What If…? Season 3: Official Trailer, Release Date, Episodes & Everything You Need To Know

What If season 3 official trailer

So all nine episodes of What If…? Season 2 are now available to stream on Disney+, and with no wonder, every single episode was unique. We got some new characters, new circumstances, and more importantly, we got some new and alternate realities with full of surprising possibilities. Now it’s the time to watch What If…? Season 3!

The concept of multiverse is getting more and more exciting with every new drop of Marvel, whether it was Loki Season 2, and now, What If…? Season 2. So what’s the next big question? What about What If…? Season 3? Well, from trailer to release date, here’s everything that you need to know about the next season of What If…?

Is What If…? Season 3 Happening?

Well, you are lucky because Marvel studios has already renewed this TV Show for the third season. This means that What If…? Season 2 is going to be the first ever Marvel associated show on Disney+ which is getting renewed for the third part.

In fact, we can also say that there’s no end for this IP because multiverse is consists of infinite number of possibilities. So in the time when Marvel wants to take a deeper look at this concept, coming up with another season is just a perfect choice. It also means that we will be getting a chance to watch more new characters and ideas, just like they did in What If…? Season 2.

When Could What If…? Season 3 Be Released?

What If season 2 poster
Image via Disney+

So the next big question arise: “What is the release schedule of What If…? Season 3?” Well, neither Marvel nor Disney has shared anything officially but we can expect it to land way before our expectations.

In 2021, when What If…? Season 1 was priemering on Disney+, the company was trying to make it an annual event for the huge Marvel’s fanbase, however, the second season landed in the Christmas week of 2023, hence, taking a time of more then two years. Still the fact that company is moving forward very actively, we can speculate What If…? Season 3 to land by late 2024 or mid 2025 for sure.

Remember that these schedules might get changed on the basis of their upcoming releases, but Marvel will try to release it within next twelve-months for sure.

Is There a Trailer For What If…? Season 3?

Since the show is still under development, we don’t have any full length trailer yet, however, Marvel has officially released a whole two-minutes long clip from What If…? Season 3 which also shows their sincerity for this show. You can check out the official clip on Marvel.com., still we are here to give you a precise summary of that clip.

The clip finds Winter Soldier and Red Guardian in civilian attire as they attempt a road trip. However, the super-soldiers suddenly find a police road stop. They try to talk their way out of it, but things take a turn for the worst and a car chase commences. 

Later in the clip, Winter Soldier uses his powerful arm and smashes into police’s car to break their steering which leads both of their cars into a slippery crash and they ends up in a dense forest. Now it is unclear if Sebastian Stan and/or David Harbour are back to reprise their roles as Winter Soldier and Red Guardian, respectively, but we should get some confirmation when the official cast list for What If Season 3 is released.

What Are The Possible Episodes for What If…? Season 3?

What If...? Season 2 Wanda
Image via Disney+

Next big question which should land in our minds is the titles for the next season’s episodes. First and foremost, we can easily speculate a separate episode based upon our eternals. If you are wondering why then there were some previous reports which were claiming that Marvel is looking forward for introducing Eternals in this TV Show.

Secondly we can also speculate some sequences with Kang variants because now we are about to enter into the most craziest parts of this multiverse saga, hence, many other possibilities.

We can also get a chance to watch Deadpool and Hugh Jackman because both of them are officially making their appearance in the MCU. Characters like Mobius, Sylvie, Ms. Marvel and other new Avengers should be on the cards too. However, we should still wait for any official confirmations because Disney and Marvel are going through series of changes at the moment, their focus point is also shifting from Kang, hence, some changes are definitely going to affect the third season.

As of now, you can stream all nine episodes of What If…? season 2 on Disney+ and we will let you know everything about it’s future seasons, so make sure to stick around the corner with Movie World Network. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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