Not Again!! Madame Web Honest Reviews And Analysis: Another Bomb For Sony

Madame Web is finally out in theatres and with that comes another addition to their long list of underperforming projects. The company tried everything and we were all expecting a much better outcome, however, things are just getting worse with every new day for comic-based studios.

It is just a beginning of 2024 and we are just getting ready to rush into theatres, but things are not looking good for comic fans. Now that the early reviews are circulating on all over the internet, we are going to take you through our very own ‘point-of-views’ that may help you in making decisions about the latest installment of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

No need to worry about anything because we will not include any spoilers. So prepare you web-shooters and let’s take a dive into our analysis on Madame Web!

Madame Web Is…

Madame Web Movie
image via Sony

Despite trying die hard in marketing, Sony’s latest attempt to revive the dream of it’s upcoming Spider-Verse is about to get lost in dark waters. The company was looking very passionate for this specific project and the reasons were quiet simple- they want a Spider-Verse.

If you don’t know then Sony Pictures Entertainment is officially making it’s own Spider-Verse where they will try to bring almost every single comic book character into life. Madame Web is a story which revolves around Cassandra Web (played by Dakota Johnson in the movie) who can see the future. She can also connect the webs of other Spider-People (or you can the faiths).

The movie is also revolving around the same plot. Faces like Sydney Sweeney, Dakota Johnson, Isabela Merced, Celeste O’Connor and Emma Roberts are present in this project and things were looking just too good to be true. After all, these are some of the most talented faces of Hollywood right? But things can change very rapidly in Hollywood, especially in the comic universe.

Cons Of Madame Web:

Madame Web early reviews
image via Sony

The biggest issue Madame Web is suffering from is the ‘immature storyline‘. It doesn’t means that they are not following the original paths from the comics, but the problem is in narration. The way of storytelling is lacking in experience which was not expected from a movie with such a big names.

Another big issue is the VFX, and it was easily visible in it’s promotional materials itself (remember that poster which was giving the vibes of CW? No jokes on CW though!). The whole movie was supposed to be the one with many twisted, well structured and outstanding sequences- in fact, they do contains those moments, but VFX is the one which is spoiling everything again and again. Even the final moments are lagging a lot in it’s designing which is enough to say a lot about this movie.

It is still not enough though. The biggest crime Madame Web is committing is the fact the: “IT IS FORGETTABLE!” You don’t have to read any of it’s comics to understand it (which also makes it very friendly for those who are not into these kind of movies), but the fact that you will rarely take any memorable moment from this movie is it’s biggest flaw.

We’ve also observed a superhero fatigue in recent times. No such movies are performing well, doesn’t matter who is in the cast or which company is producing it. While Warner Bros company is suffering a lot in it’s own universe, Marvel on the other hand is also facing backlash due to it’s recent way of storytelling and media. Now Sony is also joining this list with two back to back ‘immature movies’ (Morbius and Madame Web).

Pros Of Madame Web:

Madame Web all new posters
Madame Web posters

Storytelling and VFX are the two things which may affect the overall performance of Madame Web, however, it doesn’t means that it has nothing to offer. The movie is focusing over Cassandra and other leading female characters which provides a new perspective to it’s viewers.

Marvel or any other superhero movies are usually focused over male characters (or sometimes females and both), Madame Web gives you an opportunity to witness a superhero tale with no male character. It becomes even more interesting when we gets a chance to watch an amazing chemistry between all these girls who are trying to work together, no matter how many times they fights with each other.

Another big factor which can lead this movie to pass the red mark of getting called as a ‘bombed project’ is the casting. You can criticize it’s storytelling, VFX, villain or marketing- but you can never blame it’s casting (even if it underperforms, which we hope that it don’t). Dakota Johnson has already shared an interesting fact where she revealed that this 34 years old actress was sidelining herself from other members. It was because our Dakota was thinking that she is a bit too old for them.

It is this sincerity of Dakota coupled with the naughtiness of our Isabela, Sydney and Celeste which will bind you in it’s dialogues (not always, but sometimes for sure!). You can also expect some funny moments which can make it a movie worth your try.

Overall, Madame Web could’ve dominate the box office (it still can, because Hollywood is full of surprises), but these ‘Cons’ are hitting just way too hard for a superhero based movie. The movie already got bombed on various critics platforms, especially on Rotten Tomatoes where it is securing a low score of 23.

It is also true that things can change very rapidly. The movie has some faces, especially Dakota and Sydney, who reserves a huge fanbase with them. Even the latest movie of Sydney Sweeney was ‘Anyone But You‘, and it has gained a huge amount of profit. It took them $25 million to produce it, and the movie ended up earning more then $150 million (and still counting) on world wide box office.

The only reason to bring lime light on ‘Anyone But You‘ was to explain you that fans are just way too dedicated for their idols, and they can turn the tables anytime soon. Well, we tried our best to share everything in our analysis of Madame Web and now we are leaving the final decision on you. Are you going to watch it in theatres?

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