Aquaman Who? The Color Purple Conquers Christmas Box Office

The Color Purple Movie is dominating the Box-Office!

Holidays season is on and so the box office competition. In the time when movies like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom of Warner Bros and Migration of Illumination are struggling on the big screen, there is one project which is dominating over every other IP, the name is: ‘The Color Purple‘.

The movie was already reacieving a lot of love even before it’s release, critics and fans who got a chance to witness this masterpiece in early screenings were busy in praising it, which ignited the hype among others.

Now The Color Purple is out world-wide, and to no one’s surprise, it is dominating over the Christmas’ themed box office with some record-breaking number that makes it the second highest grossing Christmas Day movie of all time.

Wondering about it’s review and box office collection? Then you are at the right place!

The Color Purple Numbers Are Dominating Over Big Screens!

The Color Purple Logo
The Color Purple

First thing first, what is the status of box office collection for The Color Purple in this Christmas-themed week?

The movie opened on December 25, 2023 with a whooping $18 million collection. After gathering these numbers, The Color Purple has become the second highest Christmas Day movie of all time. As reported by Comscore, The Color Purple only failed to surpass 2009’s Sherlock Holmes, which earned $24.60 million on that Christmas.

However, it has surpassed the numbers of many other strong and well established IP’s such as Les Miseralbes’ $18.11 million, Daddy’s Home’s $15.70 million, and Unbroken’s $15.43 million.

Talking about the latest releases then The Color Purple’s record of $18 million was enough to surpass illumination studio’s Migration ($17.81 million) and Sony‘s Anyone But You’s $8.05 million, however, it is still behind Warner Bros’ Wonka’s $28.35 million and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s $38.30 million in the same week.

Since The Color Purple has already garnered a solid box office collection on it’s very first day, it is just a matter of time when it will officially take a lead over both of those strong IP’s.

The reason behind this massive success of The Color Purple is pretty simple, the studio has focused a lot on it’s marketing and story. If any movie will land with a perfect casting, team, production, scripts, marketing and of course the release schedules, then nobody can stop it from getting a lot of love from the audience.

However, there are some other factors which are playing an important role in The Color Purple’s box office performance and the biggest of all is the concepts like superhero fatigue, excess of R-Rated indie films and the movies with little to no plotline.

In recent times, we’ve seen how almost every other company is focusing over some common themes with big names, and that’s what makes The Color Purple so special. It is delivering a perfect theme which is suitable for every single member of a family irrespective of their ages.

Now it feels like this movie is definitely going to break many records and if it continues with the same momentum, then we are sure to see some Oscars nominations from this family-friendly installment for sure!

“The Color Purple Is…”

Hailey Bailey in The Color Purple
The Color Purple

So if you are planning to watch it with your loved ones after reading the above trends, then you might be looking for some reviews in order to make your final decision. Well, we’ve got you!

According to Stephanie, who is a ‘creative contributor’ at Movie World Network, “The Color Purple is just so special. You will get love, you’ll get story, you’ll get musicals followed up by couple of humor sequences. Out of all this, the most important thing that you’ll be taking home after watching this masterpiece is sweet memories. Everything is to the point and the casting is just out of this world. The team has nailed it, definitely a 9/10!

And if you are someone who loves to read those reviews with some weak points of the movie, then our founder, Aryan, is sharing his very own review over the movie:

The Color Purple is a direct adaptation of the Alice Walker’s novel. Movie starts well but the musicals are not fitting at right point of time. It was in a rush to find it’s conclusion which makes it feel speedy sometimes. However, it is far better then other projects of recent times, especially if you are looking for a family-friendly movie. The biggest flaw of The Color Purple was the casting of Fantasia Barrino, I mean, why did you even casted her if you are not giving a single song to her? But still it secures a decent 7/10 for me!

So now you’ve got both types of reviews and we leaves it up to you to make your decision over this one of it’s kind movie. The Color Purple is live in your nearby theatres and you can check it out anytime you want.

Make sure to stick around the corner with Movie World Network for everything Hollywood. Till that, stay safe, peace out!

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