Moana 2 : Exclusive New Characters, Full Cast, Surprising Plot And Everything You Need To Know

Moana 2 Cast and New Characters revealed

Disney loves surprises and this time, they are surprising us with Moana 2. The movie was under development for quite sometime and neither of the so-called sources or insiders of Hollywood were able to gather a single report. Now that Disney has shocked it’s entire fan-base who is very well dedicated to this iconic franchise, it’s the perfect time to talk about it’s details and updates.

Moana was released back in 2016 that deals with an Island girl named ‘Moana‘ who meets a Demi-God ‘Maui‘ who can shape-shift himself to literally anything he wants. The movie covers their epic journey where they finds some of the most shocking truths along with ‘Te-Fiti‘. Moana ended on a happy note, however, it was indeed leaving some chances of making a sequel.

News broke in 2021 about a sequel spinoff which was originally going to land on Disney+ streaming platform. Despite developing the project for almost two years, Disney removed it from it’s release slate- hence, leaving fans in a but disappointed. Now they are delivering us Moana 2 and many fans and Hollywood experts are believing that Disney has transformed it’s Moana sequel series into a full length movie.

This step can be considered as a masterstroke especially in the time when Disney is loosing a huge amount of money from both of it’s theatrical runs and it’s streaming platforms. In fact, some latest reports are even suggesting that the ‘House of The Mouse‘ company has already lose 1.4 million subscribers in Q1 2024 after increasing it’s subscription prices. But for the sake of this article, we are not going to enter deep on all those stuffs.

Moana 2 is under active development and many big announcements are yet to come. You don’t have to wait anymore because we’ve gathered everything which is out (as of now) about Moana 2. From release date to the plotline, from casting to the new characters- here’s everything that you need to know about Moana 2!

Moana 2 : Release Date!

Moana 2 Official Poster
Moana 2 Official Poster

Moana 2 is landing out of nowhere. In fact, there were no announcements, no hints or anything. Disney has officially released the first teaser trailer from Moana 2 and the thing which is even more exciting is it’s release schedule.

The movie is officially going to release this year on November 27, 2024 which marks the end of suspense that was revolving around this date. No updates regarding it’s world premiere is out yet so it is pretty hard to predict anything about it’s first full-length trailer- however, you can expect it to land somewhere around August for sure.

Who Is In The Cast of Moana 2?

Auli'i Cravalho is in Moana 2
Auli’i Cravalho

Now with teaser comes another update which is related to it’s casting. Who is returning and more importantly, how many new characters are appearing in Moana 2? First and foremost, lets talk about the official casting of Moana 2!

So with great sequels comes a great cast, and with great cast comes a stone… Yes we are talking about Rock The Dwayne Johnson (rock is a stone right?)

He is officially returning to voice our demi god Maui once again. His return becomes even more special as he is also going to play the role of Maui in a live action Moana movie which may land within next few years. Despite his return for a live action movie, Auli’i Cravalho has officially denied the offer to play Moana in the Live-Action project- however, you are lucky because she is most likely going to reprise her role as Moana for this animated sequel.

The official words are yet to be spoken but many sources are already confirming that Auli’i will join the cast of Moana 2 anytime soon.

Just like any other talented voice actor, Alan Tudyk is returning to voice Hei-Hei, and to be honest, no other actor can ever replace him for these types of voice acting. He is very well known for his works, especially in the animation industry for voicing fan-favorite characters, so no wonder that Disney is bringing him back once again.

Who Are The New Characters and Their Voice Actors?

New characters from Moana 2
image via Walt Disney Studios

Now comes our new characters who are joining the gang of Moana and Maui. In the official concept poster, we can easily spot some new members who are riding the boat with our main protagonists. None of them were present during the first Moana movie (even if they were, then only a real eagle eye viewer can catch them). If Disney is including them in it’s concept art, then it simply means that all of them are definitely going to play an important role during the events of this highly anticipated sequel.

Their names are not yet revealed but as much as we can guess about them so far, it feels like the girl is copying Moana while the guy is looking inspired by our Demi God Maui. It is highly possible that both of them are the one who knows about the paths and maps of the lands where Moana is trying to go, while the old man is the one who knows something that others don’t.

It may get changed because just like, we are also speculating about them after all!

Since neither their names nor their roles in the movie is revealed yet, their voice actors are also under wraps- or we can say that Disney is still looking for someone who may give his or her voice to these important characters. We will keep this section updated so you won’t miss any development in this area.

Moana 2 Official Plotline!

Moana 2 Plot is very surprising
image via Walt Disney Studios

So let’s talk about the most exciting part of this article- what exactly is happening in this masterpiece? Are we getting something really exciting?

The official synopsis of Moana 2 reads:

“After receiving an unexpected call from her way finding ancestors, Moana must journey to the far seas of Oceania and into dangerous, long-lost waters for an adventure unlike anything she’s ever faced.”

Can you feel some nostalgic vibes? If not then let us remind you that the entire plot of Moana 2 is looking very much similar to that of Frozen 2. Same theme with an unknown voice, same elemental powers and same mission to find the truth- it feels like Disney is officially confirming the famous ‘twisted’ theory about the sixth spirit of Frozen saga via Moana 2!

In short, we can say that Moana may discover her hidden abilities which can make her even more powerful then everyone else. So expect many huge and exciting surprises while watching this cinematic masterpiece.

We will be covering everything about Moana 2 and many other trending and big Hollywood updates, so stick around the corner with Movie World Network to stay up to date. Till then- stay safe, peace out!

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