After New Leaks, Deadpool 3 Might Break The Box Office

Despite delivering us some of the best movies like Captain America: Civil War, Avengers Endgame & Infinity Wars, Marvel is struggling on box office since last few years. The studio is failing to reunite it’s fans ever since the end of their previous phase but Deadpool 3 might bring it’s lost popularity and domination once again.

Multiple factors are associated with this upcoming legendary movie but there are three key points which makes it far better then any of the recent release of Marvel or DC. What are those and how Deadpool 3 might change the whole picture of box office to end this superhero fatigue.

Deadpool In MCU!

Deadpool 3 movie
Marvel Studios

If we are talking about the superhero movies, especially the movies which are taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe then it is not possible to ignore the concept of their multiverse, universe, spiderverse and many other unique and mysterious worlds. In the same way, Deadpool was present in the Fox universe along with tons of other deadly mutants.

Fans were waiting to watch an ultimate clash among the character of Fox and Marvel universe and while the rumors for the same were sparking in the previous phase as well, nothing like that ever happened. However the biggest advantage due to which Deadpool 3 is definitely going to dominate over theatres is none other then it’s universe.

Finally after a long wait, Deadpool is making his debut in the MCU and that’s itself is building up a hype among the fans. Projects like Antman And The Wasp: Quantumania, She Hulk and Secret Invasion are just few examples, Marvel movies were failing to engage it’s audience in this multiverse saga and it’s timelines and that’s why the fans were not showing up in theatres.

However this time, things are becoming wild because Deapool will now only show up in their universe, but will also bring some of the most beloved characters from his universe as well. Loki Season 2 is also playing a very vital role in setting up a solid plot for Deadpool 3 which itself is enough to say a lot about this project.

That’s why many Hollywood insiders are claiming that fans will definitely visit their nearby theatres that will eventually take this movie towards a ground-breaking success.

‘Hugh’ Is Back In Deadpool 3!

Deadpool 3 Will Surprise You!
Marvel Studios

Years passed but nothing happened. We all were waiting to watch our Wolverine but neither Fox nor Marvel tried to bring him back but this time, Hugh Jackman is back to reprise his role as our iconic Wolverine, and the movie is Deadpool 3 which means more action, more blood, more stories and more mysteries.

And of course, how can we forget about the puzzles of timelines. Deadpool 3 is setting up everything perfectly to bring back this iconic character and while both Deadpool and Wolverine are going to be on the same side, we will definitely get a chance to watch some action scenes between these two characters as well.

The other thing which makes his appearance even more important is the fact that many new leaks are indicating that Wolverine will kill tons of other characters from the Fox universe which leads us at our last but of course not the least, factor number 3!

Death Of Fox Universe!

Deadpool 3 Cameos
Marvel Studios

Multiple leaks are available on all over the internet and the latest of all is a leaked clip which is showcasing a deadly battle between him and sabertooth where he, along with our Deadpool kills ‘tooth’ very easily and hence, a confirmation mark for a masterpiece.

Well, he is not the only one who will be making his appearance in Deadpool 3. If you can remember then there was a clip which was leaked online where our Deadpool and Wolverine were fighting and a huge broken logo of the Fox Studio was present at the background which is indicating at the death of the Fox universe.

Also the characters like Elektra, Dazzler (as per the reports and rumors) and others are going to appear in the film which gives the same vibes as that of Endgame’s final battle. So all these factors are indicating that Deadpool 3 might kill the entire Fox universe, or at least few character from that universe are definitely going to die in it.

It itself brings up a new hype because we will be able to watch tons of familiar faces and their deaths, and how can we forget that the movie itself is rated R, which makes it look even more promising. These 3 factors are just the 10% of this masterpiece and we don’t know what exactly is going to happen, however, we now knows that something big is cooking inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Share down your wild theories and if you want to stay connected with everything Hollywood then make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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