Every Upcoming Disney Movies Sequels Release Dates (2024-2027): Frozen 3 To Encanto 2

Disney is bringing us back to back sequels and finally after a long wait, they’ve officially confirmed the release dates. The upcoming Disney movies are definitely going to dominate over the box office and it is just a matter of time before we dives deep into the world of well-known and established IP’s once again.

The timeline from 2024 to 2027 is packed way too tightly that there is not even a single date for any original idea or the movie. Despite the fact that the ‘House of the Mouse’ company is suffering on the world wide box office due to it’s outdated strategies and poor marketing, it feels like CEO Bob Iger knows how to pull in a huge amount of cash for the company.

Frozen 3, Zootopia 2 and Moana 2 are just the beginning and a lot is going to land in the near future. Well, if you are looking around to find their release schedule then no need to go anywhere because in this article, we are revealing the official release dates for each of these sequels. So without any further ado, let’s jump right in!

Moana 2

Moana 2 official poster
image via Walt Disney Company

Nobody was expecting this movie, at least for the next few years- but here we are, writing an article while talking about its release date. Following their classic pattern of releasing one movie every year at the time of Thanksgiving, Disney will release Moana 2 this year on November 27, 2024.

We’ve also got it’s first short teaser which is looking just way too cool. Moana can hear an unknown voice who is calling her to find the truth. The whole movie will revolve around her epic journey of finding her true-self while exploring the unknown places.

Zootopia 2

Zootopia 2
Zootopia 2 fanart

Next on the list is a movie that we were all expecting to land this year- however, after announcing Moana 2, Disney has shifted the dates of its other sequels and Zootopia 2 is one of them.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait any longer because Zootopia 2 will land next year on November 26, 2025. Let us tell you that this movie will finish it’s development by quarter 3 of 2024, so you can expect a short promo or teaser by later this year for sure.

If you don’t know then this movie has already received it’s first test screenings and the critics who’ve watched it are really praising it a lot. In fact, most of them are calling it as the best screening for Disney in recent years. All of these updates and hints are enough to claim that Zootopia 2 is definitely going to rule over our hearts.

Toy story 5

Toy Story 5
Toy Story 5 Fan-art

Just like it’s other sequels, Disney is also bringing us Toy Story 5. The movie was announced back in 2023 which brought a storm of speculations on social media. Both Pixar and Disney are claiming that they do have a solid plotline for this project and fans can believe on them.

If you don’t know then some reports are claiming that Andy’s wife and daughter are set to land in this saga. The reports further claims that Andy’s daughter will be the one who may become the next owner of our toys, however, take it with a grain of salt because the scripts are still under development.

Talking about its release date then Toy story 5 will release exclusively in theatres somewhere in 2026. They’ve not revealed an exact date for it, however, you can expect it to land around June of 2026 for sure (after keeping the release pattern of Pixar in mind.)

Frozen 3

Frozen 3 release date
image via Disney Animation Studios

If you’ll ask about the name of one of the highly anticipated sequels then it is none other then Frozen 3. The movie was announced back in 2023 along with that of Toy story 5 and Zootopia 2. Finally after a really long wait, we now knows about the release date of this highly awaited movie.

Disney has officially confirmed that Frozen 3 will release in theatres on November 25, 2026. The movie is under active state of development but you should not expect its first teaser before late 2025 (at the earliest).

Frozen 4

Frozen 4 release date
Frozen 4 is happening

It’s not a joke because Disney has already announced a fourth Frozen movie. As per the CEO Bob Iger, Jennifer Lee is writing the story of Frozen 3 and it is just too good to be covered in a single installment. After keeping the release date of Frozen 3 in mind and the fact that a fourth film is already under development, you can expect Frozen 4 to land by the November of 2027 without a doubt.

That’s because they don’t have to make an entire new plotline- they are just continuing the storyline of Frozen 3 into the fourth part, hence, a late 2027 release date is almost confirmed for Frozen 4.

Encanto 2

Encanto 2 may happen at Disney
Encanto 2 fan-art

Yes we do know that Encanto 2 is yet to be announced but the same scenario was revolving around frozen 4 as well. None of us were expecting a fourth film. In fact, Toy Story 5 and Moana 2 are also the best example of the plan of Disney.

Bob Iger himself has officially announced that Disney will now focus on its stronger franchises. They are not going to bring multiple new ideas, instead of this- fans should expect more sequels and spinoffs.

It is enough to say that Disney company Is already looking forward for making sequels of its other stronger IP’s and Encanto is the only Disney movie of recent years which has scored a good audience satisfaction ratio. That’s the main reason why we feels like it is just a matter of time before they announces Encanto 2.

If they do so, then expect it to land by November of 2028 without a doubt. Animation takes time and Disney will not rush the process, so this date might get changed in the near future as well.

Cars 4 And Incredibles 3 Are Also Happening!

Cars 4 is in development at Pixar
image via Pixar studios

Movies like Cars 4 and Incredibles 3 have already been teased by the creative directors of Pixar, and both of these sequels are already under talks. Hence, you can expect two more sequels in the upcoming years for sure.

It’s hard to predict anything about their release dates, still you can speculate them to land by late 2027. We will keep this section updated to keep an eye on us. You can also stick around the corner with Movie World Network for daily cool Hollywood and movies updates. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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