The Best Upcoming Marvel Movies (2024-2028)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally going to enter into it’s one of the most epic saga where tons of new characters along with iconic villains will make their entrance into this universe. Ever since we watched Avengers Endgame, it felt like the future of Marvel studios is in trouble but these upcoming projects are definitely going to bring back the lost era of the company.

From Deadpool 3 to the Spider-Man 4, from The Venom 3 to The Avengers Secret Wars, here’s the list of the best upcoming Marvel Movies which will land in it’s Phase 5 and 6!

Madame Web (2024)

Dakota johnsson and sydney sweeney
Behind The Scenes Of Madame Web

One of the most highly anticipated movies of 2024 is none other then Madame Web, and why not, after all the movie is going to be the first female led superhero movie of Sony-Marvel shared universe.

Madame Web is officially set to hit theatres on February 16, 2024 and will feature some of the most iconic characters from the Spider-Man universe. Based on the beautiful character from Marvel Comics, Madame Web will feature Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb, who is an ally of Spider-Man’s and a clairvoyant who relies on a spider-web shaped life-support system to survive.

The studio has not announced the official synopsis yet but according to some latest reports released by various Hollywood Insiders, the studio might release it’s first trailer in the Holidays Season of 2023. That means we can get a very solid idea about this movie in the next few weeks!

As per now, Madame Web looks like:

  • Cast: Dakota Johnson as Madame Web, Sydney Sweeney as Julia Carpenter, Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Merced, Tahar Rahim, Emma Roberts, Mike Epps, Adam Scott and Zosia Mamet in an undisclosed role.
  • Director: S. J. Clarkson
  • Characters: Cassandra Webb, a.k.a. Madame Web, Julia Carpenter, a.k.a. Spider-Woman and many un-announced Spider-People!
  • Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Plot Summary: TBD
  • Release Date: February 16, 2024

So make sure to keep an eye on the YouTube channels of both The Marvel & The Sony Pictures Entertainment, because that’s where you can watch the first official short teaser of Madame Web in upcoming days!

Deadpool 3(2024)

Deadpool 3 Will Surprise You!
Marvel Studios

If we are talking about the multiverse saga, then how can we forget about one of the most awaited movies of 2024?

Deadpool 3 was originally set to hit theatres by the March of 2024, but now the director has confirmed that the movie will definitely get delayed a bit. The exact release date is still under wraps but according to our sources, Marvel Studios will release Deadpool 3 in the late 2024.

The movie will introduce many iconic characters and mutants from all across the Marvel and Fox universe along with our favorite Wolverine. As per the rumored synopsis, the movie will bring TVA into action who is trying to catch Wade. That’s because he has created an incursion in the timelines by traveling back into the time using Cable’s machine.

Due to this, he has created a timeline where Magneto has managed to kill the Avengers and now he is ruling over the universe. The reports further claims that the movie will show how the TVA will ask our Wade and Wolverine to go into the affected timeline and kill the Magneto and that’s how the movie will bring many iconic characters and mutants from the previous Marcel and Fox movies.

As per now, Deadpool 3 is looking like this:

  • Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Morena Baccarin, Stefan Kapičić, Leslie Uggams, Karan Soni, Rob Delaney, Matthew Macfadyen, Emma Corrin, Briana Hildebrand, Shioli Kutsuna
  • Director: Shawn Levy
  • Characters: Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool, James “Logan” Howlett, a.k.a. Wolverine, Eloise Phimister, a.k.a. Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Piotr Rasputin, a.k.a. Colossus, Yukio, Vanessa Carlysle, Blind Al, Dopinder, Peter
  • Studio: Marvel Studios
  • Plot Summary: TBD
  • Release Date: Late 2024

However, we should still wait a bit more to know about the official synopsis, but as per now, it seems like Magneto is going to be the main focus point of the movie!

Venom 3 (2024)

venom 3 movie
Sony Pictures Entertainment

Next on the list comes a movie for which many of us are excited. Venom 3 is officially set to hit theatres on July 12, 2024 and it seems like the movie will release just on time.

After being transported to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Doctor Strange’s spell but quickly returned, it’s unclear what villain Venom will have to defeat next. If rumors to be believed, it is highly possible that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man might make a cameo in Venom 3, however, nothing has been confirmed by the studio so far.

If we looks at the ongoing timeline of Sony-Marvel shared universe, then tons of new spider-people are set to make their appearance and hence, making a perfect base for a Venom vs Spider-People battle.

Earlier it was revealed that Sony is planning to bring a movie based upon a deadly battle of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Tom Hardy’s Venom, but due to the ongoing saga and the timeline of Marvel, they decided to take their steps back. However, the studio has still given us a hint by showcasing a syndrome which is left in the Marvel universe and it might bring this vision into reality in the near future.

Whereas talking about the Tom Hardy’s Venom universe, it feels like we have to wait a bit more before speculating anything about it. As per now, Venom 3 looks like this:

  • Cast: Tom Hardy, Juno Temple, Chiwetel Ejiofor
  • Director: Kelly Marcel
  • Characters: Eddie Brock, a.k.a. Venom
  • Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Plot Summary: TBD
  • Release Date: July 12, 2024

Captain America: Brave New World (2024)

Captain America 4 Brave New World
Marvel Studios

Captain America was one of the three pillars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the other two was our Tony Stark and Thor). After the end of Chris Evan’s era, Sam Wilson has taken over this role in order to show a clear path to other characters.

We’ve already seen the first look of Sam Wilson as our Captain America in Falcon And The Winter Soldier, and he was looking quite cool. Now is the time to watch a whole dedicated movie about this epic character. Captain America: Brave New World is officially set to hit theatres on July 26, 2024 and the movie is already under very active state of development, and hence, neglecting any chances of getting delayed.

Initially subtitled New World Order, Phase 5’s upcoming Captain America film is expected to see Sam Wilson and Joaquin Torres, the MCU’s new Falcon, go up against the Serpent Society, and butt heads with the new President of the United Stated, Thaddeus Ross. Now portrayed by Harrison Ford after the passing of the late William Hurt, Ross’ role in Brave New World will set him up for further appearances in Thunderbolts and beyond.

As per now, the movie is looking like this:

  • Cast: Anthony Mackie, Danny Ramirez, Harrison Ford, Tim Blake Nelson, Seth Rollins, Carl Lumbly, Shira Haas, Liv Tyler, Xosha Roquemore
  • Director: Julius Onah
  • Characters: Sam Wilson, a.k.a. Captain America, Joaquin Torres, a.k.a. Falcon, President Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, Samuel Sterns, a.k.a. the Leader, Isaiah Bradley, Sabra, Betty Ross
  • Studio: Marvel Studios
  • Plot Summary: TBD
  • Release Date: July 26,2024

Kraven The Hunter (2024)

Kraven The Hunter
Sony Studios

Like we’ve mentioned above, Sony is looking forward to bring a whole Spider-Verse universe through it’s upcoming movies and it will start it’s journey from Madame Web. Now to support them in achieving this goal, the studio is bringing another iconic charater into life which is none other then Kraven.

Kraven The Hunter movie is officially set to hit theatres on August 30, 2024 and the studio may release it’s first trailer in the early 2024.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been casted by the studio to play this role along with some other well known Hollywood actors who will be playing many other undisclosed roles in the movie. Also if you don’t know then Kraven the Hunter is the first R-rated entry in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, that means we can easily expect tons of violence followed by some hard level language

No official plotline about the movie is out yet but according to many large websites, the movie may feature Tom Holland’s Spider-Man for a face to face battle, but we should still wait a bit more before believing on anything.

As of now, Kraven The Hunter is looking like this:

  • Cast: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Abbot, Fred Hechinger, Russell Crowe, Ariana DeBose, Alessandro Nivola, Levi Miller
  • Director: J. C. Chandor
  • Characters: Sergei Kravinoff, a.k.a. Kraven, Dmitri Smerdyakov, a.k.a. Chameleon, Calypso, Aleksei Sytsevich, a.k.a. Rhino
  • Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Plot Summary: Kraven the Hunter is the visceral story about how and why one of Marvel’s most iconic villains came to be.
  • Release Date: August 30, 2024

Thunderbolts (2024)

Marvel Studios

Now comes a movie which will feature many characters from the previous phase of MCU. Thunderbolts is set to hit your nearby theatres on December 20, 2024 and the movie will play a very vital role in setting up many other future movies and TV Shows.

Thunderbolts will feature the characters like Yelena Belova, Bucky Barnes, John Walker and many other known faces who will be uniting together in order to go on a secret mission which has been assigned to them by the US government.

The movie is also expected to explain why CIA Director Valentina Allegra de Fontaine has been recruiting several morally questionable characters, and is also rumored to feature the likes of the Sentry and the Red Hulk.

As of now, Thunderbolts is looking like this:

  • Cast: Florence Pugh, Sebastian Stan, Hannah John-Kamen, Wyatt Russell, David Harbour, Olga Kurylenko, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Harrison Ford, Steven Yeun, Ayo Edebiri
  • Director: Jake Schreier
  • Characters: Yelena Belova, Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. the Winter Soldier, Ava Starr, a.k.a. Ghost, John Walker, a.k.a. US Agent, Alexei Shostakov, a.k.a. Red Guardian, Antonia Dreykov, a.k.a. Taskmaster, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, President Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross
  • Studio: Marvel Studios
  • Plot Summary: TBD
  • Release Date: December 20, 2024

Armor Wars (2024)

Armor Wars

Who hates the battles of giant machines fighting for taking the lives of each other? Armor Wars is here to give you an epic treatment with it’s highly advanced machineries. Though an official synopsis hasn’t been released, the story could see War Machine recovering stolen Stark tech from around the world while dealing with his own grief after Iron Man’s Avengers: Endgame death.

Almost everything is currently under wraps so we have to wait for any official statements, but as of now, Armor Wars is looking like this:

  • Cast: Don Cheadle
  • Director: TBD
  • Characters: James Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine
  • Studio: Marvel Studios
  • Plot Summary: TBD
  • Release Date: Late 2024

Fantastic Four (2025)

Fantastic Four
Marvel Studios

If you are a true Marvel fan, then you will never want to miss this movie. Finally after a long wait, a new Fantastic Four movie is set to hit theatres on May 2, 2024 and the movie is already promising some of the best plotlines of Marvel’s history.

Not a lot is known about the plotline of this movie yet, but we should expect some big and future deciding events to occur in it. According to some latest reports, Fantastic Four is going to be the movie which will shape the whole future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it will also lead us straight towards the events of Secret Wars.

As of now, Fantastic Four Movie is looking like this:

  • Cast: TBD
  • Director: Matt Shakman
  • Characters: Reed Richard, a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm, a.k.a. the Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm, a.k.a. the Human Torch, Ben Grimm, a.k.a. the Thing
  • Studio: Marvel Studios
  • Plot Summary: TBD
  • Release Date: May 2, 2025

Spider-Man 4 & New MCU Trilogy (2025)

spiderman 4
Marvel Studios

Marvel is incomplete without our Spider-Man. After watching No Way Home, it feels like the story of MCU’s Spider-Man has ended, but the things are a bit different as Marvel has some bigger plans for this iconic character.

Recently it has been revealed that Marvel has already started it’s work upon the script writing of Spider-Man 4, and as per some officials, the script is looking way more exciting then the entire No Way Home movie. Whereas Tom Holland has also hinted in his recent interview that Spider-Man will be playing a very important role in setting up a new team of The Avengers to fight against the big bad guys who are supposed to enter into the MCU via many other movies.

No Way Home’s post-credits scene showed a piece of the Venom symbiote staying in the MCU after Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock was transported back to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, so Spider-Man 4 may feature Peter’s struggle with the black suit. Peter will also likely struggle with whether he should reintroduce himself to his friends and girlfriend, who no longer remember who he is.

As of now, Spider-Man 4 is looking like this:

  • Cast: Tom Holland, Zendaya
  • Director: TBD
  • Characters: Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man
  • Studio: Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Plot Summary: TBD
  • Release Date: Mid 2025

Shang-Chi 2 (2025)

Shang Chi 2
Marvel Studios

If you don’t know then Marvel Studio has officially confirmed that they are developing a sequel of Shang Chi And The Legends Of Ten Rings. The movie is also known for it’s outstanding visual effects and traditional cultures.

If rumors to be believed, then Shang Chi 2 may land by the late 2025 but it may change depending upon the moving timelines of Marvel movies. The sequel may particularly revolve around the origin of the titular rings and what the Ten Rings organization would do next under new leadership, so the sequel will likely come with answers.

As of now, Shang Chi 2 is looking like this:

  • Cast: Simu Liu
  • Director: Destin Daniel Cretton
  • Characters: Shang-Chi
  • Studio: Marvel Studios
  • Plot Summary: TBD
  • Release Date: Late 2025

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (2026)

Avengers The Kang Dynasty
Marvel Studios

Here comes the project for which all of the above mentioned movies were creating a base. As of now, Avengers The Kang Dynasty is set to hit theatres on May 1, 2026. However, some new reports are claiming that the studio might delay it a little bit.

The movie is set to be the first of two Avengers films releasing in the MCU’s Phase 6 and finally we will get a chance to watch our Avengers all together on a single screen after a really long wait.

The Kang Dynasty will set up a solid plot for the future Secret Wars movie and the reports are even claiming that it might show some big changes in the MCU. The movie will showcase tons of variants of Kang The Conqueror and it is being said that he will kill some of the biggest characters of Marvel.

Though not a lot is known about this project but as of now, Avengers The Kang Dynasty is looking like this:

  • Cast: Jonathan Majors
  • Director: Destin Daniel Cretton
  • Characters: Nathaniel Richards, a.k.a. Kang the Conqueror
  • Studio: Marvel Studios
  • Plot Summary: TBD
  • Release Date: Mid 2026

Avengers : The Secret Wars (2027)

Avengers Secret Wars
Marvel Studios

Just like Infinity War and Endgame, Avengers The Secret Wars will release after The Kang Dynasty. As of now, The Secret Wars is set to hit theatres on May, 2027 and this movie is going to break many records on the box office.

As per the comics, Secret Wars will show a deadly battle among the mightiest heroes of the universe and will even bring back some of the most iconic faces back to life. Since the other movies are also dealing with the concept of the multiverse, many of our beloved characters may make a cameo in this epic movie.

Recently, the biggest news which is being rumored is related to our beloved Tony Stark. According to these rumors, RDJ will return once again as Tony Stark, but this time, he will be facing against the Supreme Ironman. However, these are just some early speculations and we are still not sure about the plotline of this movie.

The only thing which is confirmed so far is that Avengers The Secret Wars will conclude this epic saga and the movie is definitely going to be the last one for many of our beloved characters. As of now, The Secret Wars is looking like this:

  • Cast: Jonathan Majors
  • Director: TBD
  • Characters: Nathaniel Richards, a.k.a. Kang the Conqueror
  • Studio: Marvel Studios
  • Plot Summary: TBD
  • Release Date: May 7, 2027

Apart from these confirmed projects, many other rumored movies are also under development. It mainly includes a separate solo film dedicated to the Spider-Women which will portray our Sydney Sweeny in the lead role, a separate Ghost Rider project, a Deadpool vs Hulk and a solo Scarlett Witch project.

However, these projects are still in their very early stage of developments, so we can’t say anything about them at the moment. But the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe is looking too good to be true, and this is a perfect time to live for every movie addict.

We will update you as soon as we hears anything new about these projects, so make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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