Is Coraline 2 Really Happening? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Sequel

Coraline is among the movie which is known for it’s perfect storyline and lovable characters. With tons of spooky characters and jumpscares, this movie is still ruling over our hearts, even after a decade of it’s release.

It is the popularity of Coraline due to which the fans are still looking for more stories from this iconic movie. Well, since the spooky month is going on, it’s the best time to talk about Coraline 2. Is the sequel happening? What are the latest updates? What is in the mind of the directors? Here’s everything that you need to know about Coraline 2!

Is Coraline 2 Down The Line?

Laika Studio

The original movie was a perfect combo of spookiness and fun along with the unique animation style. There is still a lot to cover in this story, but what are the possibilities of Coraline 2?

Well, it seems like both the directors and the company are not in the favor of making another part and they are already giving us several hints about why a sequel to the stop-motion classic won’t be a possibility.

In an interview with the Collider, the president and CEO of the Laika Studios, Mr Travis Knight, has said something unexpected which is now closing every possibility of the sequel. He said, “There are…continuing stories that are a regurgitation of the same things we’ve seen over and over again. And I have no interest in doing that.

It clearly shows his point of view about the sequel, and to be honest, it seems very logical. In recent years, we’ve seen how some of the giants of Hollywood industry like Disney, DC and Marvel are suffering on the box office, and that was mainly because of their back to back sequels of their proven franchises.

Recently, Disney has announced some of the major projects like Frozen 3, Toy Story 5 and Zootopia 2 along with the Inside Out 2 which is set to land in the June of 2024. If you’ll take a closer look into these franchises then you too knows that only Zootopia and Inside Out was the one who truly deserves a sequel, still the studio is coming up with another installment in their Toy Story and the Frozen franchises.

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So it shows their intentions of making some serious amount of profit on the box office, without thinking much about their franchises which has already received a conclusion previously.

That’s why the president of Laika is not in the favor of modifying the story of Coraline without any solid reasons as we all knows that the ending of the first film was complete in itself.

Apart from Travis, we have to consider the fact that Neil Gaiman hasn’t written another book yet, which again narrow downs the probability of Coraline 2. In fact, he has already confirmed that he won’t write any Coraline story in the near future because the original story has been completed in the first film itself.

While giving a reply to one of his fans on X (previously known as Twitter), he wrote, “NO!“. The reply was really very straight forward and it clearly indicates that there is almost no chance for another story in the spooky saga of Coraline!

According to a report by in 2022, Gaiman has already confirmed that not only him, but nobody can come up with anything as cool or even better than the original movie. He said:

To be honest, I am not keen on doing one of those sequels that sort of feels like a made for video sequel. If you’re gonna do something, it needs to be a Toy Story 2 or The Godfather Part 2 level sequel where you’re actually upping your game. So I absolutely wouldn’t rule it out, but would absolutely want to go ‘Okay, that is the thing that is just even cooler than Coraline.!

So all these things gives us an unexpected conclusion, and that is, Coraline 2 might not happen in the near future until and unless someone from outside the studio comes up with a surprisingly unexpected and logical plotline for the sequel.

Why Coraline Deserves A Sequel?

coraline 2
Laika Studio

After all these updates, you may feel a bit sad, but we should keep our hopes high, after all, Hollywood is full of surprises nowadays. However, we should also take a look on the fact that why exactly Coraline deserves a sequel? What makes this movie a perfect treat for every single fan out there?

When considering the greatest animated works of the last few decades, Henry Selick‘s name should be one of the first on your mind. Selick worked with Disney for many years, where he directed the iconic and ever present The Nightmare Before Christmas which is among the most popular Halloween movies of all time.

Apart from this, the unique style of Coraline is the thing which makes it even much better then other spooky movies of recent times. The movie was dealing with the stop-motion animation style with a sweet touch of the 3D animation which made it look even more eye catching!

However, the animation style and Henry Selick are not the only thing which makes this movie memorable, there are several other factors which makes it a masterpiece. The biggest credits should be given to the storyline of the Coraline.

The movie was dealing wiht a perfect combo of fear, fun, love and adventure. We saw the struggle of Coraline with her mother, and we also saw her good times with her family members. All these moments were playing an important role in creating the one final and a perfect storyline.

So all these factors makes the fans to demand for more Coraline tales, however, it is now almost confirmed that the studio is not going to develop any sequel, at least for the next few years.

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