Dune 3 Is Officially Confirmed: Here’s Everything You Are Looking For!

We are pretty sure that you are someone who is looking forward for Dune 3 aka Dune part 3. 2023 is just gearing up and it feels like we’ve already got our ‘Barbie’ of this year with the release of Dune Part 2. Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya as our main protagonists, the sequel is dominating over box office.

Now that we’ve watched Dune 2, people are questioning about the future of this saga. It was late 2023 when the producers were hinting at the potential third movie and that could be one of those reasons which is now exciting the fans from all across the globe. Well, the ending of Dune part 2 itself is leaving many huge cliffhangers and it seems like they’ve been left there purposely.

Paul has left Chani and Freman to join his white brethren on planet Caucasia. So what next? From release schedule to plot predictions and new characters- here’s everything that you need to know about Dune 3!

Dune 3 Latest Updates: What We Knows So Far?

Dune 3 release date and updates
image via Warner Bros studios

Just in case if you don’t know then let me tell you that CEO Josh Grode has recently revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that the studio is “actively engaged” in the film. According to him, the company is looking forward for more Dune projects and both the directors and other creative officials are all in to explore this saga even further.

Dune 2 is directed by Denis Villeneuve. He is very well known for delivering us back to back sequels without even spoiling the original theme of the IP (intellectual property). He has previously expressed his desire to return for a third Dune project. In fact, this legendary director has already revealed that Dune 3 could be called as ‘Dune 3: Messiah‘!

In his interview with The Times, Denis said that it is his dream to change this Dune saga into a trilogy. Despite his wish to continue this saga, you should not expect Dune 3 for next couple of years- but why? It’s simply because Denis Villeneuve is officially taking a break from Hollywood. He will be spending some time with his families and friends- hence, delayed projects without a second thought.

Even if they starts making Dune 3 from tomorrow, we wouldn’t see it for a “couple of years.” The production of this specific franchise takes a lot of time. In fact, many few people knows that the work on the production of Dune Part 2 was finished just a month before it’s scheduled date of world premiere. Maybe it could be one of those reasons due to which the VFX and CGI of Dune movies always impresses it’s audience.

On the very other hand, Warner Bros company is looking forward for Dune 3. The box office numbers are looking very convincing, coupled up with the outstanding ratings of both the critics and fans. Long story short- Dune 3 is confirmed, however, you still have to wait a bit more to hear anything related to it’s release schedule.

We will keep this section updated as soon as we gets any official confirmation or report, so keep an eye on us!

Dune 3 Plot: What Are The Possibilities?

Dune 3 Plot predictions
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The title of Dune 3 is not confirmed yet, however- we are pretty sure that it will be called as “Messiah”. If you don’t know then Dune: Messiah was written in reaction to the fact that people perceived Paul Atreides as a hero, which is not what [author Frank Herbert] wanted to do.

By the ending of Dune Part 2, it is revealed that Paul has finally killed his two big bad guys from the movie. He then engaged to the Emperor’s daughter, Princess Irulan (Florence Pugh) and hence, sacrificing his relationship with Chani (played by Zendaya). It was those final moments from the film where Paul asks the heads of the powerful Houses of the galaxy to accept him as the new Emperor.

Despite the request of Paul, the heads refuses to agree with him. This is the plot where Dune 3 can take place. The sequel later reveals how Paul announces his plan to go to war with them all. His final words from Dune Part 2 says, “Send them to paradise.” In last couple of seconds of Dune 2, Jessica adds her own dialogue and says, “The Holy War begins.

To be very specific, Dune 3 will definitely pick up the ending of the sequel. We will most likely be watching more action packed sequences- however this time, the intensity is going to hit us much harder. The wars are going to increase their potential and some characters may sacrifice their lives for the sake of peace as well. One character who will be playing a very vital role in a future film is Chani. Now that Paul has left her, it would be interesting to watch her mental stability and actions that can eventually bring in more fun to this saga.

Either way, we will be getting some new faces because the book of “Messiah” itself was introducing many new characters. Talking about the cast then other then our Timothee and Zendaya, Princess Irulan will be played by Florence Pugh once again as her character is set to support Paul in all the possible ways. These are the only actors who are confirmed to reprise their roles once again.

We knows that Hollywood is full of surprises. You should always expect the unexpected- hence, stay excited to hear more about the casting calls in the near future. As of now, it was pretty much of everything that we knew about Dune 3. You can stick around the corner with Movie World Network as we brings you some of the most authentic and original content related to Hollywood.

Till then- stay safe, peace out!

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