Captain America: Brave New World Leaks Offer First Look At Red Hulk Brawl

Marvel is busy in setting up it’s multiverse saga, with movies like Deadpool 3, this studio will be exploring the infinite number of possibilities that are all set to surprise us. Now some new and rumored ‘leaked’ images have been shared online via various Hollywood insiders which are sparking the cameo of Red Hulk in Captain America: Brave New World.

While the movie has been pushed back to 2025, many reports and news are trending on all over the internet. Some are claiming the return of many unexpected characters while others are indicating towards an epic ‘clash of Hulks’!

Well, in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most trending and leaked ‘stuffs’ from Captain America: Brave New World!

Red Hulk In Captain America: Brave New World!

Leaked Image from Captain America Brave New World
image via Marvel studios

The most recent and leaked image is revealing a surprising detail from this movie. Yes, we are talking about the Red Hulk.

After many repeated reports and rumors, now some insiders are sharing an exclusive image from the storyboard of Brave New World. In the ‘so-called’ leaked image, we can clearly see our Sam Wilson Captain America, who is standing against Red Hulk.

In first sight, it feels like both of them are ready to face each other in a deadly battle, however, Sam Wilson’s Captain America is not strong enough to engage in a battle with this ‘rage-monster’.

We knows that Steve Roger’s Captain was filled with super serum, hence, he was capable enough to stop some of the most deadliest fights of the planet, but Sam on the other hand is just a normal human, with the shield of our Steve. So if he will try to engage in a fight with these types of monsters, then it is just a matter of seconds before he invites his own death.

Now as per our very own sources, we should take this image with a grain of salt, and that’s because anything is possible nowadays. Artificial Intelligence is here, so it’s not a tough task for someone to create these types of images and make it go viral on the internet. We’ve seen the same type of treatment in Deadpool 3 as well, where various talented artists were releasing tons of their ‘self-made‘ artwork and were busy in claiming them as ‘leaks’ !

Still if by any chance this image is real, then it feels like Captain America Brave New World is going to shatter many box office records with these types of cameos!

The White House In Captain America Brave New World!

Captain America Brave New World will show it's final battle in the White House

As we are moving forward in this multiverse, it seems like anything or everything is possible. Now is the time for The White House. If you are wondering about “what”, then don’t worry, we are here to explain everything!

Recently, many new plot leaks were shared by many Hollywood outlets that were revealing the place where the final battle of this movie will happen. The name if that place is none other then ;The White House’. According to these leaks, the final battle will start somewhere in Washington DC and will cover a large area, hence, ending up in the safest place of America!

If you’ll pay some attention on the leaked image of Red Hulk (shared in previous section), then you will notice that the walls are looking very much similar to that of the real White House. Of course it could be any other building like a museum or something, but we can take an idea about this final battle through that image.

Now when or where this battle will originally happen is still unknown, which is a good thing because nobody loves spoilers, but these types of updates and leaks are enough for building up a hype among fans.

Captain America: Brave New World will release on February 14, 2025 and we are definitely going to get tons of new and exciting surprises in this movie. You can also stick around the corner with Movie World Network for everything Hollywood. Till that, stay safe, peace out!

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