Rio 3 All the Latest Release Date Updates

We all loves animals right ?? and what if we say that now they are ready to speak again !? We knows that where possibilities of the real-world ends, the imagination of the Disney begins and Rio is the best example of this imagination.

So if you are among those who can’t really wait to watch these birds back in action again, then you are at the right place because we’ve got some solid news regarding the release date of Rio 3 !!

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The studio brought to us the story of talking birds in 2011 and now, the production house is planning something more.

The Rio was the first part which blew up immensely , Disney decided to move forward with Rio 2 which was released in 2014, and finally after years of waiting, we probably have some good news about the third film .

Before jumping into updates, let’s just recall the second part really quickly.

1) Rio 2 at a Glance !!

Rio 2 was a continuation of the story from Rio 1. The film focused on Jewel, Blu, and their cute little family of three baby macaws. In the film, the mother macaw, that is Jewel, gets tensed that her children are not living like natural birds, and they are getting influenced by humans.

Hence, she wants to visit the Amazon with her family so that she can teach her kids how real macaws live in the wild. The film has beautifully covered their journey to Amazon.

2) Rio 3 is on it’s Way !!

Rio 3 Logo

Now talking about the news , then rumors are going around that Disney will bring us Rio 3 in 2024. Although the film first was scheduled to be released in 2023, somehow, we have not received the third part of the franchise yet.

However, this time, there are some strong rumors or you can say the updates which are going around is that the film is going to return for its third part sometime in 2024.

We just have to wait for an official announcement from the production house before we get to witness our beloved blue macaws on the big screen again.

We’ve seen in recent years that how Disney is bringing back its popular franchise in the sequels like Zootopia 2 , Toy Story 5 or Frozen 3. So it’s no wonder that we are getting another follow-up sequel for our lovely Rio !!

Also there are some news flying around which suggests that the movie has already entered into its pre production state , and the studio might release a first look very soon.

It’s going to be a good move by the studio as it is already facing some backlash in recent years. Movies like Strange World and Lightyear was a massive disaster and now the haters are already hating the live action Little Mermaid movie.

3) Rio 3 Plotline & Cast !!

Rio 2

The possible story of Rio 3 is that it is going to be a continuation of Rio 2. After the happy ending of the second film, we will probably get to see the family having more adventures in a future film. We may also witness the story of the children who are now growing up slowly.

The main cast is probably going to remain the same in the third installment. It includes Jesse Eisenberg voicing Blu, and Anne Hathaway voicing Jewel.

However , we are sure to see some new characters in the movie, and so we will get some new faces in the cast of course. Disney’s Wish is already set to land on this November, and there are 2 untitled projects set to land in November of 2024 and 2025 as well.

So maybe one of those dates might go to Rio 3. But anyways , are you excited for the future of this franchise?

Till that , Stay Safe, Peace out !!

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