Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Shows Off Their Chemistry To The Hollywood

Hollywood is famous for showing off it’s love birds every now and then, now is the time for our iconic Taylor Swift. The actress is now trending for showing off her love to Travis by holding his hands in a surprise ‘Saturday Night Live‘ appearance.

Before the Saturday Night Live, the duo was seen spending a night at Nobu while having a dinner date and rumors were already speculating this type of surprise in the upcoming days. Now finally on Saturday, the iconic star Swiftie, 33, and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Kelce, 34, were photographed holding hands as they left the post-show bash in New York City.

But things were not like this during the day as both of them has joined this show separately and surprisingly. Taylor Swift has introduced musical guest Ice Spice’s second performance during the show while Kelce on the other hand made a cameo at the end of a sketch parodying the NFL frenzy over their romance.

Well this was not the only time when Taylor has shown her love for Kelce, it was the day of Wednesday when she headed to Kansas City to cheer on Kelce as his team faced the Denver at the Arrowhead stadium.

The remarkable point is that Wednesday was the same day when her new concert film of Era’s Tour was premiered in Los Angeles.

In fact, two hours before kick-offs, Swift was spotted walking through the stadium’s locker room club sporting a red Chiefs jacket atop a black top and skirt. She also rocked a gold necklace, black boots and a ponytail.

Taylor swift and Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

We should also note that both Taylor and Kelce are not revealing anything about their relationship on social media, however, all these incidents and meet ups are indicating towards an upcoming and beautiful engagement of our beloved idol.

That’s because Taylor Swift was also seen with the mother of Kelce, Donna Kelce, as well as Brittany Mahomes, who is the wife of Kelce’s teammate and close friend Patrick Mahomes.

Both Swift and Brittany we captured laughing and hugging each other lovingly in a suit at the Arrowhead stadium as they were watching their respective beaus play the Bronocos.

Taylor Swift at Chiefs Stadium
Taylor Swift

To give this story a twist of Marvel, let us tell yopu that earlier this month, Taylor and her friends, including Brittany, Sophie Turner and Blake Lively was seen at Emilio’s Ballato in New York City the night before the Chiefs faced off against the New York jets.

During the match, both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman was seen joining Taylor in their surprise appearance at the match.

So a lot is happening in this chemistry and we can’t really wait to watch the future of these new and beautiful love birds of the Hollywood! Both Taylor and Kelce looks good together and we can clearly see happiness on their faces whenever they are together.

You can stick around the corner with the Movie World Network as we will be covering everything Hollywood. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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