Deadpool 3 : Leaked Plotline Reveals The Death Of The Avengers & Big Changes In The Release Date

Deadpool 3 is among the most awaited superhero movies and with every new day, we are getting tons of new updates. Now some new reports are revealing many exciting details about tons of new cameos along with an unexpected delay. Here’s everything that you need to know about Deadpool 3!

Deadpool 3 Is Getting Delayed!

Deadpool 3 fan-art
Deadpool 3 Fan-art

We knows that the Hollywood was dealing with tons of chaotic moments since past few months. The reason was none other then the writer’s and actor’s strike. Due to this, almost every other studio was delaying their upcoming projects and so does the Marvel.

However, Deadpool 3 was still untouched from it’s impact, but now some new and official reports are indicating towards an unexpected delay of this highly anticipated project.

In the latest report by Deadline, it has been confirmed that the writer’s strike is officially coming to an end. Unfortunately, it seems like this is not enough to avoid this delay of Deadpool 3.

If you don’t know then WGA has come to a tentative settlement deal with the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers). Once the deal is signed between both parties, it is highly likely that the writers and other artists will initially start working on TV shows and series, and later on, the production of movies will be set forth into action.

This means that there’s still time for the production of Deadpool 3 to restart. As per director Shawn Levy, there’s still some part of the movie that’s yet to be shot, and we can possibly witness a delay in the release of Deadpool 3.

As of now, neither Disney nor Marvel has confirmed it so far, but we should not expect Deadpool 3 to land on time since the director himself is not convinced about it.

Meanwhile, some other Hollywood insiders has claimed that Deadpool 3 might release by late 2024 and hence, can become a perfect movie for the Holiday season!

Deadpool 3 Will Honor The Legacy Of Fox’s X-Men Universe!

Deadpool 3 TVA
Marvel Studios

The Fox’s X-Men Universe was known for giving us some of the most iconic teams of mutants, and luckily, Deadpool 3 will honor the legacy of this epic universe.

In a recent interview with Total Film Magazine, per IndieWire, director Shawn Levy commented on how Deadpool 3 will explore the legacy and history of both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Fox’s X-Men universe. He said:

Deadpool and Wolverine are iconic Marvel characters; more specifically, iconic Marvel-of-the-Fox-era characters. We’re not going to pretend: ‘Oh, we snap our fingers, and suddenly that Fox legacy doesn’t exist, and it shaped a lot of what we now know as the MCU.’ Fox also shaped Ryan’s career, Hugh’s career and my career. So there’s a lot of history there, and there’s a lot of Marvel history at Fox. And certainly that’s a part of our storytelling.

That means we may see some easter eggs and tributes to the Fox Universe as a way to show them the love for everything that it has given us so far. In fact, we’ve already seen one of the biggest easter egg in one of their leaked behind the scene images where a large logo of the Fox Universe was visible behind the fighting scene of our Deadpool and Wolverine.

So eagle eye viewers, stay focused to spot them in this iconic movie!

Deadpool 3 Leaked Plotline : What Is Happening In The Third Movie?

deadpool 3
Marvel Studios

Ever since Deadpool 3 got announced, news and rumors are circulating on all over the internet about the plotline or the main theme which might occur in this movie. Some of these were coming from really authentic Hollywood sources, while others was just a rumor.

Now to avoid any kind of confusion, we’ve gathered everything which is authentic and seems almost confirmed to appear in the Deadpool 3.

We knows how the MCU is dealing with the multiverse saga. Almost every other movie or TV show of Marvel is introducing new cameos in this universe, so how can Deadpool 3 stay behind? So in the movie, we will see our Wade Wilson once again, but this time, he is dealing with the problems of multiverse.

According to the very trusted sources of the Hollywood, Deadpool will be seen exploring the multiverse using Cable’s modified teleportation device.

It further says that our Wade will be captured by the TVA for causing problems in the time. You may feel some confusions at this point but if you can remember then we’ve seen in the post credit scenes of Deadpool 2 where Wade went back in time and killed the version of him in X-men Origins: Wolverine. In fact he even killed Ryan Reynolds before he accepted the Green Lantern movie.

So these are the the disruptions due to which the TVA is actively looking for him. That’s also the main reason which has now created multiple timelines through which the other main protagonists from the whole Fox universe are making their enterance in Deadpool 3!

In one of these timelines, Magneto and his allies has managed to kill the Avengers and take over the world. So as the punishment, TVA has asked Deadpool and Wolverine to go back into the disturbed timeline and kill these mutants. That’s where the whole movie might revolve!

However, these are some very initial speculations, but the sources behind these reports are very authentic, so we can say that some part of this plotline is definitely going to happen in Deadpool 3!

How Many Cameos Are Confirmed So Far For Deadpool 3?

deadpool 3
Marvel Studios

Now after talking about the plotline, it would be a bummer if we don’t talks about the surprise characters who are going to make their appearance in Deadpool 3. Well, here are some solid details about them.

First and foremost, The Hollywood Reporters has confirmed that Jennifer Garner is returning as Elektra’s Sai once again. Yes, after two decades, the actress is returning to the role of Marvel’s assassin anti-heroine to make Deadpool 3 even more exciting.

Next in the list comes our Patrick Stewart who is returning as Professor Charles Xavier. No plot details about him are out yet but rumors are claiming that he will introduce Deadpool to the illuminati. Along with him, Ian McKellen will reprise his role as the iconic Magneto in Deadpool 3, and he is also set to play a very important role in the movie.

The Hollywood Reporter has also claimed that there is a high possibility that we might get to see a number of Marvel characters owned by Fox 20th Century Studios in Deadpool 3 and that’s what is giving a golden chance to many of these characters to make an appearance in the movie.

So as of now, the casting and cameos of Deadpool 3 is looking like this:

  • Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool (Confirmed)
  • Hugh Jackman – Wolverine (Confirmed)
  • Karan Soni – Dopinder (Confirmed)
  • Leslie Uggams – Blind Al (confirmed)
  • Jeniffer Garner – Elektra (Confirmed)
  • Morena Baccarin – Venessa (Confirmed)
  • Brianna Hildebrand – Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Confirmed)
  • Stefan Kapičić – Colossus (Confirmed)
  • Ben Affleck – Daredevil (Rumored)
  • Owen Wilson – Mobius M. Mobius (Rumored)
  • Tom Hiddleston – Loki (Rumored)
  • Patrick Stewart – Professor Charles Xavier (Rumored)
  • Ian McKellen – Magneto (Rumored)
  • Emma Corrins- Cassandra Nova (Rumored)

Apart from these characters, you can easily expect some other characters as well. After all, multiverse is the concept about which we knows frighteningly little!

Deadpool 3 Villain : Who Is The Bad Guy?

deadpool 3 villain
Marvel Studios

Earlier it was confirmed that Emma Corrins will be playing a villain in Deadpool 3, but according to the latest report by CanWeGetSomeToast, Emma Corrins might most probably play the role of Cassandra Nova.

If you don’t know much about her then she is the evil twin of Charles Xavier and many few people knows that in comics, Xavier has tried many times to kill her while she was still in her mother’s womb. However, she survived and made it her life’s mission to kill Charles.

You can check her full story in the comic books. She was first appeared in the X-Men #114 July 2001 edition where it was revealed that Cassandra Nova belongs to a species of bodyless parasite containing living emotional energy known as Mummudrai!

But this is still not all. There are many reports which are confirming that the real villain of Deadpool 3 is going to be none other then Magneto, played by Ian McKellen.

It makes a lot of sense since Deadpool 3 seems to be based on a timeline that corresponds with the Marvel Comic Series House of M. In this run, the mutants win the war and get rid of all the resistance taking over the world with their leader being Magneto. Since Deadpool 3 is confirmed to be held in the multiverse and specifically in a timeline where Mutants do exist, it’s highly possible to see Magneto as the main Deadpool 3 villain.

So we should stay ready to watch an iconic villain in Deadpool 3 because if these reports turns into a reality, then this movie can easily break almost every single records of box office! But as per now, this was pretty much of something that we knows about Deadpool 3 so far. Things will become even more clear in the upcoming months and we will make sure to update you as soon as we gets any new news.

So stick around the corner with Movie World Network to stay up to date, till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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