Is Disney Really Casting Zendaya As Moana In It’s Upcoming Live Action Remake ?

Rumors are spreading all around that Zendaya is going to play the role of Moana in the Live Action movie.

So we decided to figure it out, and luckily, we’ve got some solid details regarding Moana : The Live Action Remake.

Moana Live Action New Updates

The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Cindrella, Beauty & The Beast, Snow White (2024), Alladin, The Lion King, Cruella and more. The list of Disney’s live action movies seems endless, and with that, comes Moana !!

After gathering a good amount of controversy on internet due to it’s live action remake of Snow White i recent years, Disney is again bringing us something that we never wanted.

The announcement of Moana comes in the time when Disney company is already facing a good amount of backlash over it’s recent releases.

Moana Live Action
Moana Generated Artwork

Everything begins from Strange World where they introduced the first official LGBTQ pair and since then, they are repeating the same thing with almost all of their movies.

Recently the remake of The Little Mermaid has secured some good amount of cash for the studio, but it also faced a lot of backlash due to the change of race and color of our princess Ariel.

Now some wild speculations are claiming that Zendaya might make her debute in Disney Live Action remakes as Moana, which is set to hit theatres in the near future.

Is Zendaya Really Confirmed To Play Moana ?

So first thing first, are we really going get Zendaya as Moana ?

If you are active on social media in recent days, then you might have noticed that there are tons of trailers and teasers which are speculating the casting of Zendaya in the movie.

When we went through various official websites and sources, we can now safely bet that Zendaya is not yet casted in the movie.

Moana Live Action Movie
Moana Artwork

However, it doesn’t mean that she can’t join it in future, but as per various reports and sources, Disney is not yet looking forward to cast her. So all those Trailers which are claiming that she is the next Disney princess are doing nothing but just tricking you.

So is it Auli Cravalho who might appear as Moana ? Just in case if you don’t know then Auli has officially confirmed that she is not going to play this role for Disney. Reasons are pretty simple, she is the producer of this movie.

Apart from this we knows that Maui is going to be played by none other then our Rock The Dwayne Johansson, which seems a best decision so far, especially after looking at the recent trend of the studio.

Moana Live Action Release Date

Next thing that we’ve found is the release date, and we have a good news for you. Rock The Dwayne Johansson has officially confirmed that Moana The Live Action movie is going to hit theaters on June 27, 2025.

If everything goes well, then the studio will definitely try to stick with it’s schedule. So you can now mark your calanders because this movie is not going to get delayed.

Moana Live Action Story And Musicals

Disney movies are known for their musicals and has safely managed a good reputation in this area since many decades. From young kids to grown adults, we’ve heard a lot of Disney musicals that still garnered over our hearts.

Disney VS DreamWorks

So next big thing that we want to share is the musicals that we might get in the movie. We’ve already seen a bunch of quality songs in the original animated Moana movie, some of them are still trending over the internet.

So how they can leave this live action remake ? Some very initial reports are claiming the fact that Moana is not going to be an origin story.

The studio is looking forward to give a new touch to it, and after watching the recent trend of Disney, we can just hope to avoid any major controversial changes.

Also the movie will feature multiple musicals that will encourage the viewers to stick till the very end of it, and hence, a perfect family friendly movie.

However, no solid news regarding the plotline is available yet, but we can safely expect the exploration of a whole new world with tons of new and epic characters.

When Could The Studio Start Filming ?

Here is an extra yet important news for you because it will decide the whole direction of this “so-called” beautiful live action movie.

The Disney Company is going to start it’s filming very soon as they are already moving forward to start it’s casting auditions within next few Months.

But it also depends upon various external factors such as the ongoing strike of SAG-AFTRA because of which the filming is stopped in the whole Hollywood.

If everything goes well then they may come up with a perfect cast by the end of this year and hence, can begin filming by early 2024. So we should just hope for the best.

You can stick with Movie World Network to stay up to date, till that, thanks for watching stay safe, peace out.

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