Taylor Swift’s Chiefs Stadium Appearance Has Confirmed Her Surprising Cameo In Deadpool 3!

Ever since we saw the announcement video of Deadpool 3, almost all of us are coming up with our own speculations and wild theories. While the movie is still under active productions, some recent trends are now finally confirming the entrance of our beloved Taylor Swift in the MCU.

Despite getting rumored to play a magical character in Deadpool 3, neither Taylor nor any other official was getting ready to comment on it but now these updates are getting wild because Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has given us some hints with his appearance along with the Swift in her lover’s game.

What hints are we getting? Is she confirmed to appear in Deadpool 3? What character is she going to play? Well, you don’t have to go anywhere as here’s everything that you need to know about the cameo of Taylor Swift in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

What Are The Wild Rumors About Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift in Deadpool 3
Marvel Studios

After getting back to back reports and confirmations regarding the number of cameos who are going to appear in Deadpool 3, it was rumored that Taylor Swift will make her debut in the Marvel Universe in an undisclosed role via Deadpool 3.

In one of the reports which was published by various trusted and authentic Hollywood’s news outlets, it was mentioned that Taylor Swift is going to play the role of the Marvel legend Dazzler and she is already in talks with the officials of the studio. However, none of the officials of either parties was ready to speak on the rumored news which made the fans to believe on these speculations.

Finally after few weeks from the first appearance of these rumors, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has done something unexpected which is again giving lights to these wild theories.

We knows that the internet is on storm after the dating rumors of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Both of these mega stars have been spotted together for number of times in recent days where the chemistry was clearly indicating towards a ‘more then a friend’ type of friendship.

Now recently, Taylor has been spotted in Chiefs Game, cheering her alleged boyfriend Travis Kelce and this incident seems really normal at first place. What makes it bigger is the appearance of the two Marvel legends who are going to bring a storm on the box office in the near future.

Yes, you are guessing it right!

The duo of Ryan Reynolds (who is playing Deadpool aka Wade Wilson in Deadpool 3) and Hugh Jackman (who is returning as the Wolverine in Deadpool 3) have been spotted in the same event where Taylor Swift was present. While we can take it as a normal reunion of friends but the fans on the internet can read between the lines of these Hollywood Hints.

Now fans are taking the internet on storm by speculating that it is a way of giving a hint about her cameo in Deadpool 3 and why not? After all Ryan Reynolds is known for giving these types of hints to his audience.

Not only fans but some very trusted Hollywood reporters are also claiming that the trio is going to reunite in Deadpool 3 and this was the way to tease the wild speculation of the Marvel fans from all around the globe. Now it’s just a matter of time until we gets anything official because if these rumors are true, then we are definitely going to witness something unexpected and epic in the near future!

Who Is Dazzler In Marvel Cinematic Universe And Comics?

Dazzler in Marvel Comics

Dazzler is a Marvel legend who made her debut in the Uncanny X-Men series comics which was released back in the February of1980. She was shown as an ally of the X-Men, and subsequently guested in issues of Amazing Spider-Man (April 1980) and Fantastic Four (April 1980).

Originally, the name of this character was Alison Blaire, who was born in Gardendale, New York. Her mutant powers was first manifested when she was in the junior high school. Initially, Alison Blaire was an aspiring singer who always volunteers to perform at her school dance.

During one of those performances, she accidentally witnessed her light-generating abilities which shocked her in the school. However, everyone at the dance assumed that it is a technologically generated special effect, but later she reveals herself to be a mutant.

It was that moment from where she started using her light powers and dancing ability to enhance her performances. It is at one of her shows that Alison first meets the X-Men while they are attacked by the forces of the Hellfire Club and since then, her life took a wild turn.

Dazzler is also represented as one of the most powerful female leads in the Marvel universe and her powers are like an ocean, never ending!

Dazzler’s main powers includes :

  • Ability to convert sound into light of various forms and intensity:
    • Light energy granting flight, invisibility, and hologram generation
    • Light projection
    • Ultraviolet light
    • Sound release
    • Echolocation
    • Light shield
    • Light beam
  • Polarizing eyes preventing blindness and dazzlement from light
  • Trained singer, actress, and dancer
  • Highly skilled athlete and hand-to-hand fighter
  • Highly accomplished roller-skater

Why Taylor Swift Is A Perfect Choice To Play Dazzler?

Taylor Swift as Dazzler
Taylor Swift as Dazzler

Now after reading about the abilities and the physical characteristics of this iconic Marvel legend, you may wonder why exactly do we need Taylor in this role.

From the description it is confirmed that Dazzler is a good looking, beautiful and tall in physical appearance. Along with this, she is a master of singing and so does her powers. Almost every single ability and skills of Dazzler includes her voice, in fact, she is also a talented dancer who can bind the audience for long duration of time very easily.

So all these skills and descriptions are suggesting the name of a single actor who can really play this role, and the name is none other then our beloved Taylor Swift.

In fact, why not?

Taylor Swift is known for her heavenly voice, beautiful appearance, perfect moves and a great humor. She is known to spread her magic in the hearts of almost every single individual who has heard her song. It is the perfection of beauty and talent which makes Taylor a perfect choice to get casted as this iconic character of the Marvel universe.

Since we knows that Marvel Studio is known for it’s perfect castings, if Dazzler makes an appearance in Deadpool 3 the we are sure that the studio will definitely bring our Taylor Swift in this beautiful role.

Deadpool 3 Release Date: When Is The Movie Coming?

Deadpool 3
Marvel Studios

So after reading all these updates and information, you may ask, “When in the world is Deadpool 3 coming?”. Well luckily, we have some solid answers.

The release date for Deadpool 3 has changed two times. The film was initially announced for September 6, 2024, but it later changed, being pushed back to November 8, 2024. But finally, it has been officially confirmed that Deadpool 3 will release on May 3, 2024.

That means, the movie is going to land even before Captain America : Brave New World and hence, indicating that Deadpool might appear as a cameo in other Marvel movies as well. But as of now, everything is looking wild and perfect at the same time, and these new rumors of the casting of Taylor Swift as Dazzler in the movie is again creating a new trend on the internet.

Now it is just a matter of time until we hears something officially about it and if it becomes a reality, then it is definitely going to be like a dream come true for every single fan. Make sure to stick around with the Movie World Network as we will keep you up to date with every new Hollywood Trend.

Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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