Mufasa The Lion King: Official Trailer Date, New Plotline And Everything You Need To Know

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the fall of a company who was once known for delivering us some of the most iconic movies of all time. Something has changed very rapidly which made Bob Iger lead ‘House of the Mouse’ company to bring back it’s well established IP’s once again- hence, ignoring it’s originality. The upcoming Disney sequels are just truly iconic, however, most of them may get bombed at box office (if not paid much attention on marketing and especially on storylines).

Between the chaos of the Hollywood, the Walt Disney Animation studios is now jumping back on it’s classic tales by remaking them into a live action project- one such name is ‘Mufasa The Lion King‘. A prequel to it’s original 2019 version of ‘The Lion King‘- this movie is under development for quiet sometime and we do knows that you are wondering about it’s updates.

Neither CEO Bob Iger nor any other cast member is ready to reveal anything- but we’ve managed to gather some of the most latest and exclusive updates straight from some of the most trusted Hollywood outlets out there.

From release date to casting and from plotline to it’s first official trailer date- here’s everything that you need to know about Mufasa The Lion King.

Mufasa The Lion King Gets A Surprising Plotline!

mufasa the lion king prequel movie
Mufasa: The Lion King fan-art

The biggest factor which plays a vital role in the making and breaking of any movie is it’s plotline. Disney is known for providing a solid story to it’s classic and we are expecting a same treatment for this highly awaited prequel as well.

The biggest news that we are getting is enough to assure you that Mufasa the Lion King is not just a prequel. According to the director Barry Jenkins, it has been confirmed that the story will be told in a manner similar to that of ‘The Godfather Part II’s‘. It means the prequel will show us two separate timelines being told parallel to each other.

It could also give us a glimpse at Simba’s new position as king of Pride Rock while also showing how his father ascended to that role. One if the biggest revelation which is coming straight from Disney is the fact that Mufasa The Lion King will finally reveal how Scar got his ‘scar’ and how this sweet little lion got into his villain arc.

You can also expect some surprising twists because we are still talking about a prequel which contains many possibilities- however, the story is still looking pretty fantastic.

Mufasa The Lion King Release Date And Casting!

Mufasa The Lion King cast
image via Disney

The Walt Disney Company has also revealed it’s official release schedule for many big projects and sequels- well, it also includes Mufasa. The movie was first set to hit theatres in summers of this year- however, due to Actor’s strike of 2023, things have changed very rapidly.

Luckily, we are still getting this prequel in 2024 itself. After getting many revisions in it’s release schedule, Mufasa The Lion King will release on December 20, 2024. Disney has also updated it’s release calendar which confirms that the company is already looking forward to deliver us this prequel during the holidays season. If you’ll take a look at the patterns of Hollywood studios, then you may notice that first teasers usually gets releases six to seven months prior to the release schedule. So you may expect the first teaser of Mufasa The Lion King at D23 Expo 2024!

Another update comes in it’s casting which involves pretty big faces like Aaron Pierre, who is going to play the role of our young Mufasa. Kelvin Harrison Jr will take over as the younger Scar, meanwhile Timon and Pumba will narrate the movie with Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner, both of which are is returning to voice them.

John Kani is also confirmed to be returning as Rafiki and you should expect more new faces to voice some other new characters who might appear. Now it was pretty much of everything that we knows about Mufasa: The Lion King. Remember the dates: December 20, 2024!

Make sure to stick around the corner with Movie World Network as we covers some of the most authentic and original updates straight from the Hollywood. Till then, stay safe, peace out.

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