Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Is Now In Big Trouble: Hollywood Breaking!

DC movies are getting bombed at box office again and again since last few years. Shazam, Black Adam, Blue Beetle and Flash are just few examples, there are countless other projects which either got shadow banned or suffered due to their weak plotlines and cast. Now the studio is eying to release Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom with a lot of hopes.

The Aquaman sequel is set to hit theatres in the last week of December 2023 and while this project is among the highly controversial movies of all time, the chances of it getting bombed are really high. The question that we want to know is why? Well in this articles, we are revealing everything that might affect the performance of this project.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Can Not Survive On Box Office!

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom might fail
Amber Heard as Mera

Hollywood is falling since last few years and while the movies like Barbie, Super Mario Bros, Elemental and some other projects are performing well, studios like Marvel, Disney and DC are getting bombed again and again. You can call it as superhero fatigue or whatever you want, but Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom has some other big issues to deal with.

While some fans were asking to cancel the movie, tons of other fans and communities were demanding to replace Amber Heard from it, however, the studio has managed to settle it out and now our Amber is officially reprising her role as Mera once again.

In fact, some wild artists were also suggesting many names who might replace Amber without any issues and one actress who was leading the race was none other then our Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke.

That was the reason why many people are now assuming that Amber Heard is among those biggest reasons due to which this Aquaman sequel will suffer on box office but it is not the case.

Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom
Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

The sequel will have to deal with the series of problems because of it’s marketing. We knows that Warner Bros is looking a bit scared when it comes to the marketing of this film. Clearly, no TV promos and no additional merchandise, all these factors might spoil the performance of this project.

We’ve seen how despite receiving a good amount of marketing stuffs, The Marvels, latest project of the Marvel studios has failed on the world wide box office, and the reason was simple- poor storyline and acting. So it also depends upon their storyline, however, Blue Beetle got bombed at box office because DC was lagging in it’s marketing.

Now Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom is already among the most controversial projects of this year, and that’s why this movie needs some clever marketing strategies- atleast they should just try to sell their product, it’s performance is a secondary thing, but yes, DC is not even trying which puts the reputation of this franchise at high risk.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom: Initial Reactions Are Very Poor!

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Amber Heard
Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

We’ve seen a new trend in the Hollywood where studios are now providing test screenings or early screening to some very selected critics to get their initial reactions. DC is also trying the same concept on Aquaman 2 but many Hollywood insiders who has watched it’s early screenings are claiming that this movie is good for nothing.

We should not believe on them yet but some other reports are also claiming that critics were leaving their test screenings and nobody was looking satisfied at all. However, the reviews that we gets from all those critics are always below average and we’ve seen the exact same thing with Five Nights At Freddy’s movies and The Super Mario Bros Movie as well where the initial reviews were looking too bad but the original project was a masterpiece.

Anyways, the limited marketing is now making a bad impact on its performance even before it’s release and it can be seen from the latest surveys which have been conducted by various Hollywood outlets.

According to them, the movie might open up with just $30 million to $40 million dollars during it’s opening weekend, which is very very low for a DC movie. Holidays are coming but with that comes tons of other Netflix shows and movies from other Studios.

In the time where every other company is busy in promoting their projects, Warner Bros and DC are just trying to ignore Aquaman 2.

So we don’t know what’s going to happen but all these stuffs are claiming that just like other DC projects of recent years, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom might suffer on the box office. Still we should just give it a try, after all Jason Momoa is there and the trailer is looking promising as well.

What are your expectations? Comment below and if you want more Hollywood stuffs then make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay up to date. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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