Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Will Return In These 3 Movies Before Avengers Secret Wars

Wanda, Scarlet or Lizzie, doesn’t matter how you calls her because she is the one who rules over our hearts with her acting skills and humor. Yes, we are talking about our Elizabeth Olsen aka the Scarlet Witch.

Marvel is busy in establishing it’s Multiverse saga, while the firing of Jonathan Majors is now creating some troubles for the company, we do have some specific characters to play a very specific role during this rebuilding phase, and one of those character is our Scarlet Witch.

If you are wondering about her return then you are at the right place because we’ve got some very exclusive updates which are claiming the names of three movies which will bring back our Wanda in MCU!

1) Scarlet Witch Solo Film

Wanda Solo Film is under development
Marvel Studios

There were many rumors and reports which were circulating online about a solo Scarlet Witch movie and now we do have some authentic reports about it, even some officials are confirming it.

As per the new reports, Marvel is actively working upon this project that will re-establish a base to bring back Wanda in this timeline. By the end of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness, Wanda was killed, however, many theorists were claiming that she is not dead.

Later we got an official update directly by the Marvel studios about a comic called ‘Scarlet Witch’ that will release in January, 2024. The book will be written by Steve Orlando, known for his thrilling current run of MARAUDERS (2022) and last year’s DARKHOLD (2021) saga.

If you are wondering about it’s plot then the book will show Wanda who is reborn as the hero the Marvel Universe needs her to be! It will showcase a magical door, on the other side of this door is a mysterious witchcraft shop with many secrets.

Now the exact plotline of the solo Wanda movie is under wraps, but we can expect a same treatment for it as well.

If rumors to be believed then the movie might reveal her inner strength which will be explored in the comic version and that’s where she might find a way to return with more intensity. Well, only time will tell more about her solo movie but we can assure you that something big is cooking at Marvel for our Wanda movie!

2) X-Men/The Mutants Movie

The Mutants Movie Logo
The Mutants Logo

Marvel is officially moving forward with the X-Men genes. We knew that something like this might happen in the near future, but things got changed very quickly after the suspension of Jonathan Majors.

Since the studio is trying to find a way to get rid of the current controversies, introducing X-Men can be their next best move. Movies like Deadpool 3 is already down the line and we knows that our Wade Wilson will be exploring the strings of the multiverse, along with his mate: the Wolverine, X-Men movie can help in digging deep into this concept.

If you don’t know then Marvel’s next phase is going to be dominated by the mutants and that’s why the studio will introduce them in the current phase as it will give them a chance to make any required changes.

So how can they fit Wanda in these movies?

The answer is pretty simple. Multiverse phase is dealing with hundreds of timelines, each with it’s own set of superheroes and villains. So it is possible that they might bring a variant of our Wanda which can later help X-men during the exploration of this concept.

It is also possible that Wanda of Earth-616 might return in her own solo film and after knowing about the upcoming threat, she can try to unite the most powerful teams from different timelines and universes. It will also give them a chance to establish a perfect base for Avengers: Secret Wars where all of them are meant to reunite!

3) Midnight Sons (TBD)

Midnight Sons
Marvel comics

Now this is the project which is coming out of nowhere for us. The Midnight Sons movie is not yet announced by Marvel but if you’ll connect the dots, then we can assure each other that it is just around the corner.

The movie started getting recognition after the Moon Knight TV Show which was premiered on Disney+ in 2022. It was Oscar Isaac who first speculated a project containing the characters such as Moon Knight, Blade, Punisher and Ghost Rider.

Now Marvel has already introduced many characters from this comic-story where Morbius, Elsa Bloodstone and Moon Knight are the best example, that’s why we can easily speculate a Midnight Sons movie in the near future.

Now the same question might rise in your curious minds again, “How can they introduce Wanda in Midnight Sons?”

The answer is pretty simple, this team includes a sorcerer who knows about everything from the current phase of MCU, yes, we are talking about Doctor Strange. He knows about Wanda as well and since we’ve just discussed about her introduction in a X-Men movie, it is possible that Doctor Strange might contact her in order to get some external help.

We have to wait a bit more because we don’t know if Marvel will move forward with a comic-accurate plotline or not, but if it does, then it will eventually open the doors for our Wanda.

As of now, the possibilities are endless and we don’t know exactly what is going to happen with this character. All we knows is the fact that Elizabeth Olsen’s lead Wanda will be returning in the MCU, and her return will be shown way before the Avengers: Secret Wars.

What are you speculations about this powerful character? Should Marvel announce a Midnight Sons project? Make sure to stick around the corner with Movie World Network for everything Hollywood.

Till that, stay safe, peace out!

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