play Abby.

It also shows her braveness and courage (that’s how we will call it), because no young actor will ever try this type of stunt when they can achieve much better via many different franchises. However, time is changing and so the people (are they?). Still in the time where multiple independent platforms are available with zero to no limitations (referring to X aka Twitter), it is going to be a tough task for her to isolate herself from the hate about her character.

Now only time will tell more about her faith, but all we can say is: “Good Luck Kaitlyn!

However, despite all these sequences and latest news, some ‘sensible’ fans are still trying to explain others that she is not Abby and it’s the part of her job. We never knows what fans and especially this social media thing is going to deliver us, but we knows that fans are going to get divided into two parts- the raging side and the sensible side!

So a lot is going to happen in the near future and we just can’t wait to cover it all for you. The Last Of Us Season 2 is currently under development and we may get a chance to watch it by early 2025 (at the earliest).

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