The New Frozen 3 Plots Are Surprising Every Disney Fan

The Frozen Saga is among the most lovable animated franchises of history and why not, after all the sister’s love is the most beautiful thing that we’ve seen in it. From a solid storyline to the talented cast, this is the power of this saga that we are now moving forward at Frozen 3.

Frozen 2 was released back in 2019 and it is among the most successful animated movies of history (The movie has earned over $1.4 Billion world wide). Despite having tons of loopholes, the sequel was well received by the fans. However, we never got an official confirmation about the third film from the studio for the next three years.

Finally in early 2023, Bob Iger who is the CEO of Walt Disney Company takes the charge and announces tons of major sequels and Frozen 3 was one of them. Now the question arise, What is going to happen in Frozen 3? Well the third part is among the highly anticipated projects of the near future and we just want to know more about it.

Well you don’t need to go anywhere because here we are taking a look at the top three plots for Frozen 3 which might surprise you. So hold your snow balls and let’s dive into the world of Arrendelle!

1) The Rescue Of Queen Disa!

Frozen 3

Yes you are guessing it right! Queen Disa is going to be one of those new characters who might appear in Frozen 3. Now if you are wondering about her then let us tell you that Disney has officially announced a spinoff based on Frozen 2. The name of this spinoff show is Frozen : The Forces Of Nature.

Originally, Disney has described Queen Disa as a person who believes on the scientific stuffs a lot. She is the Queen of Sankerhus, which is the name of her kingdom.

According to this plot, we may get a chance to watch an attack on her kingdom and Queen Anna and Elsa might go on a new mission in order to help Disa in protecting the palace.

While this character is very new to all of us, it is a bit hard to predict everything about this plotline. However, if Disney moves forward with Disa, then the whole gang might uncover tons of new places from the kingdom and hence, we will get a chance to explore more in this new and magical yet scientific adventure.

Frozen : The Forces Of Nature

If you are wondering about the spinoff then it is not like any other animated short series. Frozen : Forces Of Nature is an audio podcast which will drop the total of nine episodes. The podcast is set to land straight on Disney+.

In the spinoff, it will be revealed that a device of Queen Disa is left in the enchanted forest and now it’s radiations are disturbing the elements of earth. Due to this, the whole kingdom will face a chaos where tsunamis and earthquakes are taking place after every few minutes.

Now the show will cover the journey of our Elsa and Anna who will try to find Disa in order to take her help in deactivating this strange scientific device.

2) The Return Of Hans!

Prince Hans

Now after the introduction of our Queen Disa in Frozen 3, next big plot which seems very likely to happen is the return of the Prince Hans.

By the end of frozen we saw how Hans was sent back to his brothers. In fact, we all were expecting him to return in Frozen 2, because his revenge was still left. Surprisingly, the house of the mouse studio comes up with a surprising plot of enchanted forest.

The ending of Frozen was looking complete, but we still got a sequel. Now Frozen 2 has concluded the stories of our sisters, the only characters whose stories are left is either our Kristoff or Prince Hans. It’s hard to develop a whole movie on the plot of Kristoff, that’s why Hans might come into play.

Now if Disney is trying to end this franchise, bringing back Hans might give them a chance to conclude this epic saga once and for all.

The studio may also deliver a separate villainious song of our Prince where he may reveal his evil plans through a melody. They can also bring all of his 12 brothers in order to attack on the kingdom of Arrendelle, and hence, showcasing a final battle!

3) The Happily Ever After!

frozen 3

Now after discussing the above plotlines, we knows that Frozen 3 is going to be the last installment of the Frozen saga. So concluding this storyline is the main motive of Disney. To do so, they can also take a safe route by avoiding any new plotline.

That mean, it is also possible that they may reject the plots of ‘Return Of Hans‘ and ‘Queen Disa‘ because both of them might create a new storyline for the future movies. So to conclude this Frozen saga, they may focus entirely on the plot of the ‘marriage of our Anna and Kristoff‘.

Now to make this movie even much better, they can show some kind of problems during the wedding which can be solved by Elsa only or they can also move forward with a movie based upon the preparation of the wedding day where we will definitely get a chance to see a lot of chaos during the preparation as well.

After all, we’ve seen the same kind of plotline in the Frozen Fever as well, which was the spinoff short based upon the first Frozen movie.

But as of now, we are pretty sure that one of these plots are definitely going to take place in Frozen 3 and if you’ll ask us then we will go with the plot of the Return Of Hans because it is the only possible plot that can conclude this epic Frozen saga.

What are your expectations from the movie? Comment below and make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay up to date.

Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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