Toy Story 5 will Blow Your Mind with these New Updates

Inside out 2 , Frozen 3 , Zootopia 2 … And that not all. Disney and Pixar studios are not done with their sequels yet , so they are going to surprise you with a brand new Toy Story 5 !!

As soon as the year starts , Disney chief Bob Iger revealed that the studio is working upon the sequels of Toy story , Zootopia and Frozen. And now some recent reports suggests that something really exciting might happen with the TOY STORY 5.

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1) Toy Story 5 Release Date :-

Talking about the release date then the wait for the fifth film won’t likely be that long. The Toy Story films take a long time to develop because each frame needs to be drawn separately. However, the fifth film might get finish in two years.

This is because the studio has confirmed that the movie has entered into it’s pre production state. This pre-production state mainly involves the development of script , and hiring of a production team.

So it usually takes 6 to 7 months to get finish. Whereas the main production involves the development of the movie , whether it’s voice acting or animation

So we can anticipate the Toy Story 5 release date by late 2025 or early 2026.

Toy Story 5
Woody & Bo Peep

2) Why Toy Story 5 Will Surprise Us !?

So in a recent interview, the Pixar chief Pete Doctor has revealed that they are doing something really cool and exciting with their upcoming movies. It will make a direct impact on the projects like Toy Story and Inside Out.

In fact , the studio has already confirmed that more than 20 new characters will appear in Inside Out 2 , which is enough to give us an idea about the plans of Pixar.

Toy story 4 was a perfect conclusion of this franchise , so to make the fifth part even more exciting , the studio will have to make changes in the plotline.

The studio is also hinting towards a reboot of the whole franchise so that it will give a chance of establishing a new adventure for future films.

So we can say that the studio will give a whole new direction to the story of this franchise , which can maybe open the doors for even more Toy Story based movies or spin offs. And how can we forget the Lightyear.

Toy Story 5

It’s performance is a secondary thing, but the studio gave us an idea about how their spinoffs might look like.

In fact, there were some rumors about a Woody spinoff , but it was just a rumor. Or maybe something can happen in the near future. Also Tim Allen has recently tweeted something really cool.

In his tweet , he mentioned that Woody and Buzz will be reconciled in the film after saying goodbye at the end of the previous one.

So it again creates a new setup for the fifth part.

Toy Story 5 Logo

3) Conclusion :-

Talking about the cast then we are definitely going to receive some new toys, after all the studio also wants to deliver something new , and introducing some new characters will be a perfect move. Only time will tell some solid details about the project !!

But in short, the fifth part will definitely give us something new , whereas the movie has entered into it’s pre production , and the studio might deliver it by late 2025 or early 2026 for sure !!

Want to know more about Inside Out 2 ? Then make sure to check the video where we’ve revealed new emotions who will appear in the sequel.

Till that , Stay Safe , Peace out !!

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