Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Loses Billions After This ‘Injustice’ Of The Justice League Studio

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom suffered injustice by the justice league studio

Despite producing tons of back to back projects based upon our comic-accurate super heroes, DC’s latest installment with the name of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom suffered a HUGE loss on box office.

Yes it’s true that the numbers of this movie are not that bad, but why a movie which was originally supposed to earn billions of dollars ended up earning only few millions? The company who is behind all this mess is none other then the DC studios!

The ‘Injustice’ Of DC!

Amber Heard is in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
image via DC studios

Aquaman and the lost Kingdom was already surrounded by many controversies and the biggest of all was the decision of not replacing Amber Heard as our Mera from this sequel. However, despite her presence in the movie, the audience who ‘tried’ it was happy and that’s because the company has already removed most of her sequences from it.

Then what’s the matter of Injustice?

As of January 8, 2024, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has grossed over $400 million on the global box office. The movie has officially surpassed the other DC projects such as ‘The Flash’, ‘Black Adam’ and others. Surprisingly, the movie is the biggest DCEU box office success since 2018’s Aquaman. The reason why these numbers are even more special is the fact that Aquaman 2 is securing them with ‘Zero’ marketing.

Yes, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has received very little to no marketing and that’s what we are calling as the ‘injustice’ of DC studios.

Can you believe that a project which is about to earn almost half a billion dollars on the global box office in the next few weeks was actually suffering with the lack of marketing? We didn’t even got it’s short TV Promos which are the best way to promote any project nowadays.

It’s true that the controversy of Amber Heard was making a deep impact on this project, but if you’ve already cut down most of her sequences then why were you not promoting it? According to some reports, it is reported that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom could’ve earn around $800 million by now! It means that the present box office numbers of the sequel of our beloved Aquaman is half of it’s original potential.

The question remains the same: how a company can do such type of injustice with one of it’s most lovable character? We’ve got many woke movies at Hollywood in recent years, however, every company was busy in promoting it. Then why Warner Bros Studios and DC company were busy in hiding this project? Now after watching these numbers, it feels like both of these studios have lost a golden opportunity to earn billions on box office.

Their movies were getting bombed again and again and it was a perfect chance to re-establish a momentum before jumping down on their upcoming and newly founded James Gunn’s universe. But now they have to start from level zero once again!

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