Shrek 5 : All The Latest & Leaked Updates That You Need To Know

DreamWorks studio is going to bring us some of the highly anticipated projects of all time and fans from all across the globe are just trying to know more about them. The company is bringing back it’s proven franchises where Kung Fu Panda 4 and Shrek 5 are among the most popular one.

Fans who was waiting to watch our big green ogre can now relax because he is making a comeback way before your expectations. This is not a report or a rumor because these updates have been leaked online by none other then a senior executive of the parent company of DreamWorks studio. What are the quick updates and why Shrek 5 will change this memorable saga for ever. Here’s everything that you need to know about this highly awaited animated movie!

‘Shrek 5 Will Land In 2025’!

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Despite getting rumored to release in the next few years, we were not getting any solid updates regarding the exact release window of Shrek 5, however, we knew that something big is cooking inside the DreamWorks studio. The company is known for giving us some of the most memorable and nostalgic animated franchises of all time and the Shrek saga can easily dominate over every other animated project.

Now after waiting for a decade, these release updates have been leaked online via an unexpected social platform which not known for giving such leaks. We are talking about Linkedin. Yes it is unbelievable but true.

These leaks have been shared by TMZ, an alleged employee of the NBCUniversal, the parent company of the DreamWorks studio. According to her, she was working on various projects inside the studio and some of them are among the highly anticipated movies of the near future.

She has further revealed the names of these projects which includes Despicable Me 4 and Shrek 5 as well. Apart from these two, she was also working on Wicked part 1 and 2 which is again a popular franchise. However, we just want to know more about our Shrek.

As per her interview, Shrek 5 is officially set to hit theatres in 2025 and the studio is working very actively on it. The project is still under development but majority of it’s work is set to finish by mid 2024. Now we don’t have any official confirmation by any other official and neither DreamWorks nor NBCUniversal has revealed any such updates, so we can’t call it a ‘confirmed’ release window.

However, in an interview earlier tis year, illumination CEO Chris Meledandri was the one who has confirmed that a fifth Shrek movie is going to release very soon. In fact, Eddie Murphy is among those trusted faces who was claiming that Shrek 5 will land by 2020, but we knows that Covid has delayed everything.

Since these leaks have been revealed by an employee, we can trust on it but the Hollywood is full of surprises and anything can happen. So as per now, Shrek 5 is ‘un-officially’ set to hit your nearby theatres somewhere in 2025 BUT take it with a grain of salt!

How Shrek 5 Will Change Everything For The Shrek Saga?

Shrek 5 Will Surprise Us
DreamWorks studio

Whenever we talks about a follow-up sequel, we also tries to find out more about it’s plot details. Despite getting a very little to no new updates, some other reports are claiming that Shrek 5 is going to change a lot of things for the Shrek saga.

In a report which was published by various Hollywood outlets earlier this year, it was said that DreamWorks studio is going to make some big changes in the plot of the fifth Shrek film. It mainly includes a re-imagined theme with tons of new twists and surprises. In fact, if rumors to be believed then Shrek 5 is going to be a reboot and not like any other traditional follow-up movie from it’s previous parts.

Now if these rumors to be believed then we can safely expect tons of new characters in this future film because we knows that reboot means a new storyline.

According to an article published by some of the most trusted Hollywood insiders such as the Screen Rant and Collider, DreamWorks is planning to develop a whole new saga on the base of Shrek where they want to show the entrance of The Death from Puss In Boots The Last Wish. If you can remember then by the end of ‘The Last Wish’, we saw how Puss along with his mates Kitty Soft-Paws and others is now finally heading towards a kingdom far far away. This is a direct reference to an upcoming reunion of this beloved gang where Kitty is going to be a new companion.

As per now, all these theories are just the wild speculations, thanks to all those reports. We should wait a bit more because if Shrek 5 is really set to land in 2025 then we may get it’s first teaser by late 2024 for sure, so everything will get clear for sure and we will make sure to update you.

If you want to stay connected with everything Hollywood then stick around the corner with the Movie World Network, till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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