ZOOTOPIA 2 Official Release Date, Cast & Updates !!

Zootopia is among the most popular animated movies and is known for one of it’s kind storyline and the characters. With a perfect cast and an epic duo of Nick and Judy, we just want to dive deep into their chemistry once again.

Finally after a long wait, The Walt Disney Animation Studio is officially moving towards a new Zootopia movie. That’s not a joke because the studio has officially confirmed that they are developing a sequel of this iconic movie.

What is the detailed update and who announced it? Here’s everything that you need to know about Zootopia 2!

Disney Has Confirmed Zootopia 2!

Walt Disney Studios

During the Disney’s Q1 earnings call financial event, the CEO Bob Iger has officially announced the follow up sequels namely Zootopia 2 , Toy Story 5 and Frozen 3.

This update seems like a dream come true for every movie addict because we really can’t imagine the return of some of the biggest animated franchises all together.

Zootopia is not the only acclaimed animated movie getting sequel love from Disney. Iger revealed that sequels to Frozen and Toy Story are also in the works. This announcement is very crucial for Disney because it’s movies are getting bombed at box office again and again.

In this tough time, bringing back it’s proven movies might act like a game changer for the studio of The House Of The Mouse! Bob Iger said, “I’m so pleased to announce that they have sequels in the works from their animation studios to some of our most popular franchises.”

It also shows his interest in making these sequels because we all knows that every studio wants to earn some good amount of cash from the box office, and Disney is among the Hollywood giants which really can’t afford these types of bombed movies that it is getting in recent years.

Zootopia 2 Release Date!

Zootopia 2 Will Surprise You!
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The release date is not yet confirmed for this movie, but as we knows about this studio so far, Disney will first go with Frozen 3 to bring back a huge amount of cash to the studio. Then they will go with Zootopia 2 and Toy Story 5.

However, Hollywood is full of surprises and anything is possible here. It is also possible that they might bring Zootopia 2 ahead of Frozen 3, that’s because they have to do a lot of work for developing the story of Frozen 3.

Whereas Zootopia on the other hand was dealing with an open ending which itself sets up tons of new plotlines for a perfect sequel. However, we have to wait a bit more for any official statement from the studio itself.

So with that said, we can say that Frozen 3 might land within 3 year from now, which means that Zootopia 2 might come by late 2024 or 2025 for sure. Just pack your bags and be ready as we are about to enter into the epic era of Walt Disney Animation Studios once again.

If you want to know more about Frozen 3 or Toy Story 5 , then make sure to check their updates on our website, till that, Stay Safe , Peace Out !!

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