WHAT IF Season 2 Trailer Has Revealed These Surprises For It’s Nine Episodes

After the epic finale of What If Season 1, we knew that a lot is going to happen in the future of the MCU. We saw the battle of Watcher and Ultron in Season 1 and by it’s end, it was confirmed that Marvel is going to take a wild turn in it’s upcoming movies along with it’s What If Season 2.

Now since Loki Season 2 is officially ended, Marvel is eying to dominate the Christmas season of this year and that’s why the company is going to premiere it’s What If Season 2 by the end of 2023. The first official trailer has been released world wide and it is revealing tons of new surprises for fans. Not only the new entries, but the release schedule of it’s all nine episodes are going to give a huge surprise to it’s epic fan-base.

What If Season 2 Will Deliver A Streak Of Episodes!

What If Season 2

Whenever we talks about the release schedules of any TV show which is set to land straight on Disney+, the traditional route of releasing one episode per week comes in our minds, however this time, Marvel is officially going to break this classic record of Disney.

What If Season 2 was expected to premiere it’s episode on the same trend but the first official trailer has confirmed that it is not going to be the same case for this epic season. This time, Marvel will release all it’s nine episodes on nine consecutive days which means the whole season will premiere between December 22, 2023 to December 31, 2023!

It is not the first time when any franchise is breaking the traditional route of Disney company, we’ve seen the trend of Lucasfilm where the company has released all of it’s episodes on a single day. Still the fact that we are going to get a daily dose with full of epicness is just out of this world.

Shang Chi, Hela & Other Big Moments Will Define The MCU!

What Is Season 2-Odin

‘The multiverse is a concept about which we knows frighteningly little’- said by our Doctor Stephen Strange in Spider-Man No Way Home!

As we are moving forward in this multiverse saga of Marvel Cinematic Universe, it feels like anything or everything will happen in it. We’ve seen the epic union of our Tobey, Tom and Andrew in No Way Home, then we got an exclusive look at the illuminati in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness and how can we forget about all those variants of Kangs and Loki which are now trending on all over the social media. This phase has something for everything.

Now with the release of first trailer of What If Season 2, it is confirmed that Marvel is following the same concept in this epic season as well. As soon as the trailer starts, we got our first look at many new characters who are going to make an appearance in the second season. As we moves deep into it, we finally gets a confirmation that Hela will appear in What If Season 2.

Not only Hela, if you are following us then you knows that in one of our articles which was published earlier by Stephanie, the creative contributor at Movie World Network, it was revealed that Shang Chi and others will make this season even more interesting and the first trailer has marked the tag of authenticity on our reports.

Shang Chi, along with his other important characters is also going to be followed by Happy Hogan and others, but there is a moment which has the potential to give this show an iconic rating on various platforms.

Yes- we are talking about the episode where we will get a chance to see the battle of Wakanda, The Avengers VS. Thanos once again. In the trailer it is revealed that the scene will turn the tables where our beloved Captain will finally break the gauntlet of Thanos and hence, saving all those stones from his terror.

What If Season 2 will mark the standards of Marvel and it seems like this season is going to lift up the hype of Multiverse which is created by the epic finale of Loki Season 2. The show is set to land straight on Disney+ streaming services starting from December 22, 2023 and the season is going to drop one episode per day. Make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay up to date. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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