The Unsurprising Death Of The Marvel Studios

Marvel Cinematic Universe, as soon as we talks about this Hollywood legend, characters like Tony Stark, Captain America, Hulk, Thor and other comes in our mind. Almost all of them has played an important role in establishing the domination of this legendary studio.

This studio is known for giving us some of the biggest hits in the box office history, whether it was The Avengers, Civil War, Thor, Infinity War or Endgame, almost every project of this studio has dominated over the entire Hollywood.

But with the end of it’s previous saga, something has changed very rapidly which is now destroying the whole company. Of course we got some projects such as Loki, Moon Knight, Spiderman No Way Home, but most of the other projects was good for nothing.

So why Marvel is falling ? Why their movies and TV shows are getting bombed again and again?? And the most important question is, can we save the Marvel !? Let’s find out.

The Uncertainties In The Leadership !!

The Big Three Marvel

Ever since the first Ironman movie, we’ve seen how Marvel has introduced two or three leader in it’s universe whether it is Tony Stark, Captain America or Thor. All three of them was the one who guided the entire Marvel universe towards a single and specified direction.

We got more then twenty projects (movies + TV Shows) between phase 1 to phase 3, but almost all of them were controlled by the leadership of these three legends.

Tony Stark played an important role in establishing the base for Marvel, then together with Captain America and Thor, he guided the entire team of heroes in one direction, which was, to save the universe. But after ‘The Endgame‘, we saw the end of these three pillars.

Of course we have Thor, but Marvel has just spoiled this legend, and now we are in phase 5 i.e ‘The Multiverse Saga‘ but we didn’t even got a single leader who can lead and guide this epic universe.

To be honest, Doctor Strange can be one of those leader who can guide the team, and marvel is already focusing a lot over his role in the ongoing Saga. Whereas, the Spiderman can also play an important role, but his future is very uncertain because of the ongoing problems in the contract of Sony and Marvel.

They can also use The Scarlett Witch (played by Elizabeth Olsen) as one those mentor but they decided to just convert her into a confused character. Especially after the ‘Multiverse Of Madness‘ and the ‘Wanda-Vision‘, the future of this character seems very uncertain.

So this is how the leadership is becoming one of the biggest problems for Marvel right now, and they have to introduce a mentor as soon as possible or else they will keep failing on the box office.

The Confusing Timelines

The Marvel Timeline
concept art

In the first three phases of Marvel, we were dealing with many timelines, but almost all of them were connecting with each other. Finally in the Endgame, they decided to just skip the five years, which gave them a clear path to move forward in the movie.

Now In the ongoing Multiverse Saga, there are almost infinite number of timelines and possibilities. The biggest issue which the studio is facing is nothing but the lack of connection among these timelines.

Shows like Hawkeye and Falcon And The Winter Soldier were focusing over different time, whereas after watching Moon Knight, it felt like the snap never really occurred in the universe.

It is so confusing because we are not able to identify exactly who is referring to which dimension and timeline. Many of their characters are not able to clear it out, even we the audience can not differentiate among those who was affected by the snap and those who was not.

So they have to clear it up as soon as possible because this is creating a lot of confusion in the ongoing phase of the Marvel Studios.

Loki Season 2 will play an important role to decide the future of Marvel movies as it is going to introduce lot of possibilities and timelines, so they can go for a skip of few years in some of there movies rather then just focusing over the timelines of every single character.

Quantity Over Quality

antman and the wasp quantumania
image via marvel

The Marvel movies were known for their quality. Movies like Age Of Ultron, Infinity War and Endgame were the perfect example to show the power of the modern VFX and CGI technologies. But in the past two years, they are all lagging in it.

Their VFX is getting worst with every new day and the number of TV shows and movies are increasing without any solid reason. We’ve seen how they’ve spoiled the VFX in the Black Widow, She Hulk and The Quantumania, so it is making a direct impact on the reputation of this company.

Without any clear vision and quality, they will keep failing on the box office. The studio is just focusing over the number of projects rather then their qualities. However, in a recent interview, Kevin Feigi has confirmed that they will be cutting down their tons of upcoming Marvel shows for the sake of their qualities.

Now they have a lot of big projects which are set to land in the near future so they have to improve themselves in this area as soon as possible.

Some movies like ‘The Secret Wars‘ , ‘The Kang Dynasty‘ , ‘Spiderman 4‘ and other big projects will be needing a very high quality as we are going to see a heavy amount of heroic action in them.

The Superhero Fatigue

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man
image via Marvel

The concept of Super heroes is not a new thing for the audience, we’ve always loved the sequences where our heroes can be seen saving our universes with the big bad guys. But to be honest, this concept is getting old with every new day.

Marvel and Disney are also suffering with this problem, and not only these two, The DC Company is also getting bombed at box office again and again. The studios are bringing the same concept and storyline structure which is now not getting enough traction from the audience.

We even got a biggest proof of this trend where the movies like ‘Barbie‘ and ‘Oppenheimer‘ has earned a huge amount of profit on the box office whereas the other movies like ‘Blue Beetle‘ and shows like ‘Secret Invasion‘ got bombed.

These trends are indicating towards a simple conclusion, and that is, “we need something new and unique”. Now it can be a challenging task for these superheroes studios since there whole ground is based upon the Super hero universe, but they can also try to bring something new by introducing a whole new theme.

It can include some criminal angles in their universe which can later be transformed into a villainous arc very easily. Daredevil: Born Again seems to be doing an exact same thing, but it will be too early to predict anything about this upcoming show since it is still under development.

The Woke Propagandas Of Studios

she hulk
image via Marvel

Now this is something we are talking about since a while. Disney is actively trying to spread it’s ‘woke’ propaganda by swapping race, colors and even the themes of some of it’s classic movies. The best example can be it’s recently released ‘The Little Mermaid’ live action movie and it’s upcoming live action remake of ‘Snow White’.

Both has garnered a good amount of criticism on social media. Marvel is also moving forward on the same path as Disney. With the ‘Twerking Ladies‘ scene in it’s ‘She-Hulk‘ series, they just confirmed it.

Also in their upcoming ‘The Marvels’ movie which is set to hit theatres in the holidays season of 2023, we’ve seen how Brie Larson lead Carol Denver is targeting it’s audience by one of it’s background music in the of trailers.

So if the studio is looking forward for some good response on the box office, it has to stop these types of ‘wokeness’ in the movies, or else it will keep spoiling their whole company.

So in short, these are the biggest factors which are responsible for the fall of this legendary studio. However, we should not forget that Kevin Feigi is a mastermind and he will definitely come up with a solution.

The studio has already introduced a comic accurate suit for our wolverine, also they are bringing Loki Season 2 and Daredevil: Born Again TV Shows, which are definitely going to dominate over the Hollywood.

If they manages to take over these five factors, then the old Marvel can come back to life along with it’s legendary characters and storylines. Well, a lot is going to happen in the near future, so stick around with the Movie World Network as we covers everything Hollywood.

What are factors do you think are responsible for their demolition? You can comment below, till that, stay safe, peace out !!

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