Nintendo Cinematic Universe Is Officially Happening With These Surprising Movies

The Super Mario Bros Movie has given a new chance to both Nintendo and Illumination studios to establish their domination over box office. And luckily, they are moving forward with a whole new Nintendo Cinematic Universe.

The chief of Nintendo America has officially confirmed that they are working over their own cinematic universe where the fans are going to see tons of gaming accurate movies. Now the big details are kept under wraps, but Movie World Network knows what movies you are going to get in the near future. Let’s find out !!

The Legends Of Zelda Movie !!

legends of zelda movie
image via Nintendo

As soon as we talks about the Nintendo movies, Legends Of Zelda comes in our mind and why not, this game is known for making our childhood memorable. So, are we moving forward with a gaming accurate movie ? Well, according to us, yes we are.

We’ve seen in the recent Sony’s Spider-Man universe that how the spider people from different dimensions are collapsing with each other in Across The Spider-Verse Movie. Also their upcoming ‘Beyond The Spider-Verse‘ movie is sufficient to claim that the animated universe can even collide with the live action dimension very easily.

In the same way, the Nintendo Chief of America has confirmed that they are developing multiple gaming based movies, and almost all of them will be connecting with each other. That means, a Legends Of Zelda movie, which according to the reports is in development, will be connecting to the Mario universe in the near future.

And just like ‘The Super Mario Bros Movie‘, the Legends Of Zelda will be featuring some newer aspects rather then just copying the whole plotline of its game. We’ve always seen our Princess Peach as a ‘damsel in distress‘ queen in Mario games, but in the movie, we saw how the studio has completely transformed her personality and made her a talented, strong and an independent queen.

So in the same manner, studio will be looking forward to introduce some new plotlines, characters and villain arcs in Legends Of Zelda in order to connect it’s roots to the Mario universe.

In short, we can say that a Zelda movie is not far away from us, and we may get an official announcement very soon.

A Donkey Kong Spinoff !!

donkey kong
image via nintendo

We’ve seen how Donkey Kong has played an important role in the whole Super Mario Movie, and he also gave a newer perspective to the movie with his jokes and intense actions.

Now if you don’t know then Nintendo and Illumination are officially developing a Donkey Kong spinoff movie, which will uncover many hidden mysteries and characters of his kingdom. However it’s official announcement is yet to be delivered.

In a recent interview, the Nintendo chief has given a hint by saying that “Donkey Kong has a lot of potential in himself and its going to be worth it if we goes with a spinoff movie based upon him and his funny adventures“.

And hence, giving us an indication for a spin off movie. Now it is not confirmed yet that whether or not it will pick up from where the Mario movie has ended, but we are sure to see some new and familiar faces in this lovely spinoff.

The Star Fox Adventures Movie !!

Star fox
image via nintendo

Next in our list is going to be none other then a popular gaming franchise which is Star Fox, and to be honest, we are really very sure that this movie is already in development inside the studio.

If you are thinking why then let us tell you that we’ve already seen an easter egg related to this movie in The Super Mario Bros. Many people has missed but there was a scene where Mario was watching TV and just above it, there was a space ship model which was clearly sharing the similarities with the battle ship of Star Fox franchise.

And if you are a fan of movies then you knows that studios never gives easter eggs without a plan. If you are watching anything in the movies, then there should be a plan behind it.

So it means that they are already hinting towards a movie based upon the popular Star Fox franchise which is really cool.

Now only time will tell that how this movie will connect itself to the Mario universe or we can say that we might be moving towards something related to the multiverse, but in the animated world.

The Super Smash Bros Movie !!

super smash bros movie
image via Nintendo

Since we are talking about a Nintendo Cinematic Universe aka the NCU, they will ultimately bring all these characters from different franchises under the same tag at one point for sure. So what’s better then a Super Smash Bros Movie ?

If they want to create their own cinematic universe, then they have to move forward on the path of Marvel universe, because Marvel is the master in creating universes by bringing it’s popular characters under the same tag.

Since the studio has already gained a huge success with it’s recent movie, it is a golden chance for them to just move forward with the flow. Luckily, there are some rumors going around since a while that Nintendo is officially planning to move forward on the path of bringing this vision into the reality.

They can even declare this Super Smash Movie as the end of their phase one, just like Marvel did with their first Avengers movie, and we all knows how it dominated the box office at that time.

The Super Mario Bros Movie has given new heights and hopes to the studio, and we, the fans are very excited to dive deep into this universe. So by bringing these movies into life can even bring a domination of Illumination and Nintendo on the box office.

However, they have to connect their every single movie with one another in order to minimize the chances of leaving any kind of loopholes. However, these loopholes can also create a whole new plotline as well since we are talking about a multiverse in gaming universe.

Well, after watching The Super Mario Bros Movie, we are sure that whatever they are planning is ultimately going to give something big to it’s fans in the near future. So we just have to wait a bit more before watching all of these ultimate Nintendo movies under the same tag.

As per now, these were some of the movies, according to us, which might become a reality very soon. But a lot is coming in the near future, so stick around with Movie World Network as we delivers every drop of update on our official website.

Tell us in the comments below that for which movie are you most excited and what other projects do you want them to bring into this ultimate Nintendo Cinematic Universe. Till that, stay safe, peace out !!

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