Frozen 3 Prequel: The Forces Of Nature Is Officially Announced

We knows that Frozen 3 is down the line but do you know that Disney is bringing us a whole new series of Frozen !? Yes we’re not joking because Disney has officially announced a whole dedicated series of this epic tale and here is everything that you want to know about this upcoming series. So let’s jump right in.

The New Frozen Series Is Coming !!

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After getting bombed at box office again and again, Disney is finally bringing back some of it’s proven franchises like Zootopia 2 and Toy Story 5. But Frozen 3 is going to be the biggest of all.

If you are our regular reader then you can remember that Movie World Network has revealed many times that the studio will definitely bring some short episodes or series to develop it’s characters for Frozen 3.

Also we’ve already seen how they used ‘Olaf Frozen Adventures‘ and ‘Frozen Fever’ to bridge the gap between the first two movies. So, get ready for the same kind of treatment once again because the title of the upcoming Frozen series is going to be frozen: the forces of nature.

But but but, It has a little twist that might surprise you as well, so keep reading to find out.

The Series Will Introduce ‘Two’ New Characters For Frozen 3 !!

frozen 3

Well, a lot is going to happen in this series. We are going to get a whole new character with the name of Queen Disa, who is the queen of Sankerhus, which a flood-prone kingdom.

She is a person who loves scientific things and enjoys figuring out how things operate. When her father died, she was left all alone in the kingdom, and the enemies was about to take over her beautiful palace.

Luckily, the kingdom of Arendelle came forward to help her and made her the queen of the kingdom of Sankerhus. Now, the time has passed out and she want to repay the kingdom of Arrendele by surprising it with some scientific devices.

Can you remember the Duke Of Weselton ? Of course yes, how can we forget that stupid old man. Anyways, now here comes another new character with the name of Lord Wolfgang who is the nephew of Duke Of Weselton.

Lord Wolfgang is approaching towards Arendelle, but not to fight. He will go to Arendelle to say sorry to queen Anna on the behalf of Duke. He will try to establish a new and healthy trade relation with Arendelle which will eventually give benefit to both of their kingdoms.

So these are the two new character who are joining our Frozen franchise, however, there physical look and character design is not revealed yet.

What is The Plot Of This Frozen 3 Prequel?

A Still From Frozen 2

According to the official storyline : “Queen Anna has a lot of work to do in the series. With visitors in her kingdom, and even the Duke of Weselton’s nephew lurking around, she dont have much time to enjoy here and there.

Suddenly, just like Frozen 2, the spirits of nature will start getting in trouble. The places will catch fire, the earthquakes will appear, the tsunami might hit the kingdom and a tornado might appear

Anna knows she has to address the situation quickly before things goes out of hand. So she will immediately go and meet Elsa and both of them will once again go inside the Enchanted Forest.

Now, they will discover many odd copper devices that are causing problems for the spirits. What are these devices doing in the jungle, and who built them? And the biggest question is, how will Anna and Elsa stop them?

This is the plot around which the whole series is going to revolve and it seems really interesting. As much as we knows about this Frozen tale, we can bet that Disney is playing a secret trick to create a new and epic plotline which can later be used in Frozen 3.

Total Episodes And An interesting Twist !!

frozen 3 movie

Disney movies and shows always comes up with a. Interesting twists and treats for their viewers, so Frozen: The Forces Of Nature series is also dealing with an interesting twist.

Before we jumps into it, you might be wondering about it’s total number of episodes. So the series will have a total of 12 episodes where each will be connected with one another.

As per our very own reports, every episode is going to be be around five to eight minutes long, just like they did with Frozen Fever.

And here’s the twist, this series is not going to be an animated one. The whole frozen the forces of nature is going to be an ‘Audio Podcast‘, which will release on Disney+ platform.

It will be released in the form of storytelling audio books, which is like a new type of experiment that Disney is trying in recent years. Well, it’s not there fault, after all, the process of animation takes time, and they are already working on a full length Frozen 3 movie, so how can they work to animate this series all together ?

The Series Is Connected To Frozen 3 !!

frozen 3
Frozen 2 official poster

The main motive behind this series is to bring a whole new adventure in the franchise, which can later be used in the development of Frozen 3. So rather then giving extra efforts in it’s animation, they are focusing over a perfect story with some new characters.

After watching Frozen 2, we had so many questions in our minds regarding the third and final movie. We are definitely going to see the return of Prince Hans with his brothers, and we may also see a wedding scene of our princess Anna and Kristoff.

But now, this series is officially continuing from where Frozen 2 ends. It means the studio is planning something big for this epic franchise. By introducing the new characters, they are also opening the doors for even more spinoffs and sequels, so only time will tell more about this franchise.

As of now, the series will lead us to an open ending fro where the Frozen 3 will begin in the near future, and hence, we have a lot to see in this sister’s tale. Who knows, maybe they might be planning Frozen 4?

But we’re pretty sure that all these new characters will appear ultimately in Frozen 3. So yes, hold your emotions for the third movie, because now the studio has a master plan for it.

When Is The Series Coming?

Talking about the release date then Disney is trying to release it by this holiday season itself to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Frozen franchise. The first movie of this epic saga was released back in 2013 which gained a lot of popularity and managed to bring an Oscar for the studio.

So releasing it while celebrating both the anniversary of Frozen and the 100 years celebration of the Walt Disney Animation Studio can give an ultimate benefit to the studio and refreshing the memories of Frozen fans before going onto the proper movie.

Disney’s Wish is also set to hit theatres this November, so they can even play this audio podcast with this special movie and can bring a whole new vibe in theatres. But in short, a lot is going to happen in the near future and we have a lot to cover.

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Till that, stay safe, peace out !!

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