SONIC PRIME Season 3 Might Land Anytime Soon

Sonic Prime is among the highly rated animated TV Shows of 2023 and both of it’s seasons are known for getting a record breaking viewership on the streaming platforms. With our Sonic and Shadow, now this saga is going to enter into it’s finale and we can’t really wait to watch it.

Since 2023 is about to end, some new and authentic reports are claiming that Sonic Prime Season 3 might land anytime soon. It’s not a click bait because both these reports are coming out straight from the house Netflix and Sega. What are the updates and what is the exact release window for Sonic Prime Season 3? Let’s find out!

Sonic Prime Season 3 Release Date Is Just Around The Corner!

Sonic Prime Season 3

If you are following Movie World Network then you knows that in one of our previous articles, we’ve revealed that the first teaser of Sonic Prime Season 3 might land by October, and we got our first trailer in the beginning of October.

Now it is again sparking the rumors about the release date of the third season. So when is it landing?

No need to wait anymore because Sonic Prime Season 3 might land within next three months. This is not just our speculation but we are 100% sure about that. But how?

Well, if you don’t know then let us tell you that we’ve already revealed the three release windows for the third season and almost all three of them were based upon the release dates of the first official teaser. Since we’ve got our first promo in the beginning of October, now is the time to watch some real action.

According to an official who works inside the Netflix company, both Sega and Netflix are ready to drop the full length trailer of this show. In fact, if rumors to be believed then Sega has finished the work on the third and final season.

Sonic Prime Season 3 Official Sneak-Peak Teaser

Now the new question arise, if Sega has finished it’s work on Sonic Prime Season 3, then why in this world are we not getting it’s release date? Well, no official statements are made by Sega And Netflix on the production of the final season, however, there were some official reports which were pointing that the work is almost finished.

If reports to be believed then the Sega company is now waiting to get a green light from Netflix in order to drop the whole season on the platform.

So what Netflix is doing? Well, the streaming company was waiting for the actors strike to get over, however, now it seems like despite getting tons of offers from multiple Hollywood studios, the SAG-AFTRA is not going to over this strike yet. Therefore, Netflix is officially moving forward with all of its scheduled projects and hence, the release date of Sonic Prime Season 3 is also coming very close to us.

The new reports further claims that Sega is looking at the Christmas season to drop the third installment of Sonic Prime. It also means that we may get another promo within a month or so. But now, we are pretty sure that Netflix will listen to Sega and will move forward with this release window.

In fact, what’s better then watching our favorite characters back in action during the Christmas season?

So Sonic fans, the Christmas season may deliver us a gift in the form of Sonic Prime Season 3. What are your wild speculations? Comment below and make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay up to date.

Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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