Frozen 3: Elsa And Anna’s Journey Is Getting Split In Two Epic Parts

Frozen 3 is being split into two parts

The Walt Disney Company is known for it’s classic storylines and memorable characters. From Snow White to Rapunzel, from Cinderella To Mirabel, the house of the mouse studio has given us some of the best animated characters of history and one of them are our Elsa and Anna. After the huge success of Frozen 1 and it’s sequel, now the studio is officially moving forward for Frozen 3, however, some of the biggest changes are going to shape up the future of Arrendelle and so the sisters.

Both Frozen and Frozen 2 are known for not only their musicals, but also for their dominance at the box office, with Frozen (2013) earning around $1.03 billion along with Frozen 2 earning around $1.4 billion at the global box office, Disney has shown us what real dominance of a franchise should look like. So to keep up with the same trend, these new updates are indicating that Frozen 4 might bring back the lost era of this studio once again.

Frozen 3 Will Be Divided Into Two Separate Parts!

Frozen 3 is officially getting split into two parts
Frozen 3 fan-art

Despite receiving a lot of negative reactions in recent years, Bob Iger and company is moving forward with more and more sequels. Now is the time for not only Frozen 3 but for Frozen 4 as well. Now the very exclusive updates are coming straight from The Walt Disney Animation Company which are now confirming all those speculations that were claiming the division of this project into two parts.

If you can remember then we’ve claimed the exact same thing in one of our previous articles while mentioning that Disney might break the story of Frozen 3 into two parts and the possibilities are really high. Now Jennifer Lee, the original director of both Frozen and Frozen 2 and the lead for Frozen 3 as well, has officially confirmed that Frozen 3 and 4 are going to be treated as a single project BUT with two different chapters.

Yes, it means you can also call the fourth film as Frozen 3 Part 2!

Jennifer Lee is also claiming that the storyline which they are developing is looking far better then both Frozen and Frozen 2 and fans should stay ready to loose their minds. Well, they’ve said the same thing about their other projects as well but almost all of them got bombed at box office, however, we can believe on them because we knows that Disney will never try to spoil their proven sagas (especially when their original movies are not performing too well on the world wide box office).

Disney knows how to build and connect it’s multiple movies all together and we’ve seen the exact same treatment with their previous sequels as well. While the story of sisters was looking complete by the end of both Frozen and Frozen 2, there were some loopholes in the sequel which can be covered in the third film. Now if they’ve announced a fourth film then it means something big is cooking inside the studio.

Frozen 3 Release Date & New Characters!

Zootopia 2 will land before Frozen 3
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Next big thing which is circulating online is a report which is claiming that tons of new characters are set to land in Frozen 3 Part 1.

If you’re following us then you knows that we’ve already released an article about a character named Queen Disa whose chances to appear in this movie are the highest. This character is set to land in the upcoming Frozen 2 spinoff with the name of Frozen: The Forces Of Nature where the studio will pick up the story straight from the ending of Frozen 2.

Hence, we can also speculate that this spinoff might sset up a base on which the plot of Frozen 3 and 4 can be designed. You can check out everything about Frozen: The Forces Of Nature on our website from ‘here‘.

Still anything is possible. Who knows, maybe they can come up with other new characters. What if they decides to bring back some well known faces other then our Elsa or Anna? and why not, after all Disney universe is full of surprises and we can ‘Never Say Never‘. Only time will tell us more about these new members.

The last but not the least update is related to it’s release schedule. Frozen 3 will land in 2025 and Disney will confirm it within next few months. How? That’s because Zootopia 2 has recently received it’s early test screenings which indicates that the studio is trying to release it next year and hence, leaving the window of 2024 as the only possible chance for releasing Frozen 3 Part 1!

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