Zootopia 2 : Trailer, New Characters, Release Date & Exciting Updates

It was the month of February 2023 when Disney CEO gave a huge surprise to the fans by announcing the sequels for some of their best movies and with that comes the announcement of Zootopia 2.

Now we knows that you want to watch this movie as soon as possible and luckily, we’ve gotten some very exciting and new updates for you. From the release date to the new characters, here’s everything that you need to know about Zootopia 2!

Latest & Surprising Updates About Zootopia 2!

Zootopia 2 Nick and Judy
Walt Disney Animation Studios

The movie was first announced during an official Disney event in the early 2023, along with some other big projects like Frozen 3 and Toy Story 5. Since then, almost all of us were looking here and there to know more about these sequels.

Finally there are some reports released by various Hollywood Insiders which are revealing some exciting updates about Zootopia 2 by giving us some silent hints. In one of these reports, there is a small hint about the new villain who might appear in Zootopia 2.

We knows that Zootopia has covered almost every kind of living creature very beautifully, but the first movie was not dealing with any marine animal. That’s where these reports are indicating that Zootopia 2 will finally introduce us with many marine animals as well.

According to the rumored reports, Disney is looking forward to bring an underworld mafia who is known to tease the marine animals, and now it’s up to Judy and Nick to stop him from creating all these chaos.

If rumors to be believed, then Zootopia 2 might feature the family of Nick as well.

Yes we are not kidding!

We’ve not seen his parents in the first film, so the second movie is a perfect place to finally bring his family and uncover this mystery which will again create a whole new plotline about which we will be talking in the next section of this article!

But as per these new reports, we can assume multiple new characters along with some family members in Zootopia 2, which is quite crazy!

Zootopia 2 Plotline : What Is Happening In The Sequel?

Zootopia 2
Walt Disney Animation Studios

By the end of the first film, Nick and Judy manages to finish the chaos from the town and the duo receives a happy ending, just like many other Disney movies. But it doesn’t means that the ending was complete. In fact, it opens the gates for tons of new and exciting plotlines which might make Zootopia 2 even much better then it’s first part.

The first movie, Zootopia, gives us an introduction to the city of Zootopia, where creatures of all sizes coexist in harmony, from massive elephants to tiny shrews. After becoming the first rabbit to join the police force, Judy Hopps quickly grasps the challenges of enforcing the law. Resolute in her desire to demonstrate her capabilities, Judy eagerly seizes the chance to solve a perplexing case. Unfortunately, it entails partnering with Nick Wilde, a cunning fox who complicates her job even further.

Like mentioned above, Zootopia 2 can finally uncover the mysteries of deep sea creatures and mafias, which will eventually give the studio a chance to develop a strong base for the sequel.

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It is possible that Nick doesn’t knows the real truth behind his family and now he along with Judy can go on a journey to find the truth about his loved ones. In the journey, they can also meet many new characters who might ask them for their help, and hence, a whole new and solid plotline.

However, all of these plotlines are nothing but just some speculations and we should wait a bit more for any official statements from the Disney studio.

But we are sure that Zootopia 2 will most probably pick up from the aftermath of the first movie, in which Judy becomes a respected figure in the Zootopia Police Department and Nick becomes the ZPD’s first fox officer and Judy’s partner. With their wise guy, slapstick, but caring dynamic, their personalities will shine just as much as in the first movie as they tackle new adventures and meet new characters!

Zootopia 2 Finally Gets Surprising Updates About The Release Dates!

Judy Hopps
Walt Disney Animation Studios

We knows that you, as a fan, are eagerly waiting to watch Zootopia 2 in your nearby theatres. So the news about the release schedule matters a lot to you, even if it is a small hint. But luckily, we’ve got you some very solid and exciting updates about the release dates of Zootopia 2!

We knows that Disney sequels takes a good amount of time before finally making it on big screens. The best example can be their legendary Frozen franchise, which was dealing with a gap of six years between it’s first two movies (Frozen was released back in 2013 and Frozen 2 was released in 2019).

Following the same pattern, Zootopia 2 has already taken a good amount of time for getting announced, and now we have to see how long does it takes to finally land on the big screens.

However, the official updates says that Disney has three release windows between 2024 to 2026, where the studio will release three of it’s untitled or mystery movies. The three days in question are Wednesday, November 27, 2024Wednesday, November 26, 2025, and Wednesday, November 25, 2026. All three fall a year apart right before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the United States.

Now since Disney has officially announced Frozen 3 and Zootopia 2, two of these dates are definitely going to get reserved by these two projects, which are definitely going to prove themselves as a big cash grabbers for the studio.

According to the song writers of Frozen 2, the announcement of Frozen 3 has landed all of a sudden that they don’t knows how to develop songs for the movie in such a short period of time. It means that Disney will release Zootopia 2 before Frozen 3 because the Zootopia was dealing with an open ending, unlike Frozen 3 which needs a lot of attention on it’s story telling.

That being said, we can expect Zootopia 2 to land on Wednesday, November 27, 2024!

What Is The Title Of Zootopia 2?

Zootopia 2 logo artwork

As soon as we talks about the sequels of any movie, it’s title comes in our mind. Animated movies are known for their perfect titles but the scenario is a bit different for the Walt Disney Studios.

We’ve seen many Disney sequels since last five decades, almost all of them were dealing with the continues plotline of their predecessor. But the factor which makes Disney Sequels different from other studios are it’s titles.

The studio is known to bring it’s original title or the name of the movies followed by just the digit which represent the number of it’s sequel. Frozen was the first part, the sequel was Frozen 2 and now the third movie is being titled as Frozen 3. Baymax aka The Big Hero Franchise is also a best example of it, followed by The Wreck It Ralph franchise.

So we can expect the same kind of treatment for our Zootopia franchise as well. However, in a recent interview, famous actor Josh Gad has revealed his interest over the title thing by saying, “I love sequels.. We all do and we’ve seen many of them with the same name. So I personally would love to call Zotopia 2 as TwoTopia (2Topia)! It makes a lot of sense if you knows what I mean.

Now we should look forward at the studio to know that whether or not they will bring this wish into reality. But as of now, it seems like Disney is moving forward with it’s traditional style by calling the sequel of Zootopia as Zootopia 2!.

Will Nick And Judy Have Kids In Zootopia 2?

Zootopia 2 Nick and Judy's Kids

This is the question that people keeps asking again and again. We’ve seen many cute Disney couples since the very beginning of this studio, Flynn and Rapunzel, Snow White and her Prince, Maui and Moana, almost all of them are showcasing a very beautiful chemistry among two of our main protagonists,

Now is the time for our duo of Nick and Judy. Does it means that we can get a chance to watch their kids as well?

After becoming close friends throughout the first film, many will wonder if the relationship between Ginnifer Goodwin’s Judy and Jason Bateman’s Nick has turned romantic since then, potentially even leading to the pair having kids.

Previously speaking on the subject with EW, co-director Rich Moore revealed that if/when they do more, they will “have to take on [the question]” of the two main character’s relationship. 

But the filmmaker would not say if the two had formed a romantic connection or not:

We will have to take on [the question], what is Nick and Judy’s relationship like? And somebody’s going to be disappointed. It will either be romantic, or it will stay a friendship, and those who ship [them] are going to go crazy, and those who just want them to be friends will say, ‘Why did you make it a romance?’ So we need to gird ourselves for that.

So it says a lot about the plans of the studio on this idea, however, like Disney always says, “Never Say Never!”

Zootopia 2 Official Cast : Who Is Returning?

Shakira in Zootopia
Walt Disney Animation Studios

The next big thing that you might want to know is the news about the official casting of Zootopia 2.

As of writing this article (September 2023), no official statements about the castings are out yet, which means we still don’t know much about the voice actors who will make their appearance in Zootopia 2. However, on the basis of the first film, we still can make some educated and solid predictions.

Both Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde and Ginnifer Goodwin as Officer Judy Hopps are expected to return in the upcoming sequel, as the pair also appeared in the Zootopia spin-off series, Zootopia+

One could also imagine Disney will want to get the band back together from the original film, potentially bringing back directing duo Byron Howard and Rich Moore to helm the big-screen sequel. 

But apart from these names, we can not say anything about the voices of other characters. We should also expect some new faces in this franchise as the sequel is definitely going to introduce us with tons of new characters.

As of now, this was everything that we knows about Zootopia 2 so far. We will update you as soon as we gets any official hint of news, so stick around with Movie World Network to stay tuned with everything Hollywood.

Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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