Loki Season 2 Episode 3 : Leaked Plot Reveals A Shocking Death!

Loki Season 2 is here and its impossible to not talk about it. The first episode has kick-started the season with some of the most epic moments of this franchise and now as we are moving ahead in this journey, the twists are becoming even more interesting.

Now some new reports about Episode 3 are circulating online which are indicating towards an unexpected death of one of the main characters from this saga. What are the reports? What is leaked so far? Let’s know everything that you need to know about Loki Season 2 Episode 3!

More Cameos & Variants Of Sylvie Will Appear In Loki Season 2 Episode 3!

Sylvie Loki Season 2
Marvel Studios

We saw how Loki was dealing with the problem of time slipping, and we also got a chance to
take a glimpse on the two variants of Sylvie.
Now according to these new Leaks, which have been published on various trusted networks, it
has been revealed that our duo of Loki and Mobius is going to travel to the Chicago of 1893 to visit
World’s Columbian Exposition.
They plan to hunt down Victor Timely, who is one of the variants of Kang and is setting up a
presentation to showcase one of his inventions at the fair. Now if you are a die hard comic fan of Marvel then this fair is going to be like a dream come true for you. That’s because we will be getting tons of easter eggs and cameos of our classic Marvel characters from both the comics and the real world who was present at that time.
It is going to be that moment where we will get a glimpse of Miss Minutes, who is also looking for
Victor at the fair.

In fact, the biggest twist which might land in episode 3 is the revelation of the face who is behind
the pruning of the timelines.
Now we don’t know if this is really going to happen or not, but if you want to believe on these leaks, then it is claiming that the third episode might reveal a variant of Sylvie who is older in age, and she is the one who is creating all this chaos in the timelines.

She has taken over the Citadel and is doing her previous job because now she is feeling guilty for
her actions.
Well, it is possible that the Marvel studio might show this big revelation in any other episode, but
something like this is definitely going to happen in the third episode as well.

An Unexpected Death In Loki Season 2 Episode 3!

Loki Season 2 Promo
Marvel Studios

The leaked reports further claims that there’s going to be a chase scene which will showcase a very
intense chase of Victor, Loki, Mobius and Miss Minutes. The chase scene will also take place in the fair of Chicago but it might uncover some newer timelines as well.

There were some reports which was published back in September which were claiming that Victor Timely is going to be a good variant of Kang and he will play a vital role in the ongoing saga of the multiverse, so it is possible that Victor is thinking that Loki and Mobius are here to kill him, or he is the one who knows something which should not be told to anyone and that’s why he is trying to run away from Loki.

However, the leaked plot of episode 3 is revealing a whole different timeline where we might get a chance to watch an unexpected death. If these leaks to be believed, then it is claiming that Victor is going to die in the third episode, and there’s going to be a hidden person who will kill our Victor and will set up the suspense for the fourth episode.

It is possible that Victor knows some top secrets about Kang and that’s the reason behind his mysterious death, because we all knows, He Who Remains can shift the possibilities wherever and whenever he wants, and if this is the case then it will again create many alternate timelines and variants which might cause even more chaos in this multiverse saga!
In general, the whole episode 3 is going to deal with multiple timelines, where Loki and Mobius will
reveal different adventures and incidents in different locations of the multiverse.

It also confirms that the third episode will play a very vital role for the whole season and it is going to be really cool to watch some newer version of our Sylvie, doesn’t matter if it is old or new.

Well, not much time is left before we gets the third episode, so everything will become clear very soon. But as per now, these were some quick leaks or you can say some sort of theories which have
been published on various Hollywood insiders.
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