GODZILLA x KONG : The New Empire Will Surprise You

In the time where every other studio is focusing over developing it’s own separate cinematic universe, how can we forget about the MonsterVerse? While this concept is not new, multiple studios has released tons of movies based upon this genre and now the next installment in this universe is “Godzilla x Kong : The New Empire!“.

The Godzilla Vs Kong is the latest installment of this saga which was released in 2021 and despite getting a low score by the critics, the movie performed well on the box office and earned a good amount of cash. Now the Warner Bros studio is going to release it in 2024 and many new updates are already trending online.

So sit back, relax because we are going to take a look on everything that you need to know about this epic project and how it is going to surprise you!

GODZILLA x KONG : The New Empire Is Very Funny!

Godzilla x Kong : The New Empire
Godzilla VS Kong

Whenever we talks about the MonsterVerse, we assumes deadly battles, lot of blood, destruction and kills. However, GODZILLA x KONG : The New Empire seems to take a different route.

Recently, the studio has shown an early screenings to some senior critics and while no spoilers are out yet, their reviews are enough to describe the theme of this one of it’s kind movie. According to one, “I enjoved every aspect of Kong’s plot but was very annoyed that Godzilla was sidelined once more. I feel Wingard doesn’t treat Goji with the same respect as Kong.

That means the movie is going to focus over Kong while shadow-banning our Godzilla. To be very honest, it’s not a first time when our Godzi is receiving this type of treatment from the studios. We’ve seen the same thing in other projects of the MonsterVerse. For example, Godzilla Vs Kong was supposed to be focused on both of our main monsters, however, what we got is a plot which was based entirely upon our Kong and hence, side kicking our Godzi.

But this is not over yet because now we are going to tell you that why this movie is ‘funnier’ then all of it’s other MonsterVerse counterparts.

Another critic wrote that the movie is going into a silly direction which makes it even much funnier. The part which should be noted it the number of action scenes which might occur during it’s runtime. According to a user, the movie is showing an intense action scene after every twenty minutes, which is sufficient to give the vibes of real MonsterVerse.

Godzilla x Kong review
via X (Twitter)

While the plot is still hidden, these reviews are indicating towards a unique experience, because we’ve never seen funny moments in these types of movies and if these reviews to be believed, then the Godzilla x Kong : The New Empire is definitely a one of it’s kind movie.

When Is The Movie Coming?

Well you are lucky because Godzilla x Kong : The New Empire will hit theatres on April 12, 2024, however, the movie was previously set to land on Friday, March 15, 2024 but it got delayed due to various reasons. The biggest one should be the ongoing strike which is taking place in the Hollywood and almost every project is getting impacted by it.

Now the writer’s strike is over and the writing teams are back in their respective studios, but we still have to wait a bit more because the actors are still busy with the SAG-AFTRA.

Latest Updates About The First Official Full Length Trailer Release Date!

Godzilla x Kong : The New Empire
Godzilla x Kong

The next big thing that you might be looking forward to should be it’s full length first official trailer, and why not, after all these trailers are the thing which gives us a solid idea about the movies.

Since the movie was not announced till early 2022, it’s teaser was a surprise for it’s fan. In fact, the teaser was nothing but just a title reveal thing. The length of it was not more then thirty-seconds and it showed us an ape titan sitting on a sinister throne, surrounded by all manner of bones and detritus.

Now the movie is set to land in April of 2024 and it means that we might get it’s first full length trailer by early 2024. That’s obvious because we knows that the studio releases their trailers three to four months prior to the release schedule so that they gets a chance to begin their marketing of the movie.

Also some latest reports which have been leaked on X (formerly Twitter) are claiming that the studio is already moving forward to finish it’s final touches on the production and if rumors to be believed then we may also get a chance to watch a short promo around the Christmas of this year as well.

But in short, Godzilla x Kong : The New Empire is going to deal with the most exceptional level of storyline and a lot is going to get uncovered in it. We will make sure to update you so stick around the Movie World Network. Till that, stay safe, peace out!

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