Shrek 5 : New Surprising Updates, Rebooting Plans & Everything You Need To Know

Shrek 5 is down the line but do you know that it might reboot the whole Shrek saga? Well, DreamWorks has revealed some shocking yet exciting plans for the future of this epic saga.

What big changes will take place? When is the movie coming? Are we going to get any kind of new characters? Here’s everything that you need to know about Shrek 5!

Latest News About Shrek 5!

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image via DreamWorks

It was the month of April of 2023 when the DreamWorks CEO Chris Melendadri came forward and announced some of the highly anticipating sequels. It includes Sing 3, The Secret Life Of Pets 3 and of course, our Shrek 5.

Now the Hollywood insiders are revealing very exciting updates about the future of this epic saga. Sources like the ScreenRant and Collider has confirmed that Shrek 5 may reboot the whole franchise.

Yes we are not kidding. According to these reports, the DreamWorks studio is looking forward to reboot the whole Shrek saga in order to make multiple spin off shows and movies in the near future. The CEO Chris Melandadri has also confirmed that the studio is also developing a separate spin off project based upon our Donkey.

According to him, the ending of Puss In Boots The Last Wish has created many possibilities for this saga. The reports are also revealing that DreamWorks is going to bring many new characters in the fifth movie, and that’s because they are looking at Shrek 5 as a golden opportunity to dominate over the box office.

Now apart from this, there are some rumors circulating online which are also claiming that the studio is planning to showcase Death The Wolf in a Shrek movie.

shrek 5
image via DreamWorks

It is a rumor but if this is true, then according to us it seems like DreamWorks is moving forward to create it’s own Shrek Cinematic Universe. We’ve heard the same kind of updates from Illumination Studios as well which is now officially moving forward with it’s Nintendo Cinematic Universe.

Say thanks to The Super Mario Bros Movie!

But in short, the latest and exclusive updates are confirming that Shrek 5 may get a reboot which will help the studio in establishing a whole new storyline for the future of this franchise. It also means that we can get a chance to watch many Shrek movies in the upcoming years, however, we should still wait for any official statements.

Fiona May Get A New Voice In Shrek 5!

princess fiona
image via DreamWorks

Shrek movies are known to give us some of the best memorable moments in animation history, but this saga is also known to showcase a beautiful relationship between our Shrek and Princess Fiona.

Along with Shrek, Fiona has played a very important role in this franchise, but now, there are some updates which might upset you a little bit. Now it has been officially confirmed that Cameron Diaz is not going to return to voice Princess Fiona.

Yes, its sad but it’s true!

If you don’t know then she has officially taken the retirement from the Hollywood, and now she is moving forward to spend some quality time in vacations. So it’s going to be a big change for this saga because we knows how beautifully she’s portrayed her character.

Now it’s going to be a bit tricky to adopt a new voice for our princess but it is what it is!

What Is The Plotline Of Shrek 5?

image via DreamWorks

For storyline, the writer of some acclaimed comedies as Boss Baby and other DreamWorks productions has had a Shrek 5 story and script ready for the last several years. Though Michael McCullers has mentioned the franchise a few times in interviews for his other popular franchises, he’s stated very little about the actual plot. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he explained that the script remains personal and means a lot to him.

Acknowledging that at this point, the script is more than a few years old, it will most likely need to go through revisions, especially since so many members of the creative team have probably had to change.

Though he might be one of DreamWorks’ best characters, Shrek was an angry misanthrope who preferred to live in his swamp and eschew social interaction until a talking donkey persuaded him to go on a quest to save a princess. Then he became one of the 2000s best antiheroes, and after he married Fiona, and they created their own family, it seemed like even ogres could have a happily ever after.

So what could break the peaceful tranquility of their bucolic lifestyle in a new Shrek movie? Teenagers. According to DevDiscourseShrek 5 could focus on Shrek and Fiona’s hectic life raising a bunch of teenagers.

video via our official Youtube channel

Like we’ve mentioned above that the studio is looking forward to bring some new characters in this franchise, bringing bunch of teenagers might help them in establishing a whole new plotline for the future of this saga.

If they’re even half as stubborn as their parents, their antics will no doubt make for highly entertaining cinema. That, however, is just one story possibility for Shrek 5. But if you are still looking for more Shrek stories, then some rumors are also speculating the enterance of the Big Bad Wolf aka The Death in this Shrek universe.

We knows that this bad guy has confirmed by the end of Puss In Boots The Last Wish that he will return in the near future to take his life, and since Puss is now going to reunite with his old gang, we might get a chance to see this epic wild card entry in this Shrek universe.

If this happens, then it will definitely create a whole new cinematic masterpiece which will definitely break many records. However, these are just some wild speculations and we should wait for any kind of official reports or statements by the studio itself.

So as of now, the original plotline for Shrek 5 is still under wraps!

Shrek 5 Release Date: When Is The Movie Coming?

shrek 5
image via DreamWorks

Now, lets talk about an important update. When is the movie coming? We knows that Kung Fu Panda 4 is set to hit theatres in the March of 2024. The studio is also developing The Secret Life Of Pets 3 which might release by the end of 2024 as it will not take much time as compared to the Shrek 5, which will go through the series of modifications and changes.

Both Kung Fu Panda and Shrek movies are one of the biggest cash grabbers for the DreamWorks studio, so the studio is definitely not going to release them in the same year.

Also the CEO Chris Melandadri has confirmed that Shrek 5 is under very active state of development, so it is possible that they can finish it by the mid of 2024. However, there are many other factors which might affect it’s release schedule and the biggest of all is the ongoing writer’s and actor’s strike!

This strike is affecting everything in the Hollywood and since the studio will be needing many changes in the story as well as in the cast, it seems impossible for them to finish it under a year. But still we can speculate it to get finished by the late 2024 for sure (in the worst case).

So on the basis of above scenarios, we can easily speculate Shrek 5 to land by early 2025 in the best case, or by mid 2025 in the worst case!

Who Is In The Cast?

cameron diaz as fiona shrek
Cameron Diaz as Fiona

Although there hasn’t been an official cast revealed by DreamWorks, the recent interview with Meledandri suggests that the original voice cast could return for Shrek 5.

Chris has revealed :-

When you look back on those vocal performances they’re awesome, and while you certainly could make a case for a complete reinvention, I find myself responding to my own nostalgic feelings of wanting to go back to those characterizations!

However, the biggest change which might take place in terms of casting is the replacement of Cameron Diaz because of her decision to take the retirement from the Hollywood.

Still we should wait a bit more because she’s not revealed anything about her carrier as a voice actor. So as per now, we are speculating her to play the role of Fiona once again. Apart from her, Eddie Murphy has officially confirmed that he will return in the matter of seconds to reprise his role as donkey.

In an interview, he’s said, “I’d absolutely be open if they ever came with another Shrek, I’d do it in two seconds. I love Donkey“. No other casting updates are out yet but the speculated cast is as follows:-

  • Mike Meyers as Shrek
  • Eddie Murphy as Donkey
  • Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona
  • Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots

To wrap the things up, here is the summary of everything that we’ve revealed thus far in this blog.

Shrek 5 may release by the mid 2025 for sure, the studio is looking forward to reboot the whole Shrek Saga, Cameron Diaz may not return to voice Princess Fiona and Shrek 5 is going to introduce many new characters.

Are we missing anything? Oh yeah, the Donkey spinoff project is also under development and the studio has officially released the first image of our new Dragon Warrior who will officially replace our Po in the Kung Fu Panda 4. Yes it’s true and you can check out the full updates on our website.

Till that, this was everything that we knows about the legendary Shrek 5 movie. We will update you as soon as we gets any big official news, so make sure to stick around with the Movie World Network. Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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