The Toxic Comment Of Rachel Zegler On Snow White Is Now Creating A Controversy !!

Things are becoming even more worse for Snow White with every new day, and now Rachel Zegler has again started a new controversy with her latest woke attempts to save her movie !!

Disney’s Snow White Is Now A Controversy Queen !!

Walt Disney Animation Studios is facing a lot of backlash over social media after releasing back to back “woke” movies in recent years.

After swapping the race and color of our princess Ariel in the latest live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid“, now the studio has secured another woke attempt to spread it’s propaganda through the upcoming Live Action Snow White movie.

And not only the studio, but the cast itself is busy in defending their woke ideas, especially Rachel Zegler, who is being casted as the lead (Snow White) in the movie.

Rachel Zegler Has Started a New Controversy !!

Rachel Zegler
Rachel Zegler

We knows that various Hollywood studios are not yet able to film or promote their movies due to the ongoing strike of SAG-AFTRA and Rachel Zegler is also a part of this strike.

In a recent interview during the strike, she has now demanded more money from Disney to play the role, and what’s worse is her comment over our princess Snow White, which is now securing a good amount of backlash over every single social media platform out there.

First of all, Disney is now referring the title as “Snow White And The Seven Magical Creatures“, rather then the “Seven Dwarves“.

And the ironical part is that, only one of it is actually going to be a real dwarf, the rest are not more then just a magical creature who can spread some woke magic in the movie.

Now the newest controversy is started by Rachel Zegler herself, who is now also being referred as “A Controversy Queen“.

She is now demanding Disney to pay her for every single hour that the movie will stream on its Disney+ platform.

Reactions on Rachel Zegler's comment
Reactions on her comment

Initially, we knows that studios pays actors on the basis of their screen time, story, popularity and few other criteria, but now she wants even more money before releasing the movie on Disney+ streaming platform.

So the new question arise, what in the world is she thinking right now? Is she thinking that this movie is going to be a big hit ?

Disney is already suffering a huge loss on box office, and now if rumors to be believed then her manager has demanded some “extra million dollars” before allowing the studio to stream this movie on its platform.

After her request, the fans fro all across the globe is now slamming the actress by calling it as “a woke attempt to show your importance which is not really important for the fans anymore“.

“The Prince Is A Stalker” – Rachel Zegler !!

We now knows that after back to back woke comments that has been given by Zegler, this movie is going to be bombed at box office for sure.

But the ironical part is that, Rachel Zegler is not stopping at all. She has now commented a very woke thing for our Prince of Snow White !!

Few months ago, Variety took an exclusive interview of Zegler and Gal Gadot, where Rachel can be seen calling our prince as a “STALKER” !!

She said:

Snow White is not looking for any love, she don’t want someone who is being stalking her since a long time. It feels really cringe for her.

Calling the main and crucial character as a “stalker” is clearly showing a lack of maturity and sense in the actress, but she doesn’t really stopped here. We can then hear her saying that the Prince should be removed.

She continued :

We don’t need any kind of Prince in the movie because Snow-White herself is just fine by her own. The original movie is now outdated to me and we want a princess who can show some female powers and independence to the world.

This comment is now getting viral over every single platform and why not, she is litrelly destroying the whole image of our classic Princess and her Prince.

Also in a recent interview, she has even claimed the fact that she didn’t even liked the original movie at all and she would prefers not to watch this tale ever again.

Now fans are asking the same question from her, do we really need this type of actor in the movie who doesn’t really care about the respect of its own character that she is going to play ?

What Is The Future Of Snow-White and Rachel Zegler !?

This movie is definitely going to be counted as the one which has created the largest number of controversies, and its not going to stop yet.

We don’t know why Disney is not able to notice these things? They can just simply remove her from the movie and can avoid the color swap easily. Or they can just cancel the movie, because it is not more then just a trash now.

According to the various different surveys, Disney fans are not satisfied with this woke attempt of Disney, and it feels like almost none of them is actually going to watch it with their childrens.

Their actors are not respecting their own characters, and especially Rachel is hurting the emotions of the classic fans of Snow White again and again.

You can also check out the whole dedicated video about it here:-

What Is The Release Date Of Snow-White ?

The movie is initially set to hit the US theatres on 22 March, 2024 and is being directed by Marc Webb. The official confirmed cast (as of now) includes:

  • Rachel Zegler as Snow White
  • Gal Gadot as Queen Clementiar aka “The Evil Queen”
  • Andrew Burnap as Jonathan
  • Martin Klebba as Butcher
  • Ansu Kabia as Huntsman
  • Colin Michael

As per now, the movie is set to hit theatres just on time, but since there are some delays going on due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA Strike, some small changes might occur in it’s scheduled release date.

You can stick around with Movie World Network to stay up to date with everything Hollywood, till that, stay safe, peace out !!

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