Inside Out 2 : Exciting New Emotions, Trailer, Release Date & Latest Updates

Inside Out is among one of the most memorable and emotional movies of Disney and Pixar studios. Now finally after a long wait, we are getting Inside Out 2 with tons of new and exciting modifications.

This time, Riley is going to surprise you with her emotions and Pixar has some big plans for this franchise. From the new emotions to the plot, from the cast to the release date, here’s everything that you need to know about Inside Out 2!

Latest Updates About Inside Out 2 Are Very Exciting!

inside out 2

Inside Out 2 was officially announced in the D23 Expo of 2022. At that time, it was still unknown that exactly how many emotions might appear in the sequel and what could be the exact plotline around which the sequel may revolve.

Finally, we are getting tons of new updates from various trusted Hollywood Insiders who are known for their authenticity.

The latest news about the Inside Out 2 has been revealed by many officials of Pixar studios so we can believe on it. According to various individuals, it has been reported that Pixar studios is officially developing a spin-off TV Show based upon the first Inside Out movie!

Yes, it’s true. We were excited to watch Inside Out 2 and surprisingly, now we are also getting a whole dedicated TV Show based upon these lovable characters.

According to many other trusted websites like Collider or the DisInsider, Pixar studio will be releasing this TV show before the sequel which means we can watch it by the mid of 2024 itself. If this is the case then it means that the show is already under active development and the official announcement should be down the line.

The main reason behind releasing this TV show is to develop the characters of the first Inside Out movie, because we knows how beautifully Disney and Pixar develops their characters in the sequels. The best example can be the Frozen franchise.

It means that there is a huge possibility that if this TV show lands before the original sequel, then we may also get a chance to watch some new emotions even before the second film, which is quite interesting!

Inside Out 2 Will Have More Then 10 Emotions!

inside out 2 movie

Inside Out means emotions! At least that’s what this term is known for in the universe of Pixar. Even the main five emotions were enough to bring tears in our eyes, so what if we say that these numbers are going to get doubled in the sequel?

When Inside Out was released back in 2015, it was revealed officially by the studio that they were about to introduce 27 emotions in the movie. However, due to the lack of time and also the movie was a new idea to the audience, the chances of it’s success was under doubt.

That’s why the studio came up with the main five emotions, and luckily, it worked and Inside Out became a huge success for the studio!

Now since the sequel is taking place in modern time, both Disney and Pixar has tons of new techniques along with a sufficient amount of time, so it is a perfect time to bring back those emotions which got deleted from the first movie.

Luckily, we’ve some sort of updates which are already indicating towards the five new emotions who might appear in Inside Out 2.

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According to some latest reports, Pixar will be bringing back the original five emotions but this time, they will be getting the company of five new emotions as well.

The very first emotion can be the emotion of Love, and that’s because Riley is going to finish her teenage years, so she will definitely fall in love with someone. After all, this is the best way to show the most beautiful emotion in the movie which itself is completely based upon the emotions itself.

The second emotion can be the Guilt which is an obvious part of the lives of the teenagers. Other then these two, the other three rumored emotions are our Shame, Hope and Greed.

All these emotions might make their entry into this beautiful movie and we are sure that at least three of them will definitely make into the sequel!

What Is The Plot Of Inside Out 2?

inside out 2

So after knowing that the sequel will be dealing with more then ten emotions, the very obvious question which comes in our mind is the plotline. So what exactly is happening in Inside Out 2? Luckily, both the studio and the Hollywood Insiders has teased the storyline several time.

The first “Inside Out” took a unique spin on the coming-of-age genre, chronicling the inner workings of a child’s mind as she experiences the challenges that come with growing up. The premise of “Inside Out 2” acts as a natural extension of this perception, at least from the bare-bones summary we have so far.

The end of the first film saw seemed like a tease of this concept as Riley’s emotions are given a new control panel where they discover a puberty button. While mostly played for laughs, the idea opens up the potential to develop both Riley and her accompanying feelings in some interesting ways, similar to how Joy learned to embrace Sadness as a necessary emotion in the prior installment. 

Now since the studio has teased that Riley is going to pass through the final stages of her teenage years, we may see the combination of multiple emotions and the chaos of her mind.

What Is The Release Date?

inside out 2

So when is the sequel coming? As of now, Inside Out 2 is set to hit theatres on June 14, 2024 and it seems like the movie will land just on time.

However, there are some factors which might delay the movie, and the biggest reason is the ongoing writer’s and actor’s strike which is affecting almost every project of the Hollywood. Since the movie was under active state of development since 2022, we may assume that most of the work on it’s production should get finished by the end of 2023 itself.

Also the casting of the movie is still unknown. Since Inside Out 2 is going to feature many new characters along with tons of new emotions, we should also expect some new faces in the cast of Inside Out 2 as well, but the casting is still unknown, which can also become one of the reasons for delaying this movie.

However, we also knows that Pixar is known to release it’s movies in the month of June and following the same pattern of their release schedule, Inside Out 2 is also releasing in the month of June. So it doesn’t seems like they will delay this epic project and will break their chain of movies.

That means, both Disney and Pixar will try everything in order to avoid the delay of this beautiful project!

Who Is In The Cast Of Inside Out 2?

Inside Out 2 official cast
Amy Poehler as Joy

Now we have a long list of new emotions and some other unknown characters who will be making their debut in this franchise, so it’s obvious that we will be getting tons of new faces in the official cast as well. However, neither Disney nor Pixar has released any kind of updates regarding their casting, but we can still speculate some familiar faces who will be returning to voice their characters in this most awaited sequel.

Currently, the only name officially attached to “Inside Out 2” is Amy Poehler who will be reprising the lead role of Joy. The “Saturday Night Live” and “Mean Girls” alum had predicted a second “Inside Out” by the first film’s conclusion.

In a recent interview Amy has told to the Entertainment Weekly, “I thought there was going to be a sequel the minute I saw the end of the first Inside Out“. she has also pointed out that the puberty joke at the end made for a logical step forward by saying, “And then our wonderful leader, Pete Docter, went on to do all these other big hits … and once a week I would call him and just say, ‘When are we getting back into the studio again?‘”.

Apart from her, IMDB has also claimed in it’s latest reports that Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black, and Diane Lane will also be returning as Sadness, Anger, and Riley’s mom respectively, but it has yet to be confirmed elsewhere. 

Apart from this, we have some big and official updates which are not that good regarding the casting of Inside Out 2.

We knows that Bill Hader has given his voice to the Fear in the first movie along with Mindy Kaling who gave her voice to the Disgust. Both has played a very important role in the first movie and we were sure to see them in the sequel as well.

Unfortunately, many official sources has confirmed that the two has been dropped out due to salary conflicts, with the studio only offering to pay the majority of the main voice cast $100,000, a measly 2% of Poehler’s payday of $5 million with bonuses. 

In fact, now some latest rumors are claiming that the studio might completely remove both of these emotions from the movie because Riley is in her final stages of teenage years, where we knows that the emotions of fear and disgust are very rare nowadays.

That’s why the studio may remove these two characters, and if they moves forward with this plan, then we will lose two of our beloved characters, which is sad but important for the development of Riley!

But as of now, almost everything is looking fine, other then the casting problems, and we now knows that Inside Out 2 is definitely going to be a masterpiece just like it’s first part.

We will make sure to update you as soon as we hears something official, so make sure to stick around with Movie World Network to stay up to date. Till that, this was pretty much of something that we knows about the epic Inside Out 2. Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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