Toy Story 5 Is Finally Introducing Andy’s Wife And Daughter

Toy Story 5 is in development and finally we are getting some solid news regarding its plotlines and a new family. Yes you read it right, Pixar is finally going to introduce ‘two’ new family members in this lovely franchise.

Who is coming back and what exactly is going to happen in the fifth part? Let’s know everything about the Toy Story 5 !!

Andy’s Partner And Daughter Will Appear In Toy Story 5 !!

toy story 5
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Rumors were claiming the fact that we will be getting some new characters in the fifth part, while other reports were saying that we might be getting some new villains. But finally, the Hollywood sources like The Disinsider , Collider, and even The New York Times has revealed a very exciting news about these new characters.

So according to these updates, we are finally going to watch the entire family of our Andy in Toy Story 5. We are not talking about the Bonnie and others, but we are talking about the daughter and the wife of our Andy.

Yes, it’s not a joke. Now it has been confirmed that Disney and Pixar are moving forward to bring the daughter and wife of Andy in this franchise.

What is going to be the age of his daughter is still hidden, but we can take an idea from previous Toy Story movies. We’ve seen how both Andy and Bonnie were around five to eight years old when they first got these toys, so we can expect the same treatment with his daughter as well.

But as of now, both of these lovely characters are all set to make their lovely first appearance in the fifth and maybe the final part of this epic tale.

Toy Story 5 Plotline Revealed !!

Toy story 5 concept artwork
concept art by Sluurp

According to the reports, Andy will return after becoming a very successful person in his field and will bring his family with him. In his family, there’s is going to be a cute little daughter and his wife. As per some other reports, we may get a chance to even watch two babies of him, one daughter and one son.

Now the plot in these reports further reads as, “Andy will come back with his family, and Bonnie is now getting old. She is not enjoying these toys anymore and they are just trapped inside a box since a while.

Since the toys are very close to our Andy, he will go back to the home in order to take his toys back from Bonnie. In the exact same moment, we will get a chance to watch the kids of Andy, because he will be giving his toys to his kids.

Meanwhile, the producers has already confirmed that both Woody and Buzz will return in the Toy Story 5. It means that Woody is definitely going to reunite with other toys at some point in the movie.

Now as per the reports, it will be revealed to Andy that Woody is missing. So he will again go back to his old home in order to search Woody. Meanwhile, her daughter will play with other toys, which will include almost everyone, whether it is Buzz, Mr and Mrs Potato, our Dino and everyone else.

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Also this is going to be the exact same moment where the toys will begin their journey in search of Woody, because they want to tell him that his Andy is back and now he can make a comeback with Bo Peep.

So the movie may revolve around the journey of both our toys, Woody and Andy. However, the studio may change the story a little bit but as per now, it has been confirmed that Pixar will definitely introduce the family of our Andy for sure, doesn’t matter how much they modify the storyline.

What Is The Release Date?

toy story 3 andy
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Talking about the release date then luckily the studio has revealed a release window for it. As per the reports of Pixar, the studio is looking forward to release Toy Story 5 in June of 2025.

And why not, they are releasing their Inside Out 2 in the June of 2024, so releasing Toy Story 5 after exact one year makes a lot of sense because animation takes time. We also knows that Pixar pays special attention on it’s character development, so they will definitely give a good amount of time to it’s animators.

It also depends upon the ongoing writers strike of SAG-AFTRA because it is making a direct impact on almost every single Hollywood movies or TV Shows. Since Pixar will also pay some extra focus on it’s script writing, they have to wait till the end of this writer’s strike.

But as per now, everything is looking good and if it goes according to the plan, then Disney and Pixar will easily manage to release this epic masterpiece by the June of 2025 for sure.

Who Is In The Official Cast?

toy story 5 cast
image via Disney

The Toy Story 5 cast hasn’t been announced, but we know it’ll feature Tim Allen, who tweeted about his return as Buzz Lightyear shortly after the announcement. Tom Hanks seems a sure bet as well, for Woody. Here’s the full speculative cast:

  • Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear
  • Tom Hanks as Woody
  • Joan Cusack as Jessie
  • Annie Potts as Bo Peep
  • Tony Hale as Forky
  • John Ratzenberger as Hamm
  • Blake Calrk as Slinky Dog

Final Words

After all these big updates, we now knows that something big is cooking inside the Disney-Pixar studios and there is no need to worry about the Toy story 5. We were all worried about the Toy Story 5, and why not. We’ve seen in recent years that how Disney is getting bombed at box office again and again because of it’s woke propaganda.

The best example can be the recent live action remake of ‘The Little Mermaid‘, ‘Strange World‘, ‘Lightyear‘, or the upcoming live action remake of ‘Snow White‘, which is now gathering a lot of controversies online.

Also the Toy Story 4 was already dealing with a perfect ending, so coming up with another sequel was like risking the faith of the whole franchise. However, thanks to Disney and Pixar for bringing a whole new theme in this franchise which is not creating a whole new plotline for the future of Toy Story.

By bringing the family of Andy, we are sure that Toy Story 5 is going to be worth it. You can check some more details about the new emotions of Inside Out 2 here. The updates are really very solid so make sure to give it a try.

Also make sure to stick around with Movie World Network to stay up to date with every new Hollywood update. Till that, stay safe, peace out !!

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