Venom 3: Andrew Garfield To Make An Appearance

As we are moving forward into the ongoing multiverse saga, rumors about more and more cameos are spreading on all over the internet, and Venom 3 is also set to introduce an epic clash that we wanted since a long time.

While Marvel and Sony are continuing there epic partnership in the ongoing “Multiverse Saga”, we are definitely going to watch some of the biggest cross overs of history. Spider-Man No Way Home has already given us an epic start and this is just a beginning for sure.

Both studios are also making their own separate Spider-Verse universes where tons of new comic accurate spider people and their ‘Bad Guys’ will make an appearance, and interestingly most of them will become the part of multiple cross overs that will take place between these two studios.

Andrew Garfield Is Confirmed In Venom 3

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield

There were some reports earlier which were suggesting that ‘Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will appear in the Venom 3 and he will engage in an epic battle against Tom Hardy’s Venom symbiote. Now the new and solid updates are claiming the fact that not Tom Holland’s but Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is set to appear in Venom 3 !!

While this update is yet to be confirmed, Famdom Wire has reported that the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man will engage in a direct battle against Venom, and if other rumors to be believed then the fight will also manage to break the fourth wall of either Sony or MCU.

If you can remember then Andrew was pure neighborhood Spidey before Tom Holland took over and his run was cut abruptly even before The Amazing Spider-Man 3 could have been made.

Some initial reports even suggests that the Marvel Studio was about to introduce the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man into it’s Universe before the happenings of the ‘Civil War’. However, Movie World Network is not authenticating this rumor at all.

What Is The Production And Filming State ?

image via geeks

The very first image from the set was revealed by none other then Tom Hardy on his Instagram page. Later the studio officially confirmed that the movie will begin it’s filming from June, 2023 and it did so as well.

However, due to the ongoing historic strike of SAG-AFTRA, the filming of Venom 3 is officially aborted by the studio and it will not begin until the strike ends. If you don’t know then the SAG-AFTRA strike is active in Hollywood since 14 July, 2023 and it has affected almost every ongoing Hollywood project.

Our personal sources went into several studios and asked about the settlement and the answers are quite disappointing. Some of the officials has said, “It doesn’t seems like it will end until the end of this year because neither the studio nor the actors are ready to bring their terms and conditions down.

So it seems like Venom 3 will not begin it’s filming before Halloween at the earliest, however, Hollywood is full of surprises, so anything can happen in next few months.

What Is The Plot Of Venom 3 ?

venom vs spiderman fanart

If we are talking about any movie, then how can we avoid the plotline? After all that’s where the fun begins. Venom: Let There Be Carnage sees Eddie confronting a demon from his past with Cletus Kasady – a ruthless serial killer whose been incarcerated because of Eddie.

Cletus tries to exact vengeance on Eddie, but ultimately gets his head ripped off by Venom. Eddie’s anti-hero identity becomes known by Detective Mulligan (who was also teased to be the symbiote Toxin), so the film ends with Eddie and Venom fleeing the country and going into hiding.

That was the exact moment from where the Venom got transported into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanks to the initial events of ‘Spider-Man No Way Home where we saw how Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Peter Parker (Tom Holland) created a mess in the multiverse.

However, the transportation of Venom is a kind of loophole or we can say a surprise in itself because the spell was only supposed to summon people from other dimensions who knew Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

As much as we’ve seen in the Sony universe, then there was no such moment where it got revealed to Venom that Peter Parker is the Spider-Man, so how does he knows this is still a mystery.

Eddie and Venom thinks that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has something to do with their inter-dimensional travel, but before they can meet with our Spidey, they get sent back to their own dimension. At least, most of them are, as a tiny bit of the Venom symbiote stayed behind, likely to cause all sorts of trouble for Peter Parker and the MCU.

Now according to the very initial reports that we are getting, Venom 3 will mainly focus on another inter-dimensional transportation, and this time, with Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. However, we should still wait a bit more because the cameo of Andrew is still a rumor.

Who Is In The Cast Of Venom 3?

venom 2
still from venom

If we will start believing on the rumors, then the list of the cast might confuse us. So it’s better to talk about the ‘confirmed’ official cast so far and it includes :-

  • Tom Hardy as Venom and Eddie Brock
  • Juno Temple in an undisclosed role
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Karl Mordo
  • Michelle Williams as  Eddie Brock’s ex-girlfriend Anne Weying

The rest will become clear in next few months, but Venom 3 is promising some really cool plot as well as battles. We will make sure to update you as soon as we hears something officially. So stick around with Movie World Network to stay up to date.

Till that, stay safe, peace out !!

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