Disney’s Wish Is Very Special

After so many failures in recent years, finally Disney is bringing something which can take the studio out of this chaos. We are talking about it’s upcoming movie ‘Wish‘. But how and why this movie is going to rule over the world ? Let’s find out.

Bridging The Generational Gap !!

disney's wish movie poster
official poster

Have you ever wished upon a star ? Why not, but did you ever wonder about the origin of this tradition? Was it just a fairytale or a magical force we cannot see? Well, Disney’s new animated movie Wish is here to answer all those questions.

We’ve seen many Disney movies which was dealing with these magical stars, doesn’t matter whether you belongs to the modern world or to the early 90’s. This tradition is going on since many years.

But something has changed in recent years which is also making a deep impact in the movies industries. The studios nowadays are only focusing over modernization of our Disney princesses and other characters.

As a result, we are getting movies which are based upon the modern culture and ethics. The best example can be our Elsa, Moana or Rapunzel. Almost all of them are representing a new and independent culture, which is a good thing, but it is also making a gap between generations.

So Disney’s wish is again dealing with a wishing star, and as soon as we watched the trailer, we knew that it has something different. The movie is clearly bridging the generational gap by introducing a classic tale about which almost everyone knows.

Hence , the movie will easily reunite the fans from different ages very easily and can bring a huge fan base to gain some profit. That’s why their concept of classic wishing star might help them to dominate over the box office !!

The Disney Villains Are Back !!

Disney wish movie king magnifico
King Magnifico

Just like the modernization of our princesses, we’ve also seen a significant change in the villains of Disney movies. To be honest, villains are not villainous anymore. You can take Prince Hans for example, that guy is good for nothing.

Of course he was about to kill Elsa but like a coward because real villains always goes for a face to face battle. You can take ‘The Death‘ from ‘Puss In Boots The Last Wish‘ as an ideal example.

In short, Disney villains are not strong enough nowadays. In fact, many of their movies has no proper villain and Encanto can be the best example. But Disney’s Wish is finally bringing us the King Magnifico. He rules over a world where he claims that all wishes can come true if they are given to him.

The thing which makes him even more villainous is the fact that only he can decide which wishes will come true and when. So ultimately controlling almost everything of that kingdom, which gives the vibes of a real villain.

And hence, it will ultimately enhance the popularity of this movie, because we are getting some real powerful bad guys in the movie.

The Return Of Classic Animation !!

Official Teaser

Despite the development of technologies in recent years, there are still many classic things which can not be replaced by any Ai or other technologies. Same thing goes with our animated universe.

With every new day, we’ve seen how Disney has developed it’s animation style from hand drawn to an ultra realistic CGI and 3D versions. All these things are cool but not always. After all we want to watch some traditional things as well, which can eventually help us in recalling our childhood memories.

Disney’s wish is not a real 3D animated movie, you can call it as a combo of hand drawn and 2D animation. So after so many years, we are getting a real 2D and hand drawn animated movie which we used to watch as a child.

Also the kids from modern world will get a chance to know more about this classic animation, after all they only knows about reels, Tik-Toks and 3D animated stuffs which is of no use to be honest.

So Disney is bringing us a perfect combo of animation style, the classic villains and the perfect traditional wishing star. All these factors are making this movie a must watch project, and we personally can not wait to watch this masterpiece.

What Is The Plot Of Disney’s Wish ?

disney wish movie asha
image via Disney

The story follows an optimistic young woman named Asha. When she makes a wish, she’s answered by a cosmic force named Star. Together, Asha and Star work to defeat a villain that has been described as one of the most “formidable foes” in Disney history.

In the movie, DeBose is giving her magical voice to the main protagonist Asha. She is described as a smart person with a great sense of humor. She’s a leader and doesn’t realize it. She’s just living and doing, and learning along the way, she doesn’t always get it right, which is the definition of being human.

Whereas Alan Tudyk is giving his voice to a goat named Valentino. When asked about his character, Tudyk said, “He’s a cool guy.” The King Magnifico will be voiced by Chris Pine who is also a well known artist in this industry.

The movie is set to hit theatres this year starting from 22 November, 2023. If everything goes according to plan, then it is a perfect chance for Disney to bring back its lost popularity and respect on the box office. So let’s see what happens.

What are your own thoughts on this magical Disney movie? Stick around with Movie World Network to stay up to date with everything Hollywood. Till that, stay safe, peace out !!

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