One Piece Live-Action Season 2 Gets Very Exciting Release Date Updates!

The One Piece saga is among the most popular anime franchises of history and it becomes even much better when we gets a live action adaptation of our beloved characters. Now is the time to talk about One Piece Live-Action Season 2 because Netflix is releasing some very exclusive details about the sequel season.

The first season has ended up breaking many records of Stranger Things and Wednesday as it ranked as the most-watched show in 84 countries on its first weekend. Well, it’s really unsurprising given that the show did an exceptional job of capturing the spirit of the anime.

So pack your emotions, keep your hopes high and let’s jump onto everything you need to know about One Piece Season Two.

One Piece Live-Action Season 2 : Latest Updates About Release Date!

One Piece Live-Action Season 2

You might be wondering about the present condition of the sequel season, so luckily, these new updates are only for you.

Recently, Nicole Hirsch, who is the cinematographer of the first season, has revealed many new updates for the fans by mentioning that One Piece Season 2 is officially under production process and the studio is working on it very actively.

In fact, according to the director himself, the script of the second season was under development pre-strike of writers and actors. While speaking in an interview with the popular Hollywood insider website named The Direct, the director Hirsch Whitaker has officially said :

[For] Season 2, there’s just, there’s so much material to be made based on the show. It’s gonna be like ‘Harry Potter’ though, they’re gonna have to do it fast before everybody gets too old. In fact, they definitely started writing and then the strike happened!

While these words looks very promising, Marty Adelstein, who is the CEO of One Piece production company Tomorrow Studios, has recently revealed the exact release window for One Piece Season 2, along with that, she has officially confirmed that the script writing of the sequel season is finished.

In a conversation with the Variety, she has mentioned, “[they have] got scripts ready!“. That means, almost half of the work has been completed because script writing is the only thing which takes a good amount of time in development.

If these words are not enough to convince you, then you might feel even much better after knowing that the president of the Tomorrow Studios has released his official statement on the release schedule.

In the same interview with the Variety, the president Becky Clements has told that One Piece Season 2 will officially release in the next 18 months!. Becky said :

Realistically, hopefully, a year away, if we move very quickly, and that is a possibility. Somewhere between a year and 18 months, we could be ready for air.!

So all these official confirmations and hints are indicating towards the same release window, and that is in the Holidays Season of 2024. If everything goes well and the studio manages to finish the filming and CGI-VFX works on time, then we can definitely spend our next holidays season happily while watching One Piece Live-Action Season 2!

One Piece Live-Action Season 2 Plot : What Is Going To Happen?

Nami One Piece Live-Action Season 1
Nami From One Piece

Now after knowing about the release dates of One Piece Live-Action Season 2, you may ask about it’s plotline. After all, what is going to happen in the second season? Will Smoker play an important role in the second season?

With 1000-plus episodes down the line, studio has a lot to cover. We knows that Tony Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky, Brook, Jinbe and Nefertari Vivi are definitely going to appear in the second season, however, the biggest story to kick off season two will probably be centered around newcomer Smoker.

Though we only saw the back of his profile in the season one cliffhanger, we’re almost certain he was the individual burning a hole into Luffy’s most wanted poster with his cigar. His white hair and signature two cigars in one hand are the clue on which we base our findings.

If this is the case, of course it will be, then Luffy will face some problems as the Marine vice admiral has made it his mission to capture Luffy. Apart from this, we may also get some new characters because the studio won’t leave any chance to cash in this opportunity of grabbing some handsome amount of cash!

So we should just keep our hopes high because a lot is going to happen in the One Piece Live-Action Season 2! However, as per now, it is too early to predict everything about the plotline, so we should keep an eye on the studio.

One Piece Live-Action Season 1 Ending Explained!

One Piece Live-Action Season 2

By the end of the first season, we saw how Luffy and the Straw Hats made their way to Conomi Islands in order to save Nami from Arlong and recruit her back into the crew. Consequently, this mission ended up being a success as the Straw Hats defeated the Arlong Pirates and rescued Nami’s hometown.

The only difference that we got to see between the original and the Live-Action version was that, in the Live Action One Piece, we see Garp finally catching up to and confronting Luffy.

It was revealed at the end that Garp was testing Luffy all along to see how firm his determination was toward his beliefs and dreams. Next, we move back to see the reunion of Straw Hats on the Going Merry. The live-action then shows the Straw Hats screaming out their dreams, placing their foot on top of a sake barrel, and setting sails for the Grand Line. Thus, the Straw Hat Pirates crew is officially born.

Hence, the season 1 of the Netflix’s version of One Piece Live-Action ends on a happy note, along with an indication of a new character, maybe Smoker, in it’s post credits scene!

One Piece Live-Action Season 2 Cast: Who Is Returning?

One Piece Live-Action

The plot for season 2 is set, the script writing has been completed and the ending scene was perfect, but who is going to return in One Piece Live-Action Season 2? Well, we have some solid answers.

The show will remain incomplete without our main characters, so it confirms the return of:

Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D Luffy
• Emily Rudd as Nami
Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro
Jacob Romero as Usopp
Taz Skylar as Sanji

Apart from these five legends, how can we forget about our epic villains? After all who would the King of the Pirates be without a few enemies, and following their first season adventures, Luffy and his crew have racked up quite a few.

So there’s a huge possibility to get the following characters back in action in the sequel season :

• Captain Alvida (played by Ilia Isorelýs Paulino)
• Buggy the Clown (played by Jeff Ward)
• Klahadore/Kuro (played by Alexander Maniatis)
• Arlong (played by McKinley Belcher III)

It’s likely a whole new host of friends and foes will join the cast, especially given that Luffy’s crew is set to grow in numbers but we should also expect some new faces in the franchise as tons of new characters are definitely going to make their appearance in the second season.

That being said, a lot is going to get uncovered about the castings of One Piece Live-Action Season 2 in the next few months, and we are sure that Netflix will bring the perfect casting for this epic saga!

One Piece Live-Action Season 2 Episodes : How Many Episodes Are Going To Be There?

One Piece Live-Action

With everything else, we can speculate about the total numbers of episodes that might occur in One Piece Live-Action Season 2.

With first season having eight episodes in total, the show has barely touched the head of season 1 of the original anime series which was dealing with the total of 61 episodes. In fact, things were taking place very quickly that many times we were wondering about the scenes which got skipped and could make the show even much better.

With these things in mind, we can expect the same treatment from the second season. However, there are some new reports which are claiming some new details about the second season episodes. If rumors to be believed, we may get the total of 10 or more episodes in the second season.

That’s because the first season has broke many record on the streaming platform, and the studio has a lot to cover. So the studio is now on the safe side to increase the number of episodes in One Piece Live-Action Season 2.

Where Can You Watch The Original One Piece Anime?

One Piece Live-Action
Image via Netflix

If you are among those who has not seen any episode of the original anime, then you might be feeling excited to try it, especially if you’ve watched the One Piece Live-Action. So how can you watch it?

If you’re sold on giving the anime a go, all episodes are available to watch right now on Crunchyroll. The streaming service can be accessed through the likes of Google TV, Amazon Fire Stick and Android TV.

A basic Crunchyroll membership is free, giving you limited access to their library of shows, including One Piece (usually only subtitled versions) with adverts. So make sure to give it a try because it’s definitely going to be worth it!

As of now, this was everything that we knew about the One Piece Live Action Season 2 and almost everything is looking fine. Make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay connected with every new Hollywood update. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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